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Yema Summer Sale – Up To 30% Off Some Models

French brand Yema has some summer sale offers on right now, which end in about 12 days’ time.

We like the idea of 30% off the Superman Steel Grey Bronze, which is 990 euros RRP. Plus a 30% discount on the Superman Heritage, which has 300m dive resistance, classic black dial/steel case design and a Swiss quartz movement. At 39mm it’s an everyday watch you can wear easily. 490 euros RRP, so that comes to 343 euros on our calculator.

Even with UK import duty and VAT on top, that’s still a decent deal we think.

More at www.yema.com

Yema Superman Skin Diver; 1000 Piece Ltd Edition

Yema has launched a Superman Skin Diver, capturing the 60s scuba spirit with this well equipped dive watch. It has a Sellita SW200 movement, sapphire crystal, plus unidirectional click-stop bezel. The depth rating is 300m and it features a crown lock at the 3pm position.

This really looks business-like, a tool watch to withstand soem serious diving.

The crystal is 2.6mm thick – bit more resistant to scratches and water than usual. We loves the fish scales bracelet link design.

The edition is 1000 pieces, each numbered, and Price is just under $1250. More here. 

Heads Up: Yema Has a Black Friday Sale On

French watch brand Yema have some punchy, striking designs and they also have a Black Friday event on. Can’t fault that. With 30 percent off the Mecaquartz Rallygraf model retro 70s fans will be tempted to splash out. It’s a cool looking watch that captures the glam era of motorsport, and there are Panda and reverse Panda dial options available for under 300 euros.

Likewise, the Superman 2020 model with 30 percent off is another sweet deal, as Yema clear stock ready for next year’s watches. There are deals across the range and you can find out more here.

Yema Revive 1970s LED Digital Watches

Yema are on a roll right now, with new bronze models and the Heritage chronographs, which capture the feel of the 70s era motorsport world. In the same vein, the latest LED watches hark back to those hady days when the first computerised digital watches appeared on Tomorrow’s World and other TV shows. Like the old school LED watches, the modern Yema needs a push of a button to illuminate the display. Saves the battery.

They also have that brushed steel, super sleek `Spaceman’ kinda case styling, so beloved of Sci-Fi fans back then watching Blake’s Seven or other far fetched malarkey. There’s a screwdown caseback, and Yema say that the watches are waterproof to around 33o feet, which is something you should never attempt with a vintage Casio. It’s a 37mm case size, so it’s in keeping with the retro feel.

At £279 these are expensive LED watches – you can pick up a true colectors item from those days, still working, for that money. But if you want the enjoyment of a digital watch, with a guarantee, then you have Yema, Casio or several Chinese brands to consider.

Yema Superman Bronze GMT Is a Great Spec Dive Watch

Early bird buyers of the new Yema Superman GMT 3000, which features the new in-house Calibre, won’t regret spending $749 on this watch. Why? Look at the specs; sapphire crystal of course, protected winding crown, superbly finished bronze case, and available in 39mm or 41mm sizes. This is a tool watch – you can dive to 990 feet. Not that many buyers will do, but it is a selling point in the world of watch collecting, let’s be honest.

OK, now drink in that beautiful graduated tint dial, the gilt hour markers and hands. There’s a steel caseback, with a very cool logo embossed on it, plus the limited edition number. 1948 pieces in all. Unidirectional bezel and two strap choices, one being a tropic strap.

Now if you buy from Europe you have to pay 20% VAT on top of the 749 dollars early bird price. But you know what? We think this watch looks absolutely spot on, from its pointed red GMT hour hand, to the natty secturity clasp at the 3pm position. That’s £580, plus tax, for a watch that competes with some serious Swiss models that boast 1000ft/300m depth ratings.

Examples? OK, Luminox Deep Dive at £1758, Omega Seamaster pre-owned at £1990 or an Oris Sixty-Five at £1650. All beautiful watches and the Oris and Omega will always find a buyer when you wish to sell, but even so, you can buy a new Yema for about £900 less – very tempting.

The green dial Yema 2000 Calibre model is $545 plus tax. Again, great value, but we would splash out on the latest GMT3000 for the sake of an extra 200 bucks. Hey, you only live once.

More details on the Kickstarter offer from Yema here.


Yema Offers Cal.2000 Across Range, Plus Movement Upgrade Deal

Following the Kickstarter project launch for the new 3000 series in-house calibre, Yema is fitting its 2000 series in-house calibre across its range. There’s more news too – existing Yema wristwatch owners can upgrade to a series 2000 movement, with a special online deal. Here’s the word from Yema;

Our in-house Caliber YEMA2000 is an evolution of the MBP1000 Caliber. Several components have been improved in terms of quality and tolerances, offering gains in precision and durability. Lifetime maintenance of our first generation in-house Caliber MBP1000 is secured by interchangeability. The swappable components are, (Yema says) for practical purposes, identical but of higher quality and performance.

This interchangeable approach offers additional advantages to MBP1000 watch owners:

In the future our customers will be given the possibility to replace their MBP1000 date wheel disc by the new (white or black) ones, and/or completely upgrade their first generation caliber by the new YEMA2000.


– Promotional Offer: US$ 250,00 + shipping costs till 31-12-2020

– As from January 1st, 2021: US$ 349,00 + shipping costs

More info on the Yema watches range here.



Yema Launch Kickstarter Project to Fund In-House Calibre Development

Using your own, in-house calibre movements is something that sets makers like JLC, Rolex, Patek Philipe and others apart from many watch brands. After a long argument with the EU about ETA’s near-monopoly on movement supply, the Swiss decided a few years ago that it would be better if Breitling, TAG and others built their own movement production lines. Great idea.

Now the problem for Indie brands is that buying a movement in from Seiko, Sellita or ETA is a much cheaper option than joining this elite club and manufacturing your own movements. So hats off to Yema, who are looking to crowdfund the project on Kickstarter in October.

Yema aim to make a series 2000 and 3000 GMT movement calibre, using funds from watch fans around the world. It could work. There is huge demand for GMT automatic watches and Yema has a heritage that dovetails nicely with the GMT international jet-set ethos.

It will be quite a coup for France if they can pull this off, and the new 42 hour reserve, 29 jewel movement is a winner. They could export it to other Indie watch brands in future too. More info on the Yema GMT 3000 project here.

Yema Offers Points Based Loyalty Scheme – Discounts Available

French brand Yema is appealing to collectors with a new Loyalty Program scheme.

Basically the benefits increase in value as you move up their tiers with no minimum expenditure obligation.

With the new program once you achieve a tier, you enjoy unlimited access to your tier benefits during 2 years. Every time you make a purchase your tier benefits are automatically extended for another 2 years.

Each euro spent earns on Tier point, so you will start off getting discounts on spare straps, but if you love Yema and buy a watch then you’ll earn perhaps 300 points, which would get you 12 percent off the next one.

Better still if you post an online review you can get another 200 points, and there’s a healthy 500 points for a successful referral if you can persuade your mates to buy a Yema. Check the latest Yema watches here.

Yema Superman French Air Force Has That Top Gun Vibe

Latest word from Yema – new aviation themed watch just launched;

Inspired by the legendary Superman Heritage, the French Air Force models have been redesigned jointly with French Air Force so as to meet the requirements of their diver rescuers and fighter pilots personnel, hence the dual SEA-AIR features of these unique military tool watches.

Available in both black PVD and Steel case, the Superman French Air Force is equipped with YEMA’s in-house caliber MBP1000 (Quartz) and features a matt black dial printed with “French Air Force” logo and the coloured national insignia at 6 o’clock.

These 2 models are proposed as a Collector’s Edition limited to 1,948 timepieces each, (Yema was founded in 1948 by the way ) and delivered in a French Air Force branded leather travel case, plus the official pilot watch canvas strap in addition to the original steel bracelet. Price is 549 euros for the black edition and 499 for the stainless steel case/bracelet model.

More here.