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New Christopher Ward C63: Carbon Case, COSC Movt

UK brand Christopher Ward has a new C63 variant ready for pre-order. The Colchester celebrates the bravery of the Parachute Regiment and is a black dial, military themed watch, as you’d expect.

Para wings logo on the caseback, plus a Swiss Sellita SW200 movement inside, which is COSC standard by the way. Quality.

It’s a super lightweight watch as the case is made from injection moulded carbon, so very much lighter than steel. CW say the watch head weighs in at just 38g.

We like that flush fitting crown too by the way, completes the functional look very well. Price is £995.

More here. 

Ball 130th Anniversary Engineer Moon Calendar Edition

Ball watches have a 130th anniversary special on sale right now. Here’s the word from Ball;

Rooted in purposeful watchmaking, the Engineer II Moon Calendar is a dress watch with distinction. From its artful moon phase display to its robust stainless steel, it is a timepiece designed to go everywhere your imagination leads.
Check out the promo video here;


Anniversary price: the Engineer II Moon Calendar is part of our 130th celebration, limited to 1000 pieces and is now available for pre-order until 24 November 2021 at an exclusive price of £1810.
Crafted from stainless steel, the 40mm case of the Engineer II Moon Calendar is tough enough to handle all the unexpected bumps of daily wear with smooth elegance. At a case thickness of just 13.4mm, this everyday watch ensures a comfortable wearing experience.
The clean white dial presents the perfect backdrop to highlight the blue moon phase indicator as well as the dates of the month marked on the outer edge of the dial. With 4 recessed pushers on the flanks of the case to control the adjustment of the complications, the design of the Engineer II Moon Calendar is unadulterated minimalism at its best.
Day, date, month, and moon phase.
The true calendar timepiece showcases sophisticated functionality with high legibility. The spacious day and month windows are perfectly complemented by the whimsical fourth hand and its crescent moon tip that indicate the date.
Not to be overshadowed, the moon phase display showcases our watchmaking prowess with elegance and precision, accompanied by markings that indicate the time it takes for the moon to complete one phases cycle: 29½ days. A timepiece full of complications, presented with simplicity.
More at the Ball website.

Y’Know Space Invaders Never Really Went Away

Hello retro 80s fans! Long live Adam Ant, Rah-rah skirts and Space Invaders. What a great console game down the pub that was back in the early 80s, along with The Firebird. But I digress, let’s talk Timex.

Yes, this company knows how to repackage its heritage and the pop culture of the past better than Mark Ronson. The Space Invaders T80 model has a 34mm case, comes in gold tone or silver and has a unique Taito game style Invaders graphic on the caseback too.

Yep it’s a quartz powered watch, acrylic crystal and has some chrono functions too.  There’s a night light button too.

By the way we know the Invaders game was inveted in the 70s, but the games machines didn’t make it to Blighty’s pubs n bars, replacing the pool table in many cases, until the 80s. Bit of social history for you there.

Not on sale yet, but you can join the waiting list at Timex UK if you have £85 to spend.

Marloe Watch Celebrates Donald Campbell’s 100th

The Centenary of Donald Campbell’s birthday is something that Marloe Watches, and speed fans everywhere, can celebrate. Campbell junior lived in the shadow of his father to an extent, but carved his niche in the world of speed record breaking, becoming front page news in Britain back in the Sixties.

Watch the land speed Bluebird CN7 story here;

Here’s the word from Marloe Watches on their special edition;

The Centenary Edition is a celebration of a man borne of speed obsession who would travel firmly and resolutely into the annuls of speed history. His achievement on land and water captivated, inspired and motivated people to be better, to chase harder and love stronger. This 100 piece edition marks the 100th year from the day Donald Campbell was brought into this world, and with this unique conduit of memory we celebrate the inimitable speed master.

The design of the Centenary Edition is unique – we’ve taken a back seat – our logo is printed in clear gloss whilst Donald’s iconic Bluebird logo is centre stage. Glistening salt-white, gold and Bluebird blue, the Centenary Edition is heavenly in its presentation – classic, clean and uncomplicated. The gold-edged dial is surrounded by a moat of lume which is startlingly bright in vivid blue – Donald’s lucky colour – and just wait until you see the Bluebird icon at night.

We’re also honoured to be permitted to use the great man’s signature on our exhibition case back, and sign off this edition with the etched and paint-filled markings “Speed Record Breaker On Land And Water – Official Commemorative Edition – Donald Campbell”. A final unique touch to an already incredible watch. Supplied on a salty sand rally strap as standard, and numbered 001-100.


CIGA Design Should Be On Your Radar

The news from Geneva that CIGA Design took an award win for Innovative design with their rotating globe, single hand timepiece was something of a wake-up call for us here.

Yep, NWC hasn’t really clocked on to CIGA as a brand and once we delved into their website and history it’s obvious we should paying more attention to the Chinese watch brand.

Why? Simple reason really, they love watches and balanced, compact engineering for its own sake, like Brunel or Tompion did in the past. We celebrate that ambition, that wonderful attention to detail.

They’re also ridiculously great value.

How much do you think an Indie brand, 18K gold plated, steel case, see-thru automatic, with spare strap and sapphire crystal should retail for? £500 perhaps, or a bargain at £300. Well the RRP is £189 in the UK and that includes a box that looks like a cool David Bailey photo collection book from the 1980s.

Got to say, we can’t wait to see what CIGA get busy creating next, because too many brands rely on essentially recycling their greatest hits.

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, Titanium Grey Ghost

Blancpain has a new variant on their legendary Fifty Fathoms dive watch, and this time it gets the titanium treatment. We aren’t sure about that grey dial and bezel combo – restrained elegance or a little bit ghostly night in November, what do you reckon?

Here’s the word;

Titanium is a reliable ally of diver’s watches, offering numerous advantages including high resistance to shock, pressure and corrosion. In addition, this metal boasts a low density making it particularly light and comfortable to wear.

Measuring 43 mm in diameter and water-resistant to 30 bar (approximately 300 metres), the sharply contoured case of the new Bathyscaphe is made of satin-finished grade 23 titanium. This high-end titanium rarely used in the watch industry requires substantial machining work that is extremely challenging.

The anthracite-coloured dial features a hand-crafted vertical satin finish creating a resolutely modern matt effect, enhanced by the Bathyscaphe’s traditional luminescent baton-type hands and geometric hour-markers, as well as a satin-finished titanium bezel with a satin-finished ceramic insert and a Liquidmetal™ time scale.

Technical and precision timekeeping feats are the order of the day for this new Bathyscaphe equipped with in-house Calibre 1315, a benchmark in the field of sports watches.

Born of a long quest for accuracy and performance, this self-winding movement with a five-day power reserve notably features a silicon balance-spring rendering it totally insensitive to magnetic fields. It is also distinguished by the high level of finishing visible through the transparent sapphire caseback, where snailed and chamfered bridges rub shoulders with a sandblasted, satin-finished and snailed gold oscillating weight.

This new model comes fitted with a NATO or anthracite sailcloth strap, or a grade 23 satin-finished titanium bracelet. The design of the latter is identical to those fitted on Fifty Fathoms models – a first for a Bathyscaphe timepiece.

Verdict; 300m depth for £11,800 is a bit cheeky frankly and the styling lacks visual punch and drama, which you might expect with this price tag.  Rolex Sub plus a Doxa for everyday wear is better value.

More info here.

Understated Cool: Terelo Blue from Storm London

It’s been a while since we checked in with Storm London to see what’s new and a couple of mens watches caught our eye.

First there’s the Darth Gold Black which has a unique case design, kinda similar to Darth’s helmet, but not quite. It doesn’t do it for us at £144, which is pricey for a novelty quartz watch but if you’re a Star Wars fan then maybe this should be on your Christmas wishlist.

Yeah we said the C word.

But it is November after all. So next up, the more svelte and appealing Terelo model from Storm. This has a Milanese mesh bracelet, plus a nice blue-grey sheen to it. We also love the minmalist bare styling, very Skagen-esque. Also matching Skagen price-wise at £129.99, which is the same territory as some Skagen mens watches.

It has a 41.5mm case width, mineral crystal plus a PVD coating on the steel case. We aren’t sure on that tiny looking crown, too fragile?

More here at the Storm website.

Reviewed & Rated: Undone Kevin Lyons Monsters Edition

Undone sent NWC mag this Kevin Lyons chronograph to review and it has a real quality feel to it.

Often with quartz watches, the devil is in the detail and sometimes you feel a bit let down, like you bought a £150 Daniel Wellington and discovered it feels exactly like a £50 Sekonda.

But this watch comes in a rather natty pencil case style tin, which fits in with the artist theme nicely, plus a dated gurantee card and protective padding inside.

Once you have unboxed, the first impression you get from the Undone chronograph is one of weight. This is a chunky watch and it feels solid and well made, beuatifully finished in black.  Although at just 46g, it’s actually about half the weight of many other chronograph watches, it feels substantial, with a very nice positive action to the chrono pushers too.

Protective seal is still on by the way.

The crystal is slightly domed and hardened K1 glass, which is heat-treated for a bit more resistance to knocks and scratches. The 316 grade steel case has a black PVD coating and an eye-catching Undone logo graphic on the back.

Inside you find the trusty Seiko VK64 meca-quartz engine, so you have no doubt about reliable time-keeping on this baby. It was set a few days ago and naturally, it’s still spot on today. This is your ideal everyday watch, unless you want to collect the set of Kev Lyons Monsters of course and tuck them away in a drawer.

But we say watches are for wearing here at NWC mag and this is a practical, durable number, with that dependable Seiko power unit.

The VK64 can be found inside all kinds of chronographs, from Vostok, Christopher Ward, Yema and many more. There is a good reason for that popularity and it’s this simple; the mechanical chrono functions just keep on working – for years. No expensive servicing, no sweat. That uber-reliability is appealing for lots of watch fans.

You can choose between six different slogans and Monsters on the dial, so we went for Always on Time because yeah, it’s an aspiration…if not always a reality.

Kevin has a distinctive style, which reminds us of the late Bob Godfrey, who created Roobarb & Custard cartoons for the BBC back in the 70s, plus Henry’s Cat. It’s visually friendly, light-hearted and ultimately captures the joy of life.

Roobarb n Custard. Great fun.

So this watch makes you feel good when you glance down and check the time. It also feels built to last like a VW Arteon or Bergeon watch tool.  There’s a tachymetre scale on the bezel, so if you need to calculate that time/speed/distance thing on your next transatlantic flight, or watching British Superbikes next season, then this timepiece has it covered.

The strap is Cordura by the way, with an Undone embossed buckle.

The Undone Kevin Lyons  Monsters edition costs £297 and offers something that’s striking, collectable and also makes a great tool watch for everyday use.

More at the Undone site.

New G-SHOCK GWG is a Tough Mudder Special

The Tough Mudder events have been popular for a decade or so and for some, it’s the ultimate fitness test. You obviously need a super durable watch to get you through all that slime, jogging across boggy moors or scaling greasy poles etc.

Casio are on the case with their new GWG Mudmaster, which is a great name for an event that’s like Tough Mudder, but doesn’t infringe copyright. Just saying.

Here is the blurb from Casio;

Introducing the GWG-2000, the latest addition to the Master of G land series, which have a shock and mud resistant structure, designed for use in the harshest environments.

With the integration of a Carbon Core Guard these are now slimmer, lighter but much stronger than previous series, while the lugs, shock absorbers and internal casing are now integrated with carbon fibers which can be seen within each component creating a texture that is unique to every watch.

The GWG-2000 also has a super strong solid steel bezel and crown, built to absorb extreme impacts as well as a built-in Compass, Altimeter, Barometer and Thermometer – perfect for getting you out of trouble in dangerous environments.

With unbeatable mud resistance and patented gasket design, nothing can get inside the watch, keeping this versatile piece of equipment working when you need it most. Available in classic military green, the GWG-2000 is built to go beyond!


One thing we like about this watch is the air pressure sensor. The weather changes quickly in the UK so if you are a keen hiker, mountain biker etc then knowing that a low pressure front is moving in is a handy feature.

It has a sapphire crystal, plus a countdown button, so you can time your own PBs on particular sections of road, trail, or scaling rock faces – whatever SAS style malarkey you fancy doing.

At £699 this is an expensive tool watch, but it’s arguably one that will last you for a decade or more, even if you bash it about a bit. Got solar power so the cell should be viable for about 10-12 years before it needs replacing.

VERDICT: You have to be a G-SHOCK fan to pay this much for a Mudmaster. There are solar powered, multi-function watches that compete on SOME of the spec, for a lot less cash. The Luminox Navy Seal is a good example, which sells online at about £250. Timex Ironman is another choice at just over 50 quid.

More on the G-SHOCK Mudmaster here.

Raven Trekker Bronze; Dive Ability & Vintage Looks

Raven watches has a new bronze case model on their website right now, which has an impressive spec; ETA 2824 movement, sapphire crystal and 300m of water resistance. It’s a great looker with the green dial option and sdistressed leather strap too – just saying.

At $1100 it isn’t cheap and it has to be said there are similar 300m spec bronze case watches for a little bit less on the Indie market. But this is a classic timepiece, which will definitely age well. Is that dial green remarkably similar to Bentley racing car green? Could well be and there is nothing wrong with that.

Here’s the tech spec;

39mm bronze case
300 meters WR
CuSn8 bronze
316L stainless case back
ETA 2824 decorated movement
Gloss deep green dial
Box sapphire crystal
AR coating
Blue Superluminova (BGW9)
Swiss rubber strap choices
bronze buckle
leather case
one year warranty
Limited to 30 watches
Price: $1100