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New G-SHOCK GWG is a Tough Mudder Special

The Tough Mudder events have been popular for a decade or so and for some, it’s the ultimate fitness test. You obviously need a super durable watch to get you through all that slime, jogging across boggy moors or scaling greasy poles etc.

Casio are on the case with their new GWG Mudmaster, which is a great name for an event that’s like Tough Mudder, but doesn’t infringe copyright. Just saying.

Here is the blurb from Casio;

Introducing the GWG-2000, the latest addition to the Master of G land series, which have a shock and mud resistant structure, designed for use in the harshest environments.

With the integration of a Carbon Core Guard these are now slimmer, lighter but much stronger than previous series, while the lugs, shock absorbers and internal casing are now integrated with carbon fibers which can be seen within each component creating a texture that is unique to every watch.

The GWG-2000 also has a super strong solid steel bezel and crown, built to absorb extreme impacts as well as a built-in Compass, Altimeter, Barometer and Thermometer – perfect for getting you out of trouble in dangerous environments.

With unbeatable mud resistance and patented gasket design, nothing can get inside the watch, keeping this versatile piece of equipment working when you need it most. Available in classic military green, the GWG-2000 is built to go beyond!


One thing we like about this watch is the air pressure sensor. The weather changes quickly in the UK so if you are a keen hiker, mountain biker etc then knowing that a low pressure front is moving in is a handy feature.

It has a sapphire crystal, plus a countdown button, so you can time your own PBs on particular sections of road, trail, or scaling rock faces – whatever SAS style malarkey you fancy doing.

At £699 this is an expensive tool watch, but it’s arguably one that will last you for a decade or more, even if you bash it about a bit. Got solar power so the cell should be viable for about 10-12 years before it needs replacing.

VERDICT: You have to be a G-SHOCK fan to pay this much for a Mudmaster. There are solar powered, multi-function watches that compete on SOME of the spec, for a lot less cash. The Luminox Navy Seal is a good example, which sells online at about £250. Timex Ironman is another choice at just over 50 quid.

More on the G-SHOCK Mudmaster here.

New Casio G-Shock GM2100 Colours

Casio has added some new colour options to its GM 2100 range, which retail at £199 in the UK.

That’s a chunk of money for a quartz digital watch, but Casio are legendary for their tough steel cases, water resistance and longevity. I’ve had customers in my old shop come in after 5 years for a battery change – and they havene’t bothered to do the pull-the-crown out thing when the watch has been launguishing in a drawer.

Red is  bold choice, you don’t see many red dial watches. But there are grey, green and blue too.

With the usual alarm functions, plus calendar, this makes a great tool watch, plus 200m depth resistance means you will not worry when swimming etc on holiday. Yeah we did just insinuate you could go on holiday.

Sorry, poor joke there.

More at the Casio site here.

Casio G-Lide: Surf’s Up & Vision is Highly Overrated

Casio has been channelling the spirit of Point Break – the greatest action-comedy ever made – and launched a G-Lide GBX range, featuring vital tide and moonphase timings, for those stealth missions at night when Surf’s Up dude.

With a superbright display panel, retro 80s digital case styling and a forged steel bezel these are great tool watches.  Usual Casio alarm and lap timer functions too.

You even get sunrise/sunset info as well. If you plan on leaping out of a small aircraft after committing a bank robbery, that is useful to have. You don’t want the sun in your eyes as you shout `No you pull the cord!’

200m of water resistance means you can get active with this watch, no problem.

The GBX models start at £149 in the UK and we kinda like the bold turquoise strap model.


125th Anniversary Models From Rotary Have the Retro Touch

Some new retro styled automatics from Rotary, marking their 125th anniversary this year. Now let’s be clear Rotary is no longer a Swiss company, but if you fancy an automatic watch, with sapphire crystal and some nice vintage style then you cannot really go wrong for £249.

These are limited to 300 examples in each style by the way.

There’s a lume green model, canvas strap, vintage luminous hands. Two crosshair designs – one is sold out already, the gold plated one is still on sale. In fact we found the crosshair auto with champagne dial online at £224 – below the Rotary RRP. Go figure.

There are some new Ultra Slim quartz models out this year too, although they don’t really ding our bell here at The Northern Watch Co. Give us a vintage Les Originales any day, great watch with an ETA movement in there.

rotary heritage 125 gp

It’s interesting to note that Rotary now claim their watches are water resistant, not waterproof. For clarity, only dive watches are waterproof – everything else will let water sneak in through the winding crown eventually, especially if you swim in the sea every day – salt loves to attack those silicone seals behind the crown and stem. Just saying, you don’t have to sue us..




Nite Watches – Top Picks From The Sale Selection

We love Nite watches approach to military/tool watch design. Make it glow baby! Famous for their super-bright Tritium lume, Nite watches also have a great ethos on build quality overall, with a diver in the range, plus the Icon, Hawk and MX10 – which is available from £220 on the Nite website.

Swiss Ronda quartz movements inside, two year guarantee. Prices include UK delivery as well.

Not the lockdown is easing, it will probably see a bit of an uptick in terms of online delivery times, so you won’t have to wait too long. The Nite Sale models are discounted, and sold on a `when they’re gone, they’re gone,’ basis. Worth a look.

Nite Hawk model
Hawk model

The green dial Hawk has a huge 51mm case size if you want a chunky watch, with the tritium lume giving excellent night time vision, plus a polycarbonate case for durability. It’s very much a tool watch, not something that’s designed to live inside a box, wrapped in a soft cloth bag. Nite claim a ten year battery life too. The Hawk Sale models start at £240.

Find out more here.




Orient SuperKing Revival Captures That Seventies Feel Perfectly

One of the most interesting brands within the Seiko group is Orient. Many watch fans will know the traditional 3 star automatics, which are still plentiful on ebay and start at about £25 for a slightly rough example. The Worldtimers, especially with the graduated green or brown dials also look fantastic, although you might pay £100 to secure a decent example.

But those older Orient watches have quite basic movements inside – we have cleaned up a few and they’re fairly utilitarian inside. Like an older Seiko 5, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Orient have some very cool retro 70s style watches on their website right now, as the revival thing is really driving many watch companies to re-issue older models, or more commonly, update the old watch, make it wider, fit a modern machine-assembled movement in there, and do some marketing.

Orient 70s sk purple

Here’s the spec on the re-issued SuperKing model, which comes in three different dial colours;

This is a revival of a 1970s era, popular diver style model “469135A”. Characteristic case shape with 4 nailed pins, rotating bezel, logos, and wrapped metal band. Every detail is carefully revived. It is ORIENT 41.7mm Sports mechanical watch with day and dates  Features an attractive see-through case back, which enhances the refined aesthetic.

The refined timepiece supports water resistance of 50 meters – says Orient, which is impressive.

Inside you get a modern automatic movement, which can be wound up, as well activated via wrist movement. We are guessing it’s based on the Seikio Presage 4R35 movement, but without seeing inside the SuperKing we don’t know. We love the day/date window, which is pure timeless Seiko design.

We found Sakura watches in Japan selling these watches at just under 200 euros. Orient are NOT officially imported into the UK, so be careful where you buy one from. Be lucky glam rockers!