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Seiko Prospex & Presage Ginza Editions

Seiko has released two new models that pay homage to the Ginza shopping district in Tokyo.

The Ginza district in central Tokyo has a special importance for Seiko. It was where the company’s founder, Kintaro Hattori, opened a shop selling and repairing clocks and watches in1881, when he was just 21 years old and, today, Ginza is still where the company is located.

In celebration of Seiko’s 140th anniversary and its long association with Ginza, two limited editions are introduced into the Prospex and Presage collections which capture both the classic and modern faces of Ginza.

Both creations have dial patterns that echo the district’s traditional cobblestone streets but are in a blue-gray tone that also evokes the contemporary feel of the many modern and architecturally interesting buildings which define Ginza today. Heritage and modernity. History and progress. These two creations capture the essential characteristics of today’s Seiko.


The Prospex limited edition is based on the modern re-interpretation of the 1959 Alpinist watch introduced earlier this year.

The intricate pattern of the dial incorporates two different sunray patterns which, as the viewing angle changes, create ever-changing impressions that capture the texture and feel of Ginza’s cobblestones. The seconds hand pays homage to the district’s history with Komparu, a traditional Japanese color named after Komparu Street, where Ginza’s nightlife was once centered. This blue color with a soft green tone was first used in the middle Meiji era (1868 – 1912), instantly found favor among the many geishas who lived there and then gradually became a popular color among the public.

The watch is powered by Caliber 6R35, which delivers a power reserve of 70 hours. The glass is a curved sapphire crystal that is resistant to scratches and the watch is water resistant to20 bar. It is offered as limited edition of 3,500 and will be available in Seiko Boutiques and selected retail partners worldwide in October 2021.

RRP is 750 euros.


The Presage creation features the same cobblestone-inspired dial pattern and Komparu color seconds hand, but the watch has the distinguished aspect of the recently released “Style60’s” design series inspired by the 1964 Seiko Crown Chronograph.

The box-shaped glass, sharp hands and faceted indexes are inherited directly from the Crown Chronograph and create a retro feel that matches perfectly with the classic dial pattern. The opening at the 9 o’clock position allows the wearer to see and enjoy the beating of the escapement and the 24 hour sub-dial above it offers a different and useful way to tell the time.

This Presage watch is offered as a limited edition of 4,000 and will also be available in Seiko Boutiques and selected retail partners worldwide in October 2021.

The RRP is 590 euros and it shows how Seiko is gradually `price walking’ its customer base up to a higher level. Is the Presage on par with a Hamilton Khaki? Yes, it is, but when you come to sell either model you struggle to get £200 back online, or at a watch shop.


Buy a classic green dial Seiko Alpinist instead, or a trad Prospex dive watch. Both will hold their value better in the long run.

Who Can Build Your Next MOD Watch?

That is a very good question, because not everyone wants to build their own watch or invest in a nicely kitted out workbench to accomplish the task. Fact is, some Bergeon tools, case press, blower, head loupe, cleaning ether, screwdrivers,  vice, clamps, tweezers, polishing cloths etc can easily add up to over £1000 worth. Yes, you can cheap out, but guess what, those tools will soon scratch your watches.

So here is a short list of some handy builders, who can sort the dream dive watch job out for you.


Tempus offer custom buolds, mainly Seiko dive watches naturally, but they do some Casio stuff too. They also do repairs, like re-lumes, polishing, custom casebacks etc. So you can refurb something that you inherited maybe.

They are UK based by the way.


Cheshire based Seikomods really have the off-the-shelf concept sorted. You can mix n match cases, bezels and dials to your hearts content. Then they ship it out. But wait, they are about to launch a Configurator, which will let customers choose from a wish list and then have Seikomods build it in-house.

More here.


Some lovely SKX and SNK Mods on this site. We love the 37mm SNK model, (see above) with its orange hand and clean black dial. No prices that we could see, but you can enquire via email.

The 42mm Explorer, with its clean dial is another winner for us.

More here.


Hey Watch Modders: How Does A Turquoise Stone Dial Sound?

Lucas Atelier has launched a turquoise dial option for SKX MOD builders. If you love creating your own dive watches, then this offers a genuinely unique, some might say Japanese market, look for a decent price of $88.

There’s a date window option too by the way.

It’s a slice of turquoise stone by the way – not just fancy spray paint. Yep, we love that attention to detail.

More here at the Lucas Atelier site.


Raven Airfield is On Pre-Order

Raven watches in the USA has sent us info on their pre-order deals for the new Airfield model. Take a bit of pilot style, add to a trad Seiko field watch and there you have it. Fusion.

There are white, black and green dial options, all set in a 316 grade steel case, NH36/38 movement, sapphire crystal and a ceramic bezel insert. We love the big bold numbers on the dial – yep, this is a tool watch touch that works everyday.

Day/Date option or the trad three hand dial, your choice. Plenty of lume for night moves too. Hey that was a great Bob Seeger track by the way.

A 40mm case width makes this a practical watch too. The price is steep at $600 compared to a Seiko field watch.

More here at Raven.

A Quick Shufty Round The Watch Sales

As it’s August then the Summer Sales are on, so your NWC watch fan decided to have a nose around online to find the big reductions and try to sift the bargains from the Eternas..sorry, the also rans.

Starting with Jura watches site, we spotted about a grand off a Nomos Glashutte Ahoi Datum, which still seems expensive at £2600 to us. You can buy plenty of dive watches with 200m ability, Swiss movements and 40mm cases from Indie brands for under £1000.

Given the resale value of a Nomos is on par with a Hamilton, you need to chivvy more from the price we think, even if you love the minimalist style of this model.

Also on the Jura site, a Longines Master chronograph with £350 off the list price is worth a look, as the classic lines won’t age too badly and the brand name always attracts buyers if you fancy selling it after a few years. An Oris Big Pilot at just under two grand is another handy discount, of about £600, on a well known watch brand.

More at Jura here.


As most of you know, H Samuel, Ernest Jones and Zales is the same company – Signet Group – so it’s worth a look to see what has been reduced in price as their staff have failed to bamboozle customers with the `Are you alright there?’ ploy in-store.

H Samuel have Citizen automatics with 50% off, for a retail of £199 – that is undeniably great value. A black and gold Eco-Drive for £130 is another fantastic deal if you are after an everyday watch that needs no battery for about ten years. Please don’t say it lasts forever, you just look like a bellend.

Now I’m a fan of the Casio Edifice range and a Scuderia Alpha Tauri at £149 is a hard-to-resist deal. Bluetooth, schedule timer, worldtimer, great night light – all the Casio features you love and beautiful styling too. Some Edifice models look like kids toys, let’s be blunt, but this one has a touch of class.

The Seiko Prospex models have sold out by the way. No surprises there.

Meanwhile at Ernest Jones they have a Longines Master automatic, 40mm case, three hands, auto reserve indicator near the 6pm position for £1300, down from £1900.

Or how about a Hamilton Jazzmaster at £385? This blue dial model looks fairly decent, steel bracelet and features a quartz movement. Cheap way to own your first Swiss watch.

A Tissot Chronograph on a tan leather strap for £550 isn’t too painful either, nice big 43mm case, water resistance to 200m and a good saving on the £790 RRP.


If you just want a very basic watch then Argo have it covered. How about a Casio 80s style digital in blue for £11.20? I mean yes, you have to drive to the shop to collect it, but jeez…what more do you want?

They also have a black dial Citizen Eco-Drive for £80 and a quartz hunter style pocket watch for £6.99. If you are kitting out a wedding party, then that’s the way to decorate those waistcoats.


A Seiko Prospex Street model might not be your thing, as it’s grey hues look a bit underwhelming, but at £270 it’s a fair price for a new Seiko. We like the Seiko 5 Streetfighter edition at £305 as well.

A Rado Couple Classic is a decent 40mm Swiss watch, with a see-thru caseback and a known brand name, all for £895, which is the absolute limit that you should pay for any Rado. Try selling one at a pawnbrokers if you don’t believe me, these are impossible to sell at a decent margin, so you’ll be pleasantly insulted with a 500 cash offer, even with box n papers.

Finally, an Oris divers Sixty-Five for £1270 is a fair price. It isn’t anything special compared to many Indie brand dive models, but that Oris name and the classic blue dial/black bezel design really does hold a broad appeal.

More at Chisholm Hunter here.





Heimdallr New Arrivals

Heimdallr has plenty of new models on their site right now to tempt you. One we love is the retro style Turtle model, with a big 45mm case diameter, Seiko NH35 movement and a ceramic bezel.

There’s a silver dial option, or the black dial, with blue details, which we reckon is the better looking of the duo. On offer right now at $219 – plus the import duty and VAT of course.

The Sea Ghost has a useful $100 price reduction too – same Seiko movement, 42mm case width makes it a more practical everyday watch for many people.


Namoki MODS: New Tuna Cases On The Way

Namoki are launching a new 47mm diameter Tuna case in August. Just a heads up for all you MOD watch builders, that’s all. No details on prices yet.

Update on EU and UK import duties:

Namoki has just emailed us to say they now offer an all inclusive European price – basically they are splitting the 30% extra on the RRP that the EU and UK are slapping on imported stuff, so you only pay 15% extra.

Best of all, no unexpected costs or Customs delays on your watch parts.

Loving your work Namoki!

More here at Namoki.

Namoki MODS: Sale On, Plus Capt Willard On The Way

Namoki MODS has a sale on right now, with some handsome SKX dive models on offer for around £270, plus UK import duty n VAT etc.

What we love about these watches is that you can customise the watch with Batman blue/black bezels, different dials etc – whatever you like from teh extensive Namoki range. Or just buy the watch complete, good to go.

The Captain Willard SKX is due later this month. 46mm case width, gold, steel or black case finishes.

More here at Namoki MODS.

Summer Watch Sales Are On Now

Just a heads up as they say on Instagram, so you can bag some swag online.  Both Casio G-Shock and H Samuel have watch sales on right now.

The G-Shock Sale has discounts on the official RRP of up to 50%. A G-Steel model with Bluetooth, 3 band options and a battery health indicator at £199, rather than £399 is tempting. More here.

Meanwhile H Samuel has watches from fashion brands like Armani, Hugo Boss, Hilfiger, Kors and all the usual suspects.

Plus how about a Citizen Red Arrows for £179, or a Seiko Prospex Special, with Pepsi bezel colours for £344? If you want a Swiss brand then a Tissot Classics automatic at £235 is basically Indie watch brand money. To be fair, the entry level Tissots have quite a basic movement inside, but you expect that at this price level.

Two Victorinox models in the Sale are sold out already, so we say move fast on this one.

More here.

Grand Seiko, With a Sky Full Of Stars

The word from Grand Seiko who have built a watch that kinda looks hewn from solid platinum by hand;

In celebration of the 140th anniversary of the foundation of the company, Grand Seiko presents a new Spring Drive masterpiece made by the elite team of watchmakers at the Micro Artist Studio in Grand Seiko’s manufacturing facility in Shiojiri, located in the same Shinshu region as Achi.

The watch will be available as a limited edition of 50 at the Grand Seiko Boutiques in August 2021.

The blue of the dial has a remarkable depth that is accentuated by the quiet and delicate sparkle of what appear to be distant stars. A unique manufacturing and finishing technique combining stamping, plating and painting gives the dial a different aspect at each and every viewing angle, just as does the sky above Achi.

The Platinum 950 case is carefully engraved with a pattern which is replicated in different directions on the Zaratsu polished case, again capturing the exquisite order and ever changing aspect of Achi’s starry skies.

The watch presents a refined and slim profile with a diameter of 38.5mm and depth of 9.8mm.The hour and minute hands and hour markers are made of 14k white gold to ensure that their brilliance endures for decades. The Grand Seiko name, the minute markers and all the other markings are etched into the dial.

Every aspect of the movement is designed without compromise. The power reserve indicator is on the back side of the movement next to the barrel whose shape echoes that of the bellflower that is the symbol of Shiojiri.

Those blue screws look like a constellation of stars on the movement. Nice touch.

The rims of the bridges, the holes for the rubies and the screws are all expertly hand polished to a perfect mirror finish and the tempered blue screws stand out in contrast to the hairline finish of the bridges to heighten the perception of the perfection of the engineering. The caliber also incorporates an 18k yellow gold plaque on the lower bridge, which carries the engraved words “Micro Artist” but which can, if the owner so wishes, be replaced with a word of his or her choice.

The outstanding 84 hour power reserve of Caliber 9R02 is realized thanks to the Dual Spring Barrel, in which two mainsprings are set in parallel within a single barrel, and the Torque Return System.

When the mainspring has been fully wound and the torque output is at its highest, approximately 30% of the available power is not needed to maintain the precision of the watch and is in effect wasted in a normal movement.

The Torque Return System uses this energy to rewind the mainspring, resulting in an increase in the power reserve. In Caliber 9R02, this system is activated for 48 hours after the mainspring has been fully wound.

The price for perfection? A mere 80,000 euros.