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Bell+Ross Red Radar. It’s Very Red.

There is a place in watch collecting for timepieces that look like jet fighter dials. Suzuki did it over 40 years ago with their famous GS750/1000 clocks display and it’s been a popular styling detail ever since. Love that night mode red glow!

Now Bell + Ross has the revived Red Radar model for 2021, with some aviation goodness. Maybe it’s just too much like a radar screen to actaully let you know the time in a hurry? Anyway here’s the press info;

This year, Bell & Ross is back with a new Red Radar, the spectacular BR 03-92 Red Radar Ceramic. This avant-garde timepiece is also
inspired by a radar screen and brings its own innovative reinterpretation to the watch display.

It forms part of Bell & Ross’ iconic Flight Instruments collection which brings together exclusive timepieces, inspired by instruments
on board jet planes. It is available in a limited edition of 999 pieces.  Its design – very similar to an aircraft radar – was surprising and spectacular in equal measure.

Its graphics reproduced the scanning motion of the light beam on a radar screen with stunning realism. The bright red crystal topping the dial is reminiscent of the flight control instrument. The time can be read via a system of rotating discs, combined with an analogue hand. The dial is topped with a red sapphire crystal.

The system comprises two concentric discs which fuse with the dial. Its playful design is reminiscent of a stylised toy. These elements replace the hour and minute hands. In a major new feature, the discs move two tiny screenprinted planes, giving the impression that these are flying over the dial.

The hour scale is screen-printed on the inside (back) of the sapphire crystal, and so is well protected from impacts and abrasions.
For this innovative display, two ultra-light discs had to be designed to preserve the power reserve. These very robust discs will not deform and they maintain a constant parallelism.

Our watchmakers worked hard to ensure that the precision of the watch movement was not altered by friction. The assembly of each of these components was fine-tuned to the nearest micron. Guaranteeing such precision required all our in-house engineers to pool their expertise.

The newcomer adopts the BR 03 case, which is 42 mm in diameter. In constant pursuit of innovation and performance, on this occasion Bell & Ross has chosen to use ceramic. This high-tech material is scratch-resistant, yet soft to the touch.

UK price is £3600.

Casio Add New Colours to G-Steel Range

Casio has added red and blue dial options to its G-Steel range. The watches, which feature a steel case, mineral glass crystal and resin straps have a wide variety of dial colours.

The red dial model is priced at £399 and the blue dial costs £479. Not really sure why, as it appears to have the same spec on the Casio website. 

The G-Steel watches are powered via solar cell, so you should get about ten years or so before a new cell needs to be fitted. That saves you the costs of about 3/4 battery swaps.

JLC Reverso With a Dash of Polo Playboy, Why Not?

JLC have sent us info on a special Fagliani edition of their famous Reverso, and we kinda like that bold red & gold vibe. Here’s the press release;

Uniting the dual-time zone complication of the Duoface with the purified aesthetic of the Tribute collection, the new Reverso Tribute Duoface Fagliano is complemented by an original strap, specially designed and hand-crafted by Casa Fagliano, the world-famous Argentinian maker of polo and riding boots. Issued in a limited edition, with a burgundy-red dial and pink gold case, the new timepiece pays tribute to its rare and timeless design.

Inspired by the canvas-and-leather boots that it makes for summer polo, Casa Fagliano combined cordovan leather and canvas for the new strap – as always, cutting and stitching every piece by hand.

As it has a gold case, you would expect this art deco classic to come with a hefty price tag and you are correct in that asumption. It retails at just over £20,000.

Bell & Ross Diver Bronze Gets a Red Dial Option

Known for their pilot themed watches Bell & Ross have a natty dive model, with a striking red dial and bronze case. Here’s the press info;

Bell & Ross has developed DIVER BRONZE timepieces that are perfectly in-keeping with the marine depth. After releasing a black version in 2018, a green version in 2019, and a blue one last year, the brand is now completing its shade card with red.


Its case and bezel are made of satin-polished CuSn8 Bronze, an alloy combining 92% Copper and 8% Tin, that is deeply linked to diving history as it was used in the past for deep-sea helmets and naval construction. Adorning hints of pink, the bronze will age well. The patina will emphasize the authentic and unique character of this DIVER watch, much-loved by collectors. Anodised red for the bezel, red lacquer for the dial and a reddish-brown strap. The 3 shades work in perfect harmony and feature a high-quality finish. As on previous versions, all the metal parts of the case are made from bronze except the case-back, which is made from stainless steel, and the anodised
aluminium bezel ring.

Available in a limited edition of 500, the BR 03-92 DIVER RED BRONZE sports the watch’s emblem, a deep-sea diver’s helmet that is engraved on the case-back. Precious yet resistant, the BR 03-92 DIVER RED BRONZE is full of character and designed to accompany the gentleman adventurer both on land and at sea. The brand’s constant strive for excellence, challenge and innovation is confirmed in this elegant BR 03-92 DIVER RED BRONZE that meets all the standards for diving watches set by the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry, ISO 6425. Water resistant to 300 metres, it is ready to conquer the depths of the ocean. The matte brown leather strap and beige stitching confirms
the watch’s authentic vintage spirit but can be replaced with a rubber strap for use while diving.



Tie-Dye Watch Anyone? Skagen Ombre Is Pure Retro

Skagen are known for their clean, Scandi minimalist lines, but these latest models capture the free love 70s spirit perfectly.  Back then, hippies would wear tie-dyed clothing, so that their denims and cheesecloth shirts were truly unique.

The same can be said of the Skagen trio here and it captures some of the vibrant, no-holding-back vibe that Swatch models had when they were launched and saved the Swiss industry from financial meltdown. Fact check it by all means, it’s true. Not our style, but to be fair Skagen aren’t aiming these watches at middle aged men with a penchant for old school Tissot Seastars.

Quartz movement of course, and we expect that the caseback will be the usual struggle to remove for a battery change. We like the silicone strap and 36mm case size is ideal for many ladies, who actually like a watch big enough to tell the time. Yeah, basics matter. They retail at £109 and we like the blue one best.

More here. 

TAG Monaco Ltd Edition Captures Ferrari Spirit, But Does Gulf Win The Race?

OK, I will admit it, I’m a fanboi of the Monaco. Yes, the old models only had a souped up variant of the ETA based movement but now that TAG/LVMH has been obliged to build their own movement factory to get around the EU rules on manufacturing cartels etc. this beautiful watch really can begin to justify its price tag. The 02 movement sets the 2019 onwards Monaco watches apart – genuinely a new engine folks.

But red? Hmm, still think the Gulf Racing orange/blue combo, followed by the blue dial models, are the best lookers – comment below by the way 😉

TAG Heuer monaco red 2020 photo2

OK so what’s the inside dope on this 1000 piece ltd edition, 39mm case size, Monaco GP model?

Well you get special printing of the Monaco Historic Grand Prix logo, and it is engraved with the inscription “Limited Edition One of 1000. ” So tick that collectors item box. In fact you get a special box too. Big news for us right-handed people – it has a winder in the conventional position, so setting the time is that bit easier. 

On the downside, some collectors might say that means it ain’t a real Monaco, since the winding crown should be at 9 o’clock. True, but impractical for many of us.

tag monaco red ltd edition 3

Dial: TAG says it features a red sunray paint job, and rhodium-treated, tricompax, rhodium-plated indexes and hour and minute hands coated with SuperLuminova, plus central seconds hand of the chronograph red lacquered, “Grand Prix de Monaco Historique” logo at 1:30. 

There’s also a see-thru caseback, which is one of the real selling points of this Monaco, as the view is well worth a second look. The rotor is beautifully segmented, bit like a spoked steering wheel, and gold touches on the balance bridge, brushed effect on bridgework etc really do shout quality at you.

tag monaco red caseback

We checked the TAG website today but couldn’t find an official price. Stocks look likely to be limited in the UK, so we are guessing there will be a waiting list and say £5600-ish RRP. Is it worth waiting for? Not as an investment watch, no, it could take 25-35 years to significantly appreciate in value – adjusted for inflation – based on historic prices for Autavias/Carreras etc. But if you love motorsport then the limited edition Monaco is something different from the mainstream.

For us, the Gulf colours Monaco always will say Steve McQueen/Le Mans like no other watch. That’s all, everything else is just conversation right?