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Orient Star 70th Anniversary Editions

News from Orient, who continue to mark their 70th annivarsary with some new models.

To celebrate its 70th anniversary, ORIENT STAR (I know, the constant use of capitals by brands is deeply annoying – Ed) is releasing four limited-edition models: a Mechanical Moon Phase, a Modern Skeleton and a Classic Semi Skeleton. The Classic Semi Skeleton is available in both his and her models.

Throughout its history, ORIENT STAR has dedicated itself to producing high-quality made-inJapan mechanical watches, that are “shining stars” fusing traditional craftsmanship and the latest watchmaking technologies.

This year, ORIENT STAR celebrates its anniversary with a dedicated colour concept inspired by nebulae floating in the vastness of outer space. These nebula-themed anniversary models provide a fresh interpretation of the glittering cosmos of ORIENT STAR.

Limited in numbers, these one-off models make appealing timepieces for watch afficionados everywhere.

The popular flagship Mechanical Moon Phase model features a power reserve indicator, a semi-skeleton dial design revealing a glimpse of the mechanical movement, and a distinctive moon phase display with a date hand. The latest limited-edition 70th anniversary model of this Classic Collection has a MOP dial with distinctive colour gradation that transitions from green in the centre to navy blue on the outer edges, evoking nebulae glittering in the infinite depth of outer space.

The gold coloured accents suggest a universe of twinkling stars. This Mechanical Moon Phase model is limited to 100 pieces and comes with a black cordovan leather strap. It is powered by in-house automatic mechanical caliber F7M62, known for its stable precision and reliability, and featuring a 50-hour power reserve. The see-through case back provides a view of the movement and an engraved serial number certifying the limited-edition timepiece.

VERDICT: We love the modern take on the Skeleton watch, which sets the Star range apart, and having a 70th anniversary box is a nice touch. The teal dial is our fave, sums up the Japanese watchmaking philosophy we reckon.

Frustrating that Seiko’s internal politics mean the UK doesn’t get Orient supplies via the Seiko/Lorus dealer network.

More info at Orient’s website. 


Orient Star His `n’ Hers Set

Seiko owned Orient has launched a His & Hers matched pair of watches, which some people like. Makes a nice wedding anniversary gift and all that jazz. Branded as STAR models, they feature a little skeleton – or open heart – type window in the dial.

Here’s the press info;

ORIENT STAR is launching three men’s and three ladies’ Classic Semi Skeleton models from the Classic Collection, with new designs that create a fresh, modern look.

The dials of the Classic Semi Skeleton models from the Classic Collection feature a window affording a partial view of the movement, and their designs evoke a level of sophistication unique to mechanical watches. While the colouring and details of previous models focused on traditional styling, these latest additions provide something different, with fresh designs creating a modern look.

The concept for the new model designs is “gentle sunlight”, and the dial colours are inspired by the gentle light of the sun shining upon water, plants, and forests. Beautiful shades of champagne gold, forest green, pale aqua, and pearl grey reflect feelings of gentleness
and happiness found in everyday life and natural scenery. (Yeah, crazy talk isn’t it? They just mean pastel shades – ed)

Although there is a difference between the men’s and ladies’ models in featuring ORIENT STAR’s (yep, we hate the capitals SHOUTY THING too – Ed) signature power reserve indicator or not, there are other common features besides the gentle colours. Both models share the same classically curved dial featuring stylish embossed
index markers, delicate roman numerals, and spade shaped hands.

The men’s and ladies’ models are designed to complement each other, sharing the same attractive classic-modern case shape with an elegant profile viewed from its side by gently domed mineral glass crystals, accented by rhinestone set in the crown. A sophisticated leather strap with a French turned edge finish completes the attractive design of these everyday fashion pieces.

The fresh new matching design, high-quality mechanical movements and accessible price point make them particularly appealing additions to the ORIENT STAR collection.

Orient isn’t officially imported into the UK so we are guessing that this set will retail at about £400, or £250 just for the gents model. But you may need to add on VAT na dimport duty to that.

VERDICT; Stick to Seiko or Citizen open heart classic watches, much better value.

Who Can Build Your Next MOD Watch?

That is a very good question, because not everyone wants to build their own watch or invest in a nicely kitted out workbench to accomplish the task. Fact is, some Bergeon tools, case press, blower, head loupe, cleaning ether, screwdrivers,  vice, clamps, tweezers, polishing cloths etc can easily add up to over £1000 worth. Yes, you can cheap out, but guess what, those tools will soon scratch your watches.

So here is a short list of some handy builders, who can sort the dream dive watch job out for you.


Tempus offer custom buolds, mainly Seiko dive watches naturally, but they do some Casio stuff too. They also do repairs, like re-lumes, polishing, custom casebacks etc. So you can refurb something that you inherited maybe.

They are UK based by the way.


Cheshire based Seikomods really have the off-the-shelf concept sorted. You can mix n match cases, bezels and dials to your hearts content. Then they ship it out. But wait, they are about to launch a Configurator, which will let customers choose from a wish list and then have Seikomods build it in-house.

More here.


Some lovely SKX and SNK Mods on this site. We love the 37mm SNK model, (see above) with its orange hand and clean black dial. No prices that we could see, but you can enquire via email.

The 42mm Explorer, with its clean dial is another winner for us.

More here.


ICYMI: Orient Flags Up Bezel Issue With Star Models

We missed this update from Orient Watches – one worth checking if you recently bought a Star model.

Unfortunately we have to inform you of a malfunctioning in the bezel of our ORIENT STAR Diver Watches. The bezel is a feature that can be used if a customer wants to measure time for a certain (sports or diving) activity. Normally the bezel is to rotate counterclockwise only, but in some of the watches of this model we found the bezel to rotate two-ways. This could potentially result in a wrong measurement of time.

Although these types of Diver Watchers, including the bezel, do not function as diver safety equipment, we would like to warn every customer not to use the bezel for measuring time especially when diving.

This malfunctioning of the bezel only showed in some watches of this model and we confirm that to this date we have not received any complaints from end-users nor did we receive any reported incidents. However, if you own any of the Diver Watches concerned, we will repair it for you free of charge, regardless of whether the warranty period has expired or not.

Below you will find an overview of the Diver Watches concerned, a more detailed explanation of the malfunctioning of the bezel, and most importantly how to get your free of charge repair.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and concern this may cause and will make every effort to prevent a reoccurrence.

Orient Star 70th Anniversary Edition

Orient is a sub-brand of mighty Seiko and sadly, they don’t seem to get the investment that the brand deserves, given its heritage. The latest Skeleton Star model, a tribute to the Star from 70s years ago is a case in point.

It actually looks like a Chinese clone, nothing like the original Star. Here’s the press info from Orient;

The new Skelton ( yep, they couldn’t even spell check skeleton) is featuring a new hand-wound movement with 70 hours of power reserve. The latest in-house 46-F8 series movements, feature longer power reserves of 70 hours, making them more practical than ever before.

The longer running time is achieved thanks to the new silicon escape wheel which is lighter and processed with higher accuracy. Beside, it has longer running time as well as a high accuracy of +15 to –5 seconds per day even with the ultimate skeletonisation.

The escape wheel visible through the watch’s skeleton structure uses Epson’s MEMS technology to control the film thickness at the nanometer level to adjust its light reflection, resulting in an eye-catching blue.


The vivid blue and a unique spiral shape evokes the Milky Way Galaxy, and the movement part at the nine o’clock position in the shape of a comet with two tails, symbolising the universe-inspired design theme. The model uses high-quality SUS316L stainless steel for the case, and comes with a hand-stitched, genuine crocodile leather strap.

Yes, they did say crocodile. In a woke era it is astonishing that Seiko-Orient think this won’t attract activists on social media keen to cancel their brand.

Classic Orient Star, with dial that changes from black to deep blue.


On the upside this 38mm watch has a sapphire crystal, front and back, but bafflingly it’s only got 50 metres of water resistance. So why not fit a Hardlex then?

70 hours of power is great but it’s hand-wound, mechanical, not auto. Again pointless. This mix of prestige features with some really dull aspects of the Star means it’s unlikely to attract many buyers. To be fair there are some better looking Star models in the range, including some with sub-sec dials that capture the early 50s spirit of the original. But this thing looks like a Thomas Earnshaw.

Sad times.


Upgrade Your Seiko or Orient With a Beads of Rice Bracelet

One way you can transform the look and feel of a Seiko or Orient watch is by upgrading the strap. Whether it has a steel bracelet or a silicone rubber factory fitted, it’s a quick Mod that can really add some Swiss style to your watch.

Here’s the word from Strapcode on the Orient Kamasu bracelet, which has the classic beads of rice design.

The new Goma BOR watch band with curved end link was designed for Orient Kamasu Green diver watch RA-AA0004E19A and its variants. Goma BOR is the contemporary and hi-tech version of the classic “Beads of Rice Bracelet,” with a remarkable soft drape and smooth bending characteristics.

The ovally shaped links of the Goma watch band is echoing the classic Beads of Rice Bracelet and the actual shape of the rice grain. Goma stainless steel watch bands have solid links; five small staggered well rounded polished beads in the middle and two brushed outer beads, the very iconic “beads-of-rice.” Making the links in the best proportion, the exquisite shape of a rice grain, tighter with a solid feel but still bent softly, was the most challenging.

This well-built replacement watch band was assembled using screw-in adjustable pins instead of push-in link pins. Watch band is tapering to 18mm buckle width. Accompany with V-Clasp double lock buttoned diver’s clasp.

V-Clasp was made from solid 316L stainless steel with extra 6 micro holes for flexible fine tune length adjustment. Featured in V shape safety lock, streamlined form & chamfer edged design to giving a more massive look.

Chamfer double locks diver’s buckle is ideal for a watch band with thickness approximately 3.5 – 5.0mm thickness. This isn’t a cheap option at US$99 but it really looks the biz.

More here. 

Best Mens Automatic Deals On Amazon

We thought it would be a good time to have a look on Amazon for the best deals on gents automatic watches. Not that we aren’t fans of old school watch shops, especially those that sell pre-loved watches. But there is no denying that for new watches, it is hard to beat the low overhead, store-your-stock-in-a-warehouse approach, then ship it from Bratislava when the sale goes through online.


OK this is an old Seiko 5 model, nothing special in terms of movement and you have to shake it, it does not wind up like the later Seiko 5 or Presage models. But for £99 if you sign up for a Mastercard deal, or £119 without the credit card, you cannot grumble. It’s got a guarantee, the box, paperwork and you can always sell it for about £70-£80 on eBay a few years down the line if you liek to churn your collection. Yep, we did say churn it like butter.


Not as cool as a Party Seven giant can of ale from the 1970s of course, but the Rotary Super 7 has that Rolex Submariner Pepsi look nailed down, and it claims to be waterproof down to 1000 feet, yes 300 metres. That a 300m dive watch for under £230. Great daubings of superlume on the dial too. Hard to fault on tech specs, this steel case, sapphire crystal watch is NOT made in Switzerland, but arguably has a few Swiss level quality features for the money. On Amazon, supplied by Watchnation based in Chester, Cheshire.


Yes, like the Seiko 5 this is another end of line watch, but the blue dial Orient has an elegant look, an ideal case diameter at 42mm and a 200m depth rating. So yes, swim or dive in it – it’s made by Seiko so it’ll cope. Steel case, steel bracelet, although you can get a NATO strip for an extra tenner on the Amazon deal we spotted. The Orient brand is NOT officially imported into the UK so many examples you see are from overseas sellers in Germany, USA, Singapore, HK etc. That means import duty and VAT on top, so paying £119.50 on Amazon solves that paperwork problem.


Yes, you could buy a convincing Rolex fake from somewhere in China for £400-£500, but frankly this Milgauss homage, or shall we say blatant copy, is just £55 and yours from Amazon delivered in a day or two. It has an automatic movement inside, plus see-thru caseback, so you can appreciate the rough casting finish on the rotor and the appalling bridgework. We say buy this as a gift for the bloke in the family that you don’t like, Uncle Nobhead basically. He’ll have it round to Cash Converters quicker than you can say `I’m too sexy for my TJ Hughes Shirt.’

That’s an automatic watch for £55 though, you cannot even buy a fashion quartz from Michael Coarse, sorry, Kors, for that money.


Orange is nice to have in your collection, just for those sporty days, or a trip to the beach in summer when you want a watch that handles some seawater. The Bulova brand is owned by Citizen, so you are getting a reliable Miyota auto movement inside, plus a mineral crystal, 200m of depth rating and a big 45mm case width too. The white dial is quite rare on Bulova models, so it’s a left field choice. Good value for someone with a bigger wrist, especially at £269.


Orient SuperKing Revival Captures That Seventies Feel Perfectly

One of the most interesting brands within the Seiko group is Orient. Many watch fans will know the traditional 3 star automatics, which are still plentiful on ebay and start at about £25 for a slightly rough example. The Worldtimers, especially with the graduated green or brown dials also look fantastic, although you might pay £100 to secure a decent example.

But those older Orient watches have quite basic movements inside – we have cleaned up a few and they’re fairly utilitarian inside. Like an older Seiko 5, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Orient have some very cool retro 70s style watches on their website right now, as the revival thing is really driving many watch companies to re-issue older models, or more commonly, update the old watch, make it wider, fit a modern machine-assembled movement in there, and do some marketing.

Orient 70s sk purple

Here’s the spec on the re-issued SuperKing model, which comes in three different dial colours;

This is a revival of a 1970s era, popular diver style model “469135A”. Characteristic case shape with 4 nailed pins, rotating bezel, logos, and wrapped metal band. Every detail is carefully revived. It is ORIENT 41.7mm Sports mechanical watch with day and dates  Features an attractive see-through case back, which enhances the refined aesthetic.

The refined timepiece supports water resistance of 50 meters – says Orient, which is impressive.

Inside you get a modern automatic movement, which can be wound up, as well activated via wrist movement. We are guessing it’s based on the Seikio Presage 4R35 movement, but without seeing inside the SuperKing we don’t know. We love the day/date window, which is pure timeless Seiko design.

We found Sakura watches in Japan selling these watches at just under 200 euros. Orient are NOT officially imported into the UK, so be careful where you buy one from. Be lucky glam rockers!


Workshop Report: Basic Refurb on an Orient 3 Star Automatic

orient refurb 1
This Orient had obviously suffered a tough life on ebay – note the dirt stuck to the 11 o’clock baton market under the scratched crystal – but it did run OK, so I started by getting the movement out and giving it a clean.
orient refurb 2
Quite a crudely made movement from Orient, a sub-brand of Seiko’s empire. Note the black marker on the lugs indicating this was a joblot sale at some point.
orient 3 stem
Removing the stem revealed a layer of dirt, plus evidence of over-oiling. All went in the ether bath, once the movement had been cleaned of course. I placed one drop of watch oil on the stem before re-fitting btw, just to make setting the hands that bit slicker – my own view is anything you can do to ease the burden on a setting lever that’s 40 years old is a good move, because if it bends or breaks, a watch like this isn’t worth a total stripdown to repair the keyless works. #Justsaying 
orient refurb 4 glue
I used the plastic die press to get the old crystal out, which shattered – reason was clear, someone had glued a replacement glass in at some stage. Note superglue residue in the bezel rim – all had to be painstakingly removed via toothpick.
orient 5 clean bezel
All glue removed now. While the movement was out overnight, I spent time polishing the steel case as best I could to minimise the 30-35 years of scratches n scuffs. Plus washed off the marker pen number on the lugs, using a dab of acetone on a soft cotton pad.
orient 6 new crystal
If this was a customer watch I would source a flat mineral glass crystal, but a cheap n cheerful acrylic hi-dome from the spares stash does the same job, and just pushes in using the crystal lift tool. Before re-fitting the hands, and putting the movement back in the watch, I used an art brush to gently clean the baton markers and dial – be very careful not to use any solvents on the dial or markers, as the dial coating will simply strip right off in 90% of cases.
orient 7 back
It’s worth spending 15 mins polishing the caseback, picking dirt from the indents, and fitting a new silicone seal, plus a replacement strap. The end result is a decent looking vintage watch that now keeps good time.

If you like what you see and you have a vintage wind-up, or automatic watch that you would like to have fettled, then send a DM on Twitter @warrWatchCo anytime. Prices start at £35 for a basic clean, plus insured post of £6.50.

Or you can email; warringtonwatchco@outlook.com and send as many photos as possible for a quote on repairs.