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Zelos Hammerhead V3 on Pre-Order Deals

You can pre-order the new Zelos Hammerhead V3 model in a couple of days, and we reckon the teal dial and emerald green dial are the pick of the range. With a slimmer profile at 13mm, the 44mm Hammerhead remains a serious dive watch, but is now something that can be worn slightly more comfortably every day. Sapphire crystal naturally, screw down crown, steel case, Seiko NH35 movement and 300m depth rating. You also get a date window for that practical wear-it-on-dry-land vibe too.

Chunky dive watches with sunburst/fume dials are not everyone’s cup of tea, but we love the sheer value that Zelos offers. Reliable Seiko power with real dive ability at just $349 plus import taxes etc is a bargain compared to a typical Swiss 300m dive watch. I mean an Oris Sixty-Five is about £1300 and can only handle 100m, the entry level Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba is another 100m watch, although it can be found for about £400. For a 300m Swiss made dive watch you need to look at spending over £2000, or £4000 if you want a prestige brand name like Omega,

The offer on this new Hammerhead is good until the end of May, and you can see the entire range; orange, brown, white dials etc here. 

Torgoen T43 Is Back – With 15% Off

The Torgoen T43 dive model is back in the range, with a very handy 15% off the RRP too. There are five dial colour options for this sapphire crystal, Swiss Ronda quartz watch, which has a 200m depth rating.

The watch has a screwdown crown and at 44mm it’s a large case size, with a rotating bezel too. Silicone strap for diving and there are NATO and leather strap chaoices too.Very decent value at £174.

Verdict: Probably never going to be a collectors item but as a tool watch it offers a great spec for the price. Save your Oris for special occasions and wear this when you’re finally allowed a holiday in Cyprus again.

More details here.

UPDATED 17.01.2021

The T30 GMT/Alarm model is also back in the Torgoen range – we just got the promo email yesterday.


La Touraine Legacy Gets a Revamp

US brand La Touraine revamped their Legacy quartz model late November last year, and it’s on offer right now at just $99, although customers outside the USA need to add on some shipping costs. Here’s the word from La Touraine;

We pulled in the Legacy’s great fit and style but chose materials and parts that were from watches which cost a lot more to increase the value for our customers. We wanted to enhance the Legacy in ways that owners would notice the moment they unboxed it while also improving it in ways that only time magnifies.

To do this, we replaced the hardened mineral glass with a much more scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass.  Optically balanced, this glass will withstand the harshest of scrapes without needing to worry. At the heart of the newest Legacy is the movement itself.  After looking at offerings from Seiko and Miyota, we decided to go with a Swiss made Ronda 763 movement.  This movement will keep time for years with it’s Swiss heritage of watchmaking behind it.

To house the finer crystal glass and Swiss accuracy, the lightweight zinc alloy case has been upgraded to a gunmetal 316L stainless steel.  316L Stainless Steel is better for high temperature use and more corrosion resistant, which helps with a watch that’s designed to get water on it. The improved water resistance is one piece of the new Legacy that was called out early in it’s design.  Boasting a 5 ATM rating, the new Legacy can be used when swimming, in the shower or at the beach without worry.

Finally, the quick release equipped leather band is now made of genuine leather, featuring a brushed stainless steel buckle with the La Touraine name laser etched in.

Yema Superman Bronze GMT Is a Great Spec Dive Watch

Early bird buyers of the new Yema Superman GMT 3000, which features the new in-house Calibre, won’t regret spending $749 on this watch. Why? Look at the specs; sapphire crystal of course, protected winding crown, superbly finished bronze case, and available in 39mm or 41mm sizes. This is a tool watch – you can dive to 990 feet. Not that many buyers will do, but it is a selling point in the world of watch collecting, let’s be honest.

OK, now drink in that beautiful graduated tint dial, the gilt hour markers and hands. There’s a steel caseback, with a very cool logo embossed on it, plus the limited edition number. 1948 pieces in all. Unidirectional bezel and two strap choices, one being a tropic strap.

Now if you buy from Europe you have to pay 20% VAT on top of the 749 dollars early bird price. But you know what? We think this watch looks absolutely spot on, from its pointed red GMT hour hand, to the natty secturity clasp at the 3pm position. That’s £580, plus tax, for a watch that competes with some serious Swiss models that boast 1000ft/300m depth ratings.

Examples? OK, Luminox Deep Dive at £1758, Omega Seamaster pre-owned at £1990 or an Oris Sixty-Five at £1650. All beautiful watches and the Oris and Omega will always find a buyer when you wish to sell, but even so, you can buy a new Yema for about £900 less – very tempting.

The green dial Yema 2000 Calibre model is $545 plus tax. Again, great value, but we would splash out on the latest GMT3000 for the sake of an extra 200 bucks. Hey, you only live once.

More details on the Kickstarter offer from Yema here.


Seiko Presage Ariti Limited Edition, Unique Porcelain Dial

Latest from the Seiko press office – we love the Presage model, a good value everyday automatic that competes with entry level Swiss auto from Tissot and Hamilton. This hand-crafted porcelain dial model is something quite different from the mainstream however.

In March 2019, two creations in the Presage collection won high acclaim from watch lovers worldwide for their Arita porcelain dials. Today, a new Presage creation features another Arita porcelain dial whose design is inspired by the Japanese tradition of Suigetsu, which celebrates the beauty of the moon when it is reflected in water.

The strong blue hands and hour markers stand out against the delicate white texture of the dial to give the watch a unique beauty. Once again, Presage enshrines the very best of Japanese craftsmanship in a prestige automatic watch.

Suigetsu. A thousand-year love affair with the moon

During the Heian age, from the late eighth to the early twelfth century, Japan enjoyed a long period of prosperity during which a large part of the nation’s cultural identity was forged through prose, poetry and painting. A favorite pastime among the leisured classes was Suigetsu, the enjoyment of the moon’s reflection on the lakes and ponds in their gardens, a sight that appealed because of its ephemerality and unattainability and that has inspired Japanese art ever since.

Suigetsu is a Japanese word whose Kanji characters signify water and the moon. This fascination with the moon continues in Japan to this day and is brought to life in this new Presage creation with the highest levels of traditional Japanese hand craftsmanship and mechanical watchmaking reflected in every detail.

The production of each watch dial is a multi-stage process that requires several phases of firing and involves great skill and patience. The dials are produced by master craftsman Hiroyuki Hashiguchi and his colleagues at an experienced manufacturer in Arita that has been making porcelain since 1830. To give the dials the strength required for a watch, the craftsmen use a type of Arita porcelain specially formulated to be harder and more durable than traditional porcelain. A very precise casting mould is used to achieve the difficult task of giving each dial the precise dimensions required to fit perfectly into a wristwatch.

seiko presage porcelain dial ltd edition


While in traditional Arita porcelain a special glaze is applied to create its distinctive subtle blue sheen, a clear, transparent glaze is used for the dial of this new watch to allow the natural whiteness of the porcelain material to shine through. This pure white porcelain, called Hakuji, echoes the delicate reflection of the moon on water, and creates a sharp contrast with the blue of the hands, roman numerals and sub-dials. The combination of the blue color with the white Arita porcelain lends the watch a uniquely Japanese aesthetic that captures the transient yet memorable beauty of the time-honoured tradition of Suigetsu.

This limited edition watch carries Seiko’s high performance Caliber 6R27. Its 28,800 vibrations per hour can be seen and enjoyed through the exhibition case back. The crystal is a dual-curved sapphire that delivers high legibility from any angle. The watch is 10 bar water resistant and is presented on a crocodile strap with a blue tone that echoes the color of lakes and ponds illuminated by moonlight. The sub-dial at six o’clock shows the date and the one at nine o’clock, the power reserve in hours.


This Presage Arita Porcelain Dial Limited Edition will be available from June, 2020 at Seiko Boutiques and selected Seiko retail partners worldwide as a limited edition of 2,000.

This craftsmanship doesn’t come cheap of course with the Ariti model on offer at £1740 at Jura watches online.

That may seem a great deal of cash for a Seiko watch, but try to imagine how much Bremont, Omega or Audemars Piguet would be asking for something with a porcelain dial, assuming they could find the skilled artisans to carry out the painstaking work? Yep, about £5000-£15,000 most likely.

Nite Watches – Top Picks From The Sale Selection

We love Nite watches approach to military/tool watch design. Make it glow baby! Famous for their super-bright Tritium lume, Nite watches also have a great ethos on build quality overall, with a diver in the range, plus the Icon, Hawk and MX10 – which is available from £220 on the Nite website.

Swiss Ronda quartz movements inside, two year guarantee. Prices include UK delivery as well.

Not the lockdown is easing, it will probably see a bit of an uptick in terms of online delivery times, so you won’t have to wait too long. The Nite Sale models are discounted, and sold on a `when they’re gone, they’re gone,’ basis. Worth a look.

Nite Hawk model
Hawk model

The green dial Hawk has a huge 51mm case size if you want a chunky watch, with the tritium lume giving excellent night time vision, plus a polycarbonate case for durability. It’s very much a tool watch, not something that’s designed to live inside a box, wrapped in a soft cloth bag. Nite claim a ten year battery life too. The Hawk Sale models start at £240.

Find out more here.