MVMT Launches Basic Automatics: Worth £300?

MVMT are one of those fashion watch brands who are trying to up their game. We salute that aim. Maybe these new automatics are an indicator that things are improving. Fore sure, they don’t really offer great value at £309 apiece, with Miyota 8215 auto movements inside the 45.5mm wide steel case. The depth rating is 200m, which is resepctable of course, plus there’s lots … Continue reading MVMT Launches Basic Automatics: Worth £300?

Like Big Watches? Maybe the MVMT Raptor Is For You

It doesn’t look that well finished in the photos, that’s the problem we have the MVMT Raptor, which shares a name with an old school Cagiva motorcycle. That Raptor was fun as your NWC recalls from his bike testing days, but this one has a Miyota movement inside, open heart window and some allen key bolts on the bezel that look a bit..well, Suzuki GS500. … Continue reading Like Big Watches? Maybe the MVMT Raptor Is For You

MVMT Blacktop Range Launched

OK, we know that MVMT watches are a fashion brand and there’s lots of debate on You Tube regarding their quality. NWC mag hasn’t tested one, but if we did, then the new Blacktop range might be a good choice. The dial colours include two shades of blue, green, white and black. We like the reverse panda gold and black combo, plus the two blue … Continue reading MVMT Blacktop Range Launched

MVMT Offers Recycled Pacific Blue Watch

Lots of watch brands are now making use of recycled ocean waste, and that’s a good thing. Much as we detest the woke hypocrisy of celebs taking private jets to Davos and lecturing us on owning no petrol/diesel cars, taking no holidays and eating maggots, we can see that grabbing plastic waste from the seas and making it into something else is good karma. So … Continue reading MVMT Offers Recycled Pacific Blue Watch

MVMT Adds Midnight Blue Chrono

Fashion brand MVMT has added a midnight blue colour option to its quartz powered chronograph. The watch sells at £269 and has old school pushers, minimalist hands and dial layout, plus a mineral crystal. It’s a big 45mm wide watch and the strap is ceramic material as well as the case, so you get that smooth, luxury feel that Rado fans know and love. Would … Continue reading MVMT Adds Midnight Blue Chrono