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Skagen Ancher: German Minimalism, Without The Price Tag

Skagen has released a new slimline chronograph, called the Ancher.

The case has 50% recycled content, there’s a new movement inside, plus the lugs are kinda chamfered, so you should get a smoother wrist fit. We like the black coating too. Understated and not too big at 40mm, this makes a nice everyday quartz watch.

Full chrono flyback functionality too, plus some lume on the numbers. Price is £149 and there’s optional engraving for that birthday gift experience.

There is a blue model but it’s already sold out.

What we like about this watch is that it has that super clean, minimalist Junghans/Glashutte sort of flavour without the 1K plus price tag.

There’s also an Ancher automatic model at £249, witha  skeleton dial. Kinda nice.


Namoki MODS: Sale On, Plus Capt Willard On The Way

Namoki MODS has a sale on right now, with some handsome SKX dive models on offer for around £270, plus UK import duty n VAT etc.

What we love about these watches is that you can customise the watch with Batman blue/black bezels, different dials etc – whatever you like from teh extensive Namoki range. Or just buy the watch complete, good to go.

The Captain Willard SKX is due later this month. 46mm case width, gold, steel or black case finishes.

More here at Namoki MODS.

Can The Skagen Hybrid Be All You Can Be?

The old Army advert used to read, Be All You Can Be and modern fitness gurus are are all over the internet encouraging people to stay fit – especially as Covid lockdowns can really get you down mentally, as well as physically. So can the Skagen Jorn hybrid watch offer the right blend of health features, and convntional timekeeping?

Yes, probably. It looks the part, with moody black case and strap, so very milspec. Then there’s the chrono function buttons, which actually change the smartwatch functions. You can count steps, check heart rate, track your sleep pattern and set notifications too. It syncs via Bluetooth and has GPS, plus accelerometer, for those cycle rides or long distance hikes. You can set workout routes and then set PBs once we are allowed out properly. All good.

Syncs to Android or iPhones too, so you can link notifications and data sharing.

You can change the straps, plus it mild water resistance at 30m, not bad for the occasional dip in a hotel pool although we wouldn’t go wild swimming with Bear Grylls with this Skagen. Actually, wouldn’t dare try to keep up with Bear anywhere, except on a Ducati track day.

This 42mm watch costs £189 on the Skagen website and it needs charinging about once a fortnight, depending on use. Charging time is around 60-80 mins.

Hoffman Racing 40 Army Is Built To Last

Here’s the word from Hoffman Watches;

The new Racing 40 Army will be available for pre-order on the 15th of October. A pre-order discount of $50, regular price $239.

Pre-orders will ship on the 15th of November and there is a limited quantity available. Inside there’s the trusty Seiko VK64 quartz movement which is one of the most durable around. A 40mm case size is arguably a great compromise wrist size too.

The new RACING 40 “ARMY” comes with a matte black PVD case and polished bezel. The dual-layered dial is in our bespoke army green, a muted hue that bridges the gap between vintage and modern. This reinterpretation of classic watch design perfectly exemplifies our concept.

The materials used to create this watch are simple: stainless steel (black PVD), scratch-proof sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, and matte leather strap – all carefully selected for durability.

Japanese Anime Themed Seiko 5 Auto Models

Comic book themed watches have been around since the days of Batman, Superman, Hopalong Cassidy and Dan Dare. Some are highly collectable and can fetch thousands. So here’s some kapow type news from Seiko;

Introduced in 1968 and re-born in 2019, the Seiko 5 Sports watch offers durable and reliable mechanical watches for watch lovers. We are big fans of the modern Seiko 5 models, because they are amazing value. Seiko has launched seven new Seiko 5 Sports creations, inspired by two leading Japanese animations, NARUTO and BORUTO.

NARUTO was first broadcasted in Japan in 2002 and then marketed abroad. BORUTO is the sequel to the series and centres on Naruto’s son, Boruto Uzumaki, whose adventure continues today. Each of the seven creations capture both animation’s central characters: Naruto, Sasuke, Shikamaru, Lee, Gaara from NARUTO, and Boruto and Sarada from BORUTO.

The series will be available worldwide at Seiko Boutiques and selected retailing partners in December, as limited editions of 6,500 yen each. That’s about £50 on our currency converter, but we aren’t expecting these bargain Seiko models to make it to the UK at that RRP.

We aren’t big on anime stuff here at the Northern Watch Co but the Rock Lee is our fave. Just looks the part. Nice leg warmers too.


Deals: Hoffman Discount the Midnight Racing 40 Quartz Model

Hoffman Watches have a special discount deal on the handsome Midnight Racing 40 model.

The RACING 40 “MIDNIGHT” is the first watch Hoffman made, with a matte black case and polished tachymeter bezel, paired with our bespoke midnight colored dial. The sub-dials, accentuated by a circular pattern, show chronograph minutes and 24-hour time (for when travelling).

The RACING 40 MIDNIGHT perfectly combines classic watch design with modern aesthetics. Seiko quartz movement.

The materials used to create this watch are simple: stainless steel (black PVD), scratch-proof sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, and matte leather strap – all carefully selected for durability. Now at $199 with this special offer.

If you add MID2020 code in Checkout you can get an extra ten bucks off.



Timex Q Watches Capture The Spirit of 1979 Perfectly

First released in the 1970s, the original Q Timex watches were quartz powered and replaced an ageing mechanical and auto line-up.

Now the modern Timex company has launched Q Timex 1979 Reissue, with bright pops of colour added to the iconic features of the original — a rotating bezel, woven stainless-steel bracelet, functional battery hatch and domed acrylic crystal.

In orange, green, and a Pepsi blue/red combo the Q range offer old school looks with a chunky bracelet and that vintage battery cover on the back. Yep, you can use a 20p coin to unlock and fit a new battery yourself. Easy peasy.

At £159 these Timex Reissues aren’t cheap, but they do have a retro style that sets them apart – plus a steel bracelet, which many people prefer to leather. Simple reason; straps wear and split, bracelets can last a decade with care.

timex auot 40mm m79

There’s also a new Timex M79 retro style auto on the way, which is 40mm case size and features a handsome Batman bezel, plus see-thru caseback. That is priced at £249.

There is a summer sale on now, with 30% off the Marlin and Waterbury gents models by the way. More here. 


Fast Fashion is Dead. Vervandi Solar Range Offers 10 Year Lifespan

Fast fashion is a term that means cheap clothes, often worn a few times and then binned. Not good and arguably one the reasons why sweatshops exist in the UK to this day, instead of being consigned to the grim history of the hungry 30s. Of course there are `fast’ watches too, priced at under £15 and usually battery powered quartz models made from cheap plastics – you can see them in supermarkets, market halls and car boot sales.

But maybe it’s time to change all that. Ditch battery powered watches completely, phase them out by 2025? We think solar powered watches are the future of fashion brand watchmaking. Let’s be honest, the battery powered quartz watch is a 1970s mass-market technology and incredibly wasteful of the planet’s resources, although many batteries CAN be recycled as scrap metal.

vervandi solar watch

The market leading brand is Citizen of course with their Eco-Drive movements, and Seiko has also done well as regards selling the solar dream. So it’s good to report that Indie brands are doing it too. Vervandi are based in Norway and as you’d expect their watches are clean, kinda minimalist and feature a nice fume grey dial too.

Priced at £135 on an early bird Kickstarter deal, the project has exceeded its funding target and deliveries are expected in September. You get the watch in a travel pouch made from bamboo, which is sustainable wood and there’s a choice of 36mm or 40mm case sizes.

We like the green dial best – just saying 😉

vervandi green solar

Here’s the spec details from Verdandi;

No shortcuts were made when sourcing for materials. These timepieces are made to last. You’ll find a lot of the same materials used in high end watches by well known  brands. By using 316L surgical grade stainless steel as case material, the finish on the watch looks amazing. The same material is used for the mesh band that comes with the watch. The glass is a very scratch resistant sapphire crystal with an anti reflective coating on the inside. These timepieces will be available in a 36mm and a 40mm option.

  • Size: 40mm Case – 46mm lug to lug – Lug width 20mm
  • Size: 36mm Case – 42mm lug to lug – Lug width 16mm
  • Thickness: 7,7mm
  • 316L Stainless steel case
  • 316L Stainless steel mesh band
  • Sapphire crystal glass
  • AR coating
  • Solar powered movement from Epson. VS17a

Timex PAC-MAN is a Kick Up The Eighties

Here’s a confession, the first watch I ever owned was a Timex mechanical. Technically, it was bought for my 10th birthday so I didn’t pay hard cash, but what a feeling it was to wind that tiny 33mm watch up and see the second hand running.

Then came the 80s and I bought a Casio digital watch with one of my big overtime wage packets, yes people got paid in cash every Thursday night back then! Crazy. That Casio probably cost about half a week’s pay, say £25, which was serious money. But digital anything was so cool then, including games like PAC-MAN™

You could visit arcades and even pubs in the 80s across Britain and find a PAC-MAN machine lurking in a corner, hoping to relieve you of any spare 50p coins.

Now Timex has recreated the early 80s vibe, with a PAC-MAN’s 40th anniversary edition model. It features all the functions you’d expect from a T80, like an alarm, stopwatch and date display, but also plays the iconic PAC-MAN melody and has a retro flair to spare.

We would say it is ideal for an 80s themed retro night out, but then, when are we going to be allowed back out and dance like Marty McFly or Kevin Bacon again? Maybe 2021.

Meanwhile, channel the decade of Spandau Ballet, Adam Ant, The Young Ones and Top Gun on your wrist. It retails for $79 in the USA, and £69 in the UK.

`50s Fun From France; Leaunoir Remixes Retro Pocket Watch Flair

Leaunoir are a French based watch manufacturer looking to combine Italian leather straps, Swiss movements and a certain traditional Gallic flair. Their latest project on Kickstarter is the Neptune Calendar model, which reminds us of vintage pocket watches of the 50s and 60s.

With a large winding crown and bold white numbers set on plain, almost utilitarian coloured dial plates, these have that Elgin or Ingersoll look about them. Sapphire crystal, elegant, long thin second hand, and rustic leather straps finish off the trad look.

Leaunoir watches france 1

Here’s the word from Leaunoir;

The Leaunoir range is based on the “Neptune Calendar” model, a tribute to modern and daring explorers. Our watch will be available in seven different colors (you will be asked to choose the configuration at the end of the Kickstarter campaign):

The “Deep Blue” version has a matt blue dial marked with 4 luminescent points referenced C1 Swiss SuperLuminova®. The figures and the railway are painted off-white. A domed anti-scratch sapphire crystal covers the three steel hands.

The movement? This offers excellent accuracy and reliability specific to Swiss Made. The STP 1-11 operates at a rate of 28,800 vibrations per hour and benefits from a 44-hour power reserve. Our watchmaking experts review, test and adjust each movement during the assembly phase to optimize their accuracy, thus approaching COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres) standards.

The design of the case provides a reinterpretation of the pocket watch from the 20s reworked in a raw version with its puck shape.

leaunoir dial and crystal

The back of the case is screwed with six screws and completed with a sapphire crystal leaving our Swiss movement apparent. In profile, you can admire the domed sapphire glass rise in height and soften the whole in a subtle way. The dimensions are designed to promote elegance: 38mm in diameter for a thickness of 10.92mm (including glass). The weight of the Neptune Calendar testifies to its quality: 60g.

The dials evoke the 1950s watch. They give the Neptune Calendar this unique character, its anchoring in memory. Each dial is matt with a double thickness painted encryption, to give relief. It is made up of two dauphine hands tapered by a central edge, a second hand and a date window at 3 o’clock. It is marked by 4 luminescent points C1 Swiss SuperLuminova® at 12h, 3h, 6h and 9h.

The price is £442, based on an early bird pledge via Kickstarter, or £469 for a luxury leather strap edition – more info here.