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Marloe Tap Into The Glorious British Jet Age

Marloe has a new model on the runway, it’s the Pacific automatic, inspired by the jet age that transformed Britain back in the 1950s.

The range stretches from the Pacific 52 to the 76 model and traces the rise and fall of the British commercial aviation industry, peaking with Concorde, the fabulous supersonic aircraft that upset Boeing so much, they tried every trick in the book to stop it from flying to the USA.

Inside there is a Swiss Sellita with a 40 hour reserve, sapphire crystal, steel case and they put a magnifying crystal on the see-thru caseback. That’s a clever touch for all those who love watch engineering.

We like the strap customiser on the website too.

Here’s the word on the blue dial Pacific 76;

The dial of the Pacific 76 has a pillow cross-section – it rises up from the edge of the dial to a central plateau – which makes the dial jump out from the confines of the case. The applied indices raise up from the dial surface but, in a unique departure from the norm, the blocks are entirely machined from Superluminova C3. Not only is this a beautifully three-dimensional application of the numerals, but due to the whole block being of luminous compound, it glows with an unmatched intensity.

A classic British colourway adorns the 76 with a glossy white railroad track outer ring surrounding the central blue plateau and white numerals, whilst the subtle radial sub-dial sits in contrast to the little flash of red of the sub-seconds hand. It’s refined, modern and elegant. Much like the people who travelled on the supersonic white dart.

Marloe Limited Edition: Darting Around The Bay

Marloe Watches have a limited edition model, in collaboration with Bert & Buoy, which we reckon are a nautical fashion brand.

The super clean dial watch has a sky blue strap and matching dial details plus blue second hand. It’s almost like a child’s drawing of a boat on the ocean and some may love that simplicity of design.

Marloe say;

Beauty in simplicity; nothing could be more apt to describe Bert’s nautical illustrations and the same is true of our design for The Dart. Using the illustrated ship motif as the centrepiece, we formed a simple set of markings around the upper ring of the dial, leaving the main dial surface free of any distractions. It brings a wonderful clarity and openness to The Dart that, coupled with the ink-line hands, makes time-telling a cinch.

The dial is constructed using 3 layers; the dial surface, flat and spacious, with a slightly recessed colour ring in Bert’s vivid aquamarine, and a final chamfered upper ring with 1-through-12 and minute markings, both in that same aquamarine and a lighter grey. It’s an exercise in beautiful simplicity.

Which is fair enough.

So what’s inside the minimalist case? A reliable Miyota auto movement, the 9039 series in fact. There is a see-thru caseback if you wish to view it, although some may say it’s a bit pedestrian. The porthole effect on the screwdown caseback is a very clever touch though, appreciated.

Limited to 250 pieces and retails at £349. More here. 

Marloe Watch Celebrates Donald Campbell’s 100th

The Centenary of Donald Campbell’s birthday is something that Marloe Watches, and speed fans everywhere, can celebrate. Campbell junior lived in the shadow of his father to an extent, but carved his niche in the world of speed record breaking, becoming front page news in Britain back in the Sixties.

Watch the land speed Bluebird CN7 story here;

Here’s the word from Marloe Watches on their special edition;

The Centenary Edition is a celebration of a man borne of speed obsession who would travel firmly and resolutely into the annuls of speed history. His achievement on land and water captivated, inspired and motivated people to be better, to chase harder and love stronger. This 100 piece edition marks the 100th year from the day Donald Campbell was brought into this world, and with this unique conduit of memory we celebrate the inimitable speed master.

The design of the Centenary Edition is unique – we’ve taken a back seat – our logo is printed in clear gloss whilst Donald’s iconic Bluebird logo is centre stage. Glistening salt-white, gold and Bluebird blue, the Centenary Edition is heavenly in its presentation – classic, clean and uncomplicated. The gold-edged dial is surrounded by a moat of lume which is startlingly bright in vivid blue – Donald’s lucky colour – and just wait until you see the Bluebird icon at night.

We’re also honoured to be permitted to use the great man’s signature on our exhibition case back, and sign off this edition with the etched and paint-filled markings “Speed Record Breaker On Land And Water – Official Commemorative Edition – Donald Campbell”. A final unique touch to an already incredible watch. Supplied on a salty sand rally strap as standard, and numbered 001-100.


Marloe Launches New Speed Record Models

The latest from Marloe and it’s great to see a British brand celebrating UK record breakers of the past;

Honouring Sir Malcolm and Donald Campbell’s dogged pursuit of speed and adventure, Marloe Watch Company will launch two new timepieces inspired by their record-breaking land speed runs. Released on Donald Campbell’s centenary day, March 23rd, the Bonneville and Eyre hand-wound mechanical watches mark an official partnership between the British watch brand and the Campbell Family Heritage Estate.

Both the Bonneville and Eyre watch models are named after and inspired by their respective land speed stories.

Bonneville | Between 1924 and 1935, Sir Malcolm broke nine land speed records. In 1935, behind the wheel of the Campbell-Railton Blue Bird, he became the first person to drive an automobile over 300 mph, doing so across the Bonneville Salt Flats of Utah. 

Inspiration for the Bonneville was taken from the speedometer on the Blue Bird that captured the land speed record in 1935. The dial featured a segment of yellow to clearly indicate the target speed – from 280mph to well past 300mph. Echoing this aesthetic, the watch’s matte black dial features a yellow section applied to either side of the 30-minute marking. The running seconds hand, again inspired by the speedometer, is bright red with a black counterweight. Celebrating Sir Malcolm’s land speed record, “301 MPH” adorns the face at the 6 o’clock in racing yellow.

Eyre | Following in the footsteps and tire treads of his father, Donald went on to break speed records in the 1950s and 60s. In 1964, he smashed the land speed record in the Bluebird CN7 – clocking a speed of 403mph on the dry bed of Lake Eyre, Australia. 

The dial of the Eyre replicates the glittering surface of the wondrous Lake Eyre salt pan – bright and clear with unambiguous markings. The outer edge of the face uses subtle colouring from the Blue Bird CN7’s fuel pressure gauge – a bold mix of white, grey, red and blue. The running seconds hand matches the one used on the CN7 instrumentation and is painted Bluebird blue from tip to pinion. In a final nod to Donald’s achievements, the central plateau features a very important designation; “403 MPH” – his final world land speed record.

Each timepiece houses a Miyota 8N33 movement.

To appreciate the beauty of this intricate movement, the caseback has been designed to frame the nickel-plated 8N33. The domed sapphire crystal allows a subtle magnification of the movement and manifests the visual trick of making it look almost touchable. Both the Bonneville and Eyre will retail at £329 via the Marloe website and production volumes of each watch are tied to the speeds recorded by both Sir Malcolm (301 pcs) and Donald (403 pcs).

Speaking on Marloe Watch Company’s partnership with the Campbell Family Heritage Trust, Gina Campbell, daughter of Donald Campbell, said: “The exceptional milestones conquered by Sir Malcolm and my father, Donald, were many years in the planning and involved the very best designers, engineers and brains to create such incredibly technical machines.

Marloe Watch Company approach creating watches in the same way, with so much time spent on the functionality of each timepiece. These two outstanding Bonneville and Eyre watches are very befitting of the Campbell legacy and it’s great to see the spirit of Malcolm and Donald’s achievements living on today.

As part of the centenary celebrations, Marloe will also announce a limited-edition watch dedicated to Donald’s achievements. Aptly named ‘Centenary Edition’, the piece will be limited to 100 pieces and feature a timeless aesthetic, as well as the icon that has become synonymous with the Campbell family – the Bluebird.