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Seiko One Piece: Five Easy Pieces

Five Easy Pieces is one of Jack Nicholson’s lesser known movies, but it’s worth a watch if you’re in the mood.

Anyway, I digress, Seiko has done the same Naruto and Baruto thing with their 5 Sports model, only this time the tie-up is with One Piece comics. Nope, we haven’t heard of it, but then we gave up on comics when Dr Strange was still saying `Gadzooks.’

One thing we noticed immediately is the level of collector comic-con obsessiveness about these editions. Only 5000 pieces, unique dials, embossed crowns and caseback slogans. Custom boxes too.

Our fave is the Zoro model in green, which has a cool dial design and a relatively subtle crossed swords logo on it. The slogan on the back about being the `world’s greatest swordsman’ is pure Austin Powers as well.

Check out the bezel detailing, which has that authentic Japanese Anime/warrior vibe going on.

This comic tie-in is a clever way to repackage the Seiko 5 Sports watch, and as it has the 4R36 movement inside the 42mm case, technically, there’s little difference from a stock 5 Sports.

But in terms of future value? Oh yes, it definitely ticks the completists box and by that we mean the guys who must have every toy merchandised off the back of Star Wars, Trek or Game of Thrones etc. Buy the set, store them in a cool dry area, unopened of course…and then sit back and wait for fellow collectors to admit they missed out on this set of five Seiko 5s.

Brilliant thinking from Seiko we reckon. No word on price that we could find on their website but let’s guess about £600 each?

more info here.

SINN Are on The Road To Damascus

SINN has sent us some info on a limited edition watch and so yeah, we couldn’t resist that headline.

We’re presenting the 100-piece limited-edition, individually numbered 1800 S GG DAMASZENER. Made from genuine forge-welded Damascus steel, this watch seamlessly reflects the high quality of the predecessor models.

At the same time, it sets its own highlights without relinquishing the charm of the special material, which are skilfully set off by the hands and appliqués made of 18-carat gold.

Where functionality defines design and every little detail serves to highlight the innovative technology at play, this is where Sinn Spezialuhren is at work.

Has a kind of wood effect dial, don’t you think?

For example, in 1995 we presented the first watch made from 22-carat yellow gold with a material hardness equal to that of stainless steel (220 HV). In 2005, German Submarine Steel was used for the first time in diving watches.

The launch of our 100-piece limited-edition 1800 S DAMASZENER marks the first time we rendered the highly traditional material, Damascus steel, into a form suitable for watch cases, a sophisticated concept flawlessly upheld in our 100-piece limited-edition 1800 DAMASZENER.

More info here.

Citizen Navihawk Offers Atomic Timekeeping

Atomic clock timekeeping at this price level is impressive we think, latest new watch from Citizen which retails at £599. Also loving the green dial colour. Here’s the word from Citizen;

The newly re-launched Promaster Navihawk A-T men’s watch from Citizen is inspired by the elements a pilot experiences while in flight. The grey ion plated stainless steel watch case and bracelet have the look of stormy clouds, while the dial is accented with bold highlights.

It synchronises to the atomic clock for superior accuracy and allows for time adjustments in 26 cities. Other features include 12/24-hour time, power reserve indicator, chronograph, sapphire crystal glass and water resistance to 200 metres. This is the ultimate watch for anyone who isn’t content to keep their feet on the ground and always wants to see what’s over the next horizon.

Additionally, the watch is sustainably powered by light with Citizen Eco-Drive technology. Whether you keep your feet on the ground or you yearn to soar in the clouds, this multifunctional watch is ready to take off whenever you are.

Timex Falcon Eye Makes UK Debut

Timex UK are adding to their Q range in the UK with the Falcon Eye model, which has been around in the US market for a year or so.

Two dial colours; blue and green, vintage 70s style battery compartment ready for a 20p piece to slot in, plus steel case, and an adjustable sliding clasp on the bracelet.

These can be fiddly to set up, but you only have to do it once and then the clasp folds down in the perfect spot.

We like that sleek, multi-link bracelet too.

Quartz movement, 70s styling, and that classic day/date layout at 3pm too. Pricey at £159 though. Alternatives in the retro quartz field include the Accurist Retro at £78, or about £90 for the bracelet version. How about a Ben Sherman Ronnie Original, which we also spotted online for £78.

Formex Updates Reef Dive Model, New White Dial Option

Formex has sent us info on their latest incarnation of the Reef dive model. It gets a white dial option which is handy but more important for us at NWC mag is the techie gadget stuff.

You can change the bezel and the straps, all without tools. That’s a neat trick, because usually you need a case knife to carefully prise a bezel free and even then, it can be a tricky business on some watches.

Then there’s the old sping bar pins – another load of hassle for many owners, who find inserting a v-shaped tool isn’t that easy on some watches with flush fitting bracelets and leather straps. The result can be a scratched PVD/chrome/gold tone coating on the lugs – not good.

So hats off to Formex for solving those problems, plus the 120 click bezel now has a smoother nylon ring fitting, for a better action, says Formex. It’s a COSC level, Sellita powered 300m dive watch by the way, retails at £1450.

More here. 

Sangamon 761st Tank Battalion Ltd Edition

Sangamon watches have a new model on sale right now, for $139 you get one of 100 pieces of this tribute to the 761st Tank Battalion, who saw action in WWII.

40mm case size, mineral crystal, two spare straps included. Nice caseback graphic as well.

Here’s the word from Sangamon;

The 761st Tank Battalion Collection is inspired by the first African-American tanker unit in American history. The engraved backside of the watch depicts the historic Sherman tank used by the 761st Tank Battalion in WWII as they advanced across Europe. This is a limited edition model of only 100 watches.

The 761st Tank Battalion Collection is part of the Freedom Series.

Watch a short documentary about the Black Panthers here.

The Freedom Series honors American heroes who fought for the pursuit of liberty. The Freedom Series conveys admiration to our warriors and inspires us to be brave like the courageous freedom fighters that came before us.

More here. 


Bovet Seeks Inspiration from Pininfarina’s Electric Dreams

Bovet has a new watch which celebrates the great car designs of Pininfarina, here’s the press info;

Designed alongside one another, both ground-breaking objects of art share the same design vision based on legendary styling and innovation. Together, the new BOVET Battista Tourbillon and the Automobili Pininfarina Battista are emblems of modern, sustainable luxury.

Per Svantesson, Chief Executive Officer, Automobili Pininfarinasaid: “Since the day we first connected with Pascal Raffy and the artisans of BOVET 1822, we felt mutually inspired by the opportunity to create another art form for clients desiring the pinnacle in design and watchmaking.With the unveiling of our first timepiece, we aim to showcase another step forward in the world of artisanal horology.”

With the Battista, Automobili Pininfarina is at the forefront of a new sustainable luxury movement. The Battista Tourbillon timepiece celebrates the creation of the first car designed and completely assembled in Cambiano.

The world’s first pure electric hyper GT has been recognized for its design excellence with several awards to its name already, as production of pre-series Battista passes completion. Each Battista will be bespoke to the client’s personal specification, ensuring unrivalled exclusivity.

At BOVET, a handmade masterpiece is constructed by the world’s most skilled precision artisans in the same way. It offers the freedom to create highly bespoke products, while assuring the highest quality.

Pascal Raffy, owner, BOVET 1822, says: “The world is becoming more sustainable and the future is in electric cars. This is what is so exciting about the beautiful Battista, which combines engineering excellence with hand-made attention to detail, like the fine timepieces of the House of BOVET. Automobili Pininfarina is inspiring us to use new methods and materials, and look at our processes with an eye to sustainability as well.”


BOVET’s exquisite craftsmanship made it possible to design remarkable details, making nearly every piece in-house at the production facility in Tramelan, Switzerland. Sapphire crystals on both sides ensure that the inner beauty of this mechanical masterpiece can be enjoyed and admired.

Inspiration came from Battista’s beautiful exterior curves and detailing. The design teams took these shapes and created watch hands, bridges, dials, and other structures that connect the design of Battista to the timepiece, with fluid, Pininfarina-style shapes such as the flying bridge above the two main dials of the timepiece.

Further references can be found in the subtle background characteristics, such as the Triangolo pattern on the dials, reimagined in miniature and viewed through the sapphire crystal exhibition case back. The timepiece features the Automobili Pininfarina collaborative flags on the power reserve dial, a signature Pininfarina detail that celebrates both the company’s heritage and future.


The dials on the face of the timepiece, for the first time in the almost 200-year history of BOVET, are asymmetrical, featuring Battista’s Triangolo pattern, while together forming the shape of the number “90”, a reference to the Battista Anniversario and Pininfarina’s 90-year heritage. On the power reserve dial on the left, the famous Pininfarina collaborative flags icon can be found, where on the right dial the big date complication takes pride of place.

Above the two main dials, the flying bridge resembles Battista’s curves, as does the “V” in BOVET and the hands of the timepiece and the hour-indication ring. The tourbillon cage is inspired by the distinctive Impulso wheels and centre-lock ring.


The Battista timepiece features a brand-new movement using Bovet’s patented double face tourbillon, running at 18,000 vibrations per hour, with an incredible 10-day power reserve with just a single barrel.

This movement was done specifically for the Battista Tourbillon, following design input from Automobili Pininfarina. Developing this new movement, placing the hour and minute hands in the centre, adding a grand date, and redesigning the tourbillon cage was done entirely in-house.

The patented two-sided flying tourbillon is attached at the centre of its axis, and the weight distribution of the escapement and balance-spring drastically reduces the lever-arm effect and friction, another example of the high precision and complexity of this movement.


In the Battista hyper GT, new methodologies have been introduced for tanning seat leather with olive leaves, recycling materials throughout the production process, and creating innovative new materials by combining offcuts of leather and wood.

Mechanical timepieces are by their very nature sustainable, as they are meant to last virtually forever with the right care and service. BOVET manufacturing processes are designed to capture and recycle any and all waste, while mechanical timepieces use no disposable batteries. With the Battista, the decision was to not use alligator leather straps, but instead a newly designed rubber strap that is 100 per cent vegan.

No word on price, but judging by Bovet’s previous tourbillon prices we will take a guess at a cool 200K or so.


Torgoen T100 GMT, New 38mm Case Size

Torgoen has just sent us info on their new 38mm T100 GMT automatic model. First off, let’s mention the price which is just £217, plus import duty etc. but still impressive value for a Swiss movt powered watch with this fit n finish.

Love that chapter ring inside the dial, some cool colourways too; light grey, cream or a bold red. We like that crown protector detail as well.

Sapphire crystal and you have a 316 grade stainless steel case too. This could be the all-rounder watch you are looking for, makes a handy tool watch, or dress watch with that more compact size we reckon.

BWC Apogee Channels Retro 70s Style, With Modern Tech

The Bangalore Watch Company in India is celebrating the journey being taken by this global superpower into space. India may still lag behind Elon Musk or China, but it is learning fast and plans manned flights within a few years.

So BWC has a watch to mark the space program in the shape of the Apogee. Not the name NWC mag would have chosen, but then Seiko kinda beat everyone to it with Astron.  The Apogee is an automatic, 40mm, with a Sellita movement inside. There is a choice of fume dials too.

Here’s the word from BWC;

Fumé dials are a rarity, you’ll find yourself peering into this dial often. This matte fumé pattern starts with a deep-green colour graduating towards the outer edge and turning black. This makes for excellent light-play on the dial in different lighting conditions, making for an entertaining watch to wear.

The lightweight case is unmissable. It is machined from a single block of Grade 2 Titanium, and finished with a uniform micro-bead-blasted finishing for that avant-garde appearance.

With a 100 meters water-tight case and a Swiss automatic movement, the Apogee checks several boxes for a sporty, futuristic watch with an incredible backstory that is sure to become the conversation piece of your group.

Pontiac Memomatic. Spotted at the LocalTime online store.


What we love about this watch is the 1970s styling which is so reminiscent of a Sorna, Sicura, Damas, Pontiac or even a 50s Blancpain. All those old school twin crown watches had a bold dial design with lume placed at each hour marker and often featured 24 hour chapter rings too.

The titanium case gives it a modern, almost kitchen worktop surface sheen, that updates the concept effectively. At £660 or so, plus import duties, this isn’t too expensive either. On pre-order for December.

More at the BWC site. 

Raven Airfield on Pre-Order Now

Raven watches sent us a heads-up on their Airfield Pilot/Field model. This 40mm wide watch is easy-to-read, comes with a white, green or black dial and has a sapphire crystal too. Inside you will find the workhorse Seiko NH35 automatic movement, so you have no worries there.

Beautiful polished steel bracelet on this one, retails at $590 and it has the day wheel in English and German, just to be different. Makes a change from French, why not?

More here.