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Orient Star His `n’ Hers Set

Seiko owned Orient has launched a His & Hers matched pair of watches, which some people like. Makes a nice wedding anniversary gift and all that jazz. Branded as STAR models, they feature a little skeleton – or open heart – type window in the dial.

Here’s the press info;

ORIENT STAR is launching three men’s and three ladies’ Classic Semi Skeleton models from the Classic Collection, with new designs that create a fresh, modern look.

The dials of the Classic Semi Skeleton models from the Classic Collection feature a window affording a partial view of the movement, and their designs evoke a level of sophistication unique to mechanical watches. While the colouring and details of previous models focused on traditional styling, these latest additions provide something different, with fresh designs creating a modern look.

The concept for the new model designs is “gentle sunlight”, and the dial colours are inspired by the gentle light of the sun shining upon water, plants, and forests. Beautiful shades of champagne gold, forest green, pale aqua, and pearl grey reflect feelings of gentleness
and happiness found in everyday life and natural scenery. (Yeah, crazy talk isn’t it? They just mean pastel shades – ed)

Although there is a difference between the men’s and ladies’ models in featuring ORIENT STAR’s (yep, we hate the capitals SHOUTY THING too – Ed) signature power reserve indicator or not, there are other common features besides the gentle colours. Both models share the same classically curved dial featuring stylish embossed
index markers, delicate roman numerals, and spade shaped hands.

The men’s and ladies’ models are designed to complement each other, sharing the same attractive classic-modern case shape with an elegant profile viewed from its side by gently domed mineral glass crystals, accented by rhinestone set in the crown. A sophisticated leather strap with a French turned edge finish completes the attractive design of these everyday fashion pieces.

The fresh new matching design, high-quality mechanical movements and accessible price point make them particularly appealing additions to the ORIENT STAR collection.

Orient isn’t officially imported into the UK so we are guessing that this set will retail at about £400, or £250 just for the gents model. But you may need to add on VAT na dimport duty to that.

VERDICT; Stick to Seiko or Citizen open heart classic watches, much better value.

Skagen Ryle Solar Watch – Go Square, It’s Hip

Skagen have a new solar powered watch and this has the old school rectangular case style, for that vintage look.

There is a 32mm diameter ladies model and a 36mm gents case width in the range, with grey and blue dial options. The mesh strap is also available in grey or black. Skagen say that just a few hours sunlight can power the watch up and it will then keep going for up to 6 months, which is remarkable – if true.

I mean it defies the laws of physics, but yeah, could happen.

The watch also a case made from 50% recycled steel, in tune with the Skagen leaf ethos.

Price is £169 and engraving is free.

VERDICT; A Seiko, Lorus or Citizen solar is cheaper and does the same job, probably more reliable in the long run as the Japanese have been making solar watches for a long time. But if you want that european, basic Ikea furnishings look, then Skagen have it covered.

Jaeger le-Coultre Proves Diamonds Are Forever

We don’t often cover ladies watches here at the Northern Watch Co maga and it isn’t because we don’t like them, or we hate women like trans activists seem to. No. It’s just because they are rarely collectable and the reason is that women usually have better things to do than collect watches, tinker with them, obsess over movements, springs, complications or any of that blokey oneupmanship.

But this Rendezvous model from JLC is really something special. I mean look at the way the diamonds are set around the bezel. It is a masterpiece of the jeweller’s art and I speak as someone who has glued in several CZ stones. Badly.

Yes, they even put a diamond in the winding crown. You would be scared to touch this thing. Best plan is just put inside a Pink Panther style glass vault, surrounded by alarms and look at it sometimes as you would do with a Monet or a Carravaggio.

That Lapis Lazuli dial has bold numbers, a stuning moonphase complication and inside there is a Cal 935 movement. JLC says that it needs no adjustment for 972 years. Who are we to argue?

Let’s just be glad that such obsessive devotion to creating truly mind-blowing timepieces still exists at JLC and other houses of horology. Sometimes watchmaking is all about the boundaries of space and time.

Blancpain Villeret, Special Valentine’s Day Edition

OK, it’s not even February yet but Blancpain are in the mood for love and have launched a new heart-themed ladies watch. It’s a limited edition of just 28 pieces, priced at just over 21,000 euros, so yeah, pretty rare. Here’s the word from Blancpain;

Just as it has been each year since 2001, February 14th is the perfect occasion for a special encounter between Blancpain and women. For its 21st Valentine’s Day special
series, the Manufacture thus offers a heavenly interpretation of its Villeret Women Date model in a 28-piece limited edition. Dedicated to celebrating lovers, this new model is all about airy lightness. The white mother-of-pearl dial is an invitation to soar above the clouds, where Cupid playfully hides from the gaze of those he has struck with his arrow. The source of every desire is symbolised by the seconds hand, sweeping a crimson-red heart matching the watch’s alligator leather strap along in its dance. The open worked hour and minute hands accentuate the refinement of this timepiece, enhanced by the precious touches of a diamond-set chapter ring and bezel.

Blancpain sees women as both muses and captains. The Manufacture draws inspiration from their inherent delicacy to compose soft and sparkling creations, piloted by mechanisms reflecting the boldness of their nature. The very soul of this lyrical watch, housed in a 33.2mm red gold case, resides in a self-winding Haute Horlogerie movement: Blancpain calibre 1151. Derived from the famous 1150, it is endowed with a silicon balance-spring and a four day power reserve, as well as a date display. Because beauty is first and foremost an inner quality, a sapphire caseback reveals the finely decorated intricate workings that voluptuously mark off time.

The magical ties between Blancpain and women have been faithfully woven since 1930, when the Maison created the first self-winding ladies’ wristwatch. This fusional relationship was further consolidated three years later when a woman, Betty Fiechter, took the helm of the company, thus becoming the first to head a watchmaking Manufacture. The ensuing years saw a succession of feminine horological creations representing open declarations of Blancpain’s love for women. The “Valentine’s Day 2021” watch is a new token of eternity. The understated elegance of its design, reflecting the very essence of Blancpain style, ensures that this gem-set timepiece joins the ranks of truly ageless models. The temptation to offer such a priceless gift to the love of your life is all the greater in that this model comes in a limited edition of just 28.

NOMOS Tetra Symphony Hits a Few Duff Notes

The latest from NOMOS is called the Tetra Symphony series and we have mixed feelings.

Tetra Divine Spark is one of a quartet of mechanical timepieces for women—together, an ensemble known as the Symphony series. With these watches NOMOS Glashütte is celebrating the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth.

This NOMOS model comes in four dial colours. The sandstone one is very easy on the eye, there’s a black dial for evening wear and  a pastel blue, plus a washed out grey.

None of them really shout glamour, but maybe that’s a good thing if you are wandering the streets of Europe and America’s divided cities. This isn’t a watch that anyone will mug you for, despite its £1300 retail price – who would buy it on the stolen market for more than a hundred quid? Instead it offers tool watch, mechanical precision in a square case, made from steel. Hard times demand hard watches? Perhaps, but we are willing to bet 500 quid that buying this watch for the lady in your life will not go down well. Unless she chose it of course.

Our advice to NOMOS is that if you want to celebrate Beethoven offer a vibrant, brightly coloured model that captures the Pastoral symphony, or a gold model called `Joy.’ Take a leaf from Olivia Burton or Coeur de Lion’s colour palette and shout out that joy from the rooftops in big, bright, primary colours. in fact get a partnership deal to produce branded Coeur de Lion Geo watches asap because that will pay off big time. Mechanical/auto movements, special editions, geometric designs with exclusive bracelets to match the cases. Get on it right now for next Christmas.

This Beethoven range is too German and although dour colours and minimalist steel touches may sell kitchen appliances, watches are supposed to be more akin to jewellery than worktops and fridges, aren’t they?


New Omega Tresor Ladies Watches Launched

Here is the latest from the Omega Press Office, with additions to the ladies Tresor watch range;
Three new additions have been added to OMEGA’s popular Trésor line, with each one crafted in the brand’s own 18K Moonshine™ gold. For women who adore the slender style and simplicity of this collection, it’s a chance to further raise the levels of luxury and choose a timepiece that shines with exceptional beauty. The new models are sized at 36 mm, with cases crafted entirely from 18K Moonshine™ gold. First introduced in 2019, this distinctive alloy is inspired by the moonlight in a dark blue sky. It offers a paler hue than traditional 18K yellow gold, and also has a high resistance to the fading of colour and lustre over time.
See the Omega Tresor video here;

Another new Trésor feature is the addition of mesh bracelets. Crafted with a silk-like pattern, these classically-styled straps fit elegantly and comfortably around the wrist, and are the very first metal bracelets within the collection.

The watches come with a full 5-year warranty and are offered in three unique choices:

– A model with an 18K Moonshine™ gold dial featuring an embossed silk pattern and Roman numerals.
– A model with a white dial, featuring embossed Roman numerals in 18K Moonshine™ gold.
– A model with an 18K white gold rhodium-plated dial, fully paved with a snow setting of 768 single-cut diamonds. The markings appear on the front crystal.
As always, each Trésor is defined by the 38 full-cut diamonds that curve along the sides of the case, as well as an additional full-cut diamond set on the crown, which itself is engraved with an OMEGA flower and filled with red liquid ceramic. Turning the watches over, the OMEGA Calibre 4061 sits just behind polished mirror casebacks that are embellished by a unique metalized pattern.

New JLC Reverso One Is an Art Deco Masterpiece

The Reverso is a true classic watch design. The novelty of flipping the watch had a practical aspect back in the 30s of course, when it was wise to protect a beautiful watch from the smog, dirt and general hard knocks of an analogue era. Here’s the latest from the Jaeger le Coultre press office;

The new Reverso One ladies’ watch. Inspired by the first elongated models that were so popular in the 1930s, this new feminine expression of the Reverso One reveals itself. With its rectangular case, iconic gadroons, (nope, we don’t know what gadroons are either – Ed) elegant Arabic numerals, Dauphine hands, and two rows of brilliant-cut diamonds surrounding its lacquered dial, it offers signature Jaeger-LeCoultre Art Deco style.

Inside there is a battery powered, quartz movement, which also features 43 jewels. You don’t need them in a battery movement, but JLC are giving you them anyway. It’s a beautifully made piece of jewellery as much as it is a watch of course. The perfect gift for some ladies costs just under £4800 and frankly, we advise that you check that your beloved has actually heard of JLC before buying one. She may well prefer a Rolex.

Why? Because she can show off a Rolex, or a Cartier, to her friends. But a JLC sadly means very little to most dedicated followers of fashion, it is instead, a watch brand for watch movement aficianados. Different thing altogether.

More here.


New Omega Tresor Ladies Models

Omega has refreshed its ladies Tresor range, adding some new models to the range. Here’s the word from their PR dept;

For women who adore the slender style and simplicity of the OMEGA De Ville Trésor, a selection of captivating new models has been added to the collection. Along with luxurious materials, the additional choices will add yet more beauty to the popular line.

The new models are available in 36 mm or 39 mm sizes. Customers can choose from traditional stainless steel versions, or those in 18K Moonshine™ gold. This unique alloy, whose colour is inspired by the shining moonlight in a dark blue sky, offers a paler hue than traditional 18K yellow gold, as well as a high resistance to the fading of colour and lustre over time.

In keeping with the Trésor’s distinctive design, each case is embellished with 38 full-cut diamonds, which curve along the sides of the case. An additional diamond is also placed on each crown, amidst an OMEGA flower made of red liquid ceramic. Furthermore, the timepieces are notable for their beautifully polished mirror casebacks, with each one embellished by a metalized “Her Time” pattern.

While the models are presented on leather or rubber straps, this charming collection is now available in a range of dial colours, including white, lacquered PVD blue, opaline silvery, lacquered red or brown – all set with the timeless appearance of Roman Numerals. Each model also comes with OMEGA’s full 5-year warranty.

Tie-Dye Watch Anyone? Skagen Ombre Is Pure Retro

Skagen are known for their clean, Scandi minimalist lines, but these latest models capture the free love 70s spirit perfectly.  Back then, hippies would wear tie-dyed clothing, so that their denims and cheesecloth shirts were truly unique.

The same can be said of the Skagen trio here and it captures some of the vibrant, no-holding-back vibe that Swatch models had when they were launched and saved the Swiss industry from financial meltdown. Fact check it by all means, it’s true. Not our style, but to be fair Skagen aren’t aiming these watches at middle aged men with a penchant for old school Tissot Seastars.

Quartz movement of course, and we expect that the caseback will be the usual struggle to remove for a battery change. We like the silicone strap and 36mm case size is ideal for many ladies, who actually like a watch big enough to tell the time. Yeah, basics matter. They retail at £109 and we like the blue one best.

More here. 

Casio G-Shock for Ladies Features Metal Case, Plus Resin Strap

Some press info from Casio;

Casio has unveiled its all-new, metal-covered series for women, the GMS5600. These new compact G-SHOCK models feature the iconic silhouette and strength of the origin G-SHOCK 5000/5600 series in a lightweight case for a comfortable fit on a smaller wrist.

The new models have the minimalist appeal the original metal bezel G-SHOCK collection is known for, and don eye-catching, liquid metallic textured bezels that are free from debossing.  In addition, the models feature mineral glass, a clean digital display, and a resin band that upholds the luxurious elegance and functionality of the timepiece.


The new GMS5600 line-up comes in a choice of four color combinations, including two featuring rose gold bezels and two with reverse LCD displays. The GMS5600PG-1 features a finely brushed rose-gold metal bezel with black resin strap and reverse LCD while the GMS5600PG-4 features a rose gold metal bezel, blush resin band and matching LCD.  The champagne, GMS5600G-7, highlights a gold metal bezel, white resin band and matching LCD, while the silver version, the GMS5600-1 sports a black resin band, matching reverse LCD for a sportier look.

As part of the release, G-SHOCK has unveiled an exclusive landing page and video taking consumers through the features, which can be viewed HERE.

The new GMS5600PG-1 comes equipped with standard G-SHOCK technology including:

  • 200M water resistance
  • Shock resistance
  • 2 Years Battery Life
  • EL backlight
  • Multi-Function Alarm
  • Flash Alert
  • 1/100th Sec. Stopwatch
  • Countdown Timer
  • Full Auto Calendar

The GMS5600PG-1 will retail for $180 and will be available for purchase starting this September at select G-SHOCK retailers, the G-SHOCK Soho Store and gshock.com.