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Kickstarter Watches: Aequorea Has Lume to Dive For

Yep, they even put some Superluminova on the crown on this watch, which is kind of extreme, but it’s proving popular. The fundraising has already been smashed on this UW model, so it’s going into production.

Featuring a Seiko NH35 auto movement, steel case and a very keen retail price of just £176, this 200m depth rated watch has a steel bracelet and a domed caseback, with the Aequorea jellyfish design on there.

Produced by UW watches in Hong Kong this is a unique looking 42mm wide watch – we love the sandwich type dial, which lets some of the superlume markers really stand out. They used different types of lume on the watch to add to the appeal at night too.

Verdict; a bargain spec watch at this price point.

More here.

LIV GX Diver: Generation 2 On Kickstarter Now

LIV watches are big, bold and colourful – also pretty great value when you weigh up the spec. The GX dive model offers a chunky 44mm case diameter, Swiss movement, 300m depth rating and a ceramic bezel.

The latest Gen 2 model is on Kick right now, with prioces starting at $690 – though you need to add on VAT and UK import tax of course.

We reckon the Gamma Green and Cobalt Blue models will sell out fast, not so sure on the grey models. More details here at the LIV Kick page. 

Nixoid Next is Nightlife Watch

Nixoid has updated its unique gas tube watch, and it’s available on Kickstarter right now. Already funded over target btw. It’s one of those trick things that looks better at night we think, like a blue neon lighting kit on a Gixer 750. OK, no, don’t do that..

This is a watch that looks like an old set of radiogram valves, and when you tilt it it displays the time. It has a sapphire crystal, huge case, plus an option to custom engrave the case and choose a custom strap design.

It is available with an accelerometer inside, so it sense movement, or without – which is cheaper obvs. Prices start at $349 on the early bird order for the Nixoid Next. It’s quirky and if you love the idea, check out the Kick page here.

Here is the word from Nixoid;

You can see the time by pressing a button or by gesture. The watch does not respond to accidental hand movements. All movements of the watch are processed by a separate core, to see the time you need to turn your wrist away from you, and then back, towards you. This gesture is programmed intentionally, and several times reduces false actuations, which has a good effect on the battery life.

  • The autonomy of the watch with the accelerometer on is up to 10 days in everyday use;
  • The autonomy of the watch with the accelerometer turned off is up to 25-30 days in everyday use;
  • With the accelerometer disabled, the watch can be stored for up to two months in sleep mode.

New LIV GX Dive Model On Kickstarter

LIV watches has some new variation son its 44mm case sized GX dive model, available for pre-order on Kickstarter right now. Save $100 on the RRP and get a Gamma Green, Orange, Black, Cobalt Blue, Rose Gold or Grey dial option.

You can choose straps or bracelets, leather or resin. Swiss movement inside the case, sandwich type dial looks great too, with plenty of lume applied.

The new offer has exceeded its backer target already by the way. Limited to 1000 pieces.

Watch the Vimeo clip here;

More details here. 

Monsieur Watches Helm One Dive is on Kick

We love Kickstarter watches and this Monsieur Helm One dive model has got some cool features.

Let’s start with the lume which is kinda different in that it isn’t just applied to the hour markers and hands. The distinctive logo diver’s helmet pattern is also lit up at night. Looks great we think and made possible via a sandwich dial so the lume shines through the top plate y’see. Clever detail.

Inside the 41mm steel case there is a Seiko NH38 cal movement, which spells reliability. Sapphire crystal, 300m depth rating, see-thru caseback and signed crown add neat touches.

Also, the bracelet has a clever little ratchet lever, so you can adjust the foldover clasp without using a watchmaker’s pin pusher tool. Handy.

Price is £178 on the early bird deal, which is great value, even with 20% VAT and import duty on top.

Moere here.

Kickstarter: Pacific Explorer Has That Indie Edge

The Coast Watch company has a Kickstarter project happening now, which has already passed its target and it is easy to see why. The Pacific Explorer is a classic tool watch, with three different bezel options, the proven Sellita SW200 movement inside, steel case, sapphire crystal and a 39mm case diameter, which is spot-on for most wrists. It’s also good for 200m of depth underwater.

The best combo is perhaps the bronze bezel variant, with a fume tobacco brown dial, just because well…bronze.

Based in Denmark, you do have some import duty to pay if you’re in the UK, but the prices are very reasonable considering the high quality spec of this watch. Definitely worth a look and there are a few early bird deals still on the site. Prices start at about £410, that includes a leather travel pouch. Delivery expected in July.

More here. 

Coming Soon on Kickstarter: Ferro 2.0 Pilot

This new pilot watch project from Ferro deploys in a few days time on Kickstarter, so it’s worth checking out. There is an old school mechanical, plus a full auto chronograph.

The Chrono pushers and onion crown give the Seiko powered model a 1960s vibe, plus an engraved WWII aircraft design on the caseback. The mechanical has a see-thru caseback with a natty propellor inside set atop the oscillating weight. Has a Miyota movement inside by the way. Then there’s a quartz cooking version.

Specs and prices TBA.

There are extra rewards available now as this Kick project has exceededits target by some margin;

“Since you all have been great, we wanted to sweeten all rewards.

On top of the free Travel Leather Pouches and Microfiber Cloths, we will be adding Free International Shipping.

To do so, we have created new Reward tiers with Free shipping which will be available from March 24th  at 12:00 AM PST. All you have to do is switch your current pledge with any of the new rewards you wish to make a pledge on.

The new rewards names are:

Super Early Deal Chrono 5021

Super Early Deal Automatic 8217

Super Early Deal Automatic 9015

(NEW OPTION) Super Early Deal Swiss Automatic 2824

Click here to read  instructions on how to change your rewards:”

More here. 


Trafford SOE Watches: The Authentic Choice

We do love a good war story here at the Northern Watch Co magazine and what finer way to remember the sheer courage and bravery of the men – and women – who fought in the Special Operations Executive, than by wearing a chrono watch, that comes with a booklet telling the true story of each racing driver, turned anti-Nazi spy and saboteur.

Hats off to Trafford Watches in the USA for putting together an SOE Roadster watch collection that celebrates old school heroism and wants to remember history, rather than re-write it for the forever offended. Nazis and their enablers deserved some payback and SOE did exactly that, long before the beaches of Normandy were invaded. That took guts.

I was familiar with Robert Benoist from various books on special forces and the French Resistance, but Jean-Pierre Wimille and William Grover-Williams are two new names for me, and it’s amazing to read of their WWII exploits. Each of the three road racers has a themed colour dial; french blue, black and BRG for Grover-Williams. Inside the 41mm steel case, there is the Seiko V series meca-quartz movement, with a sapphire crystal on the top, Uni-directional bezel and super Luminova on the markers and hands. The de luxe box and booklet is a nice extra bonus too.

Unsurprisingly this one has been funded rapidly on Kickstarter and deliveries should start later in 2021. Early bird price is £215, but the watch ships from the USA so there could be import duty on top for UK customers.

There is a fourth watch in this collection on its way too, with a blazing red dial. Plus if you buy three, you get a wooden display box.

More here at the Trafford Watch Kick page.

Kickstarter: Zeitgeist H1 Bronze is Understated Brilliance

This Kickstarter project caught our eye for two reasons, first it is a bronze watch that is ultra thin. This is great because quite a few bronze watches look like an old school Jules Verne diver’s helmet. Secondly, you can specify ETA or Miyota movement inside, which is always good for those who want that Swiss vibe. It can boost resale value too, let’s be honest.

The Miyota models start at just $489 on the early bird deal, with delivery expected around June 2021. The ETA models start at about $1000 and you get a premium, handmade-in-Japan, leather strap and box with it as part of the deal.

But the real value of this watch is in the details. Things like the superlume on the markers and hands, the polished caseback and Harrison H1 chronometer etched-on logo, ceramic bezel and much more. The wave effect on the dial for example, just catches the eye and makes you want to glance at the watch again. This watch is 42mm across and just 13.4mm high. That is super slender, like Instagram pout model skinny.

Bear in mind the H1 model has a depth rating of 500m, yes that’s over 1600 feet deep, so this has to withstand a lot of pressure. In short Zeitgeist have created something very premium, impressive build quality, with a dive functionality that matches some Blancpain models, at a Hamilton or Tissot price. That is a powerful set of reasons to consider this watch and it is no surprise that the Kick project has been over-subscribed already, with £22,000 pledged.

More here. 


Kickstarter Watches: Valhalla Oks

Valhalla watches have been going a few years in Norway, making sunglasses and watches.

The latest Oks model capitalises on that whole Vikings TV show vibe complete with axe marks on the steel case, and a range of dials that feature Nordic runes, plus an axe shaped second hand. Blue, red, black and white are the dial colours, with a plain blue option also listed. Featuring a Seiko NH35 movement these automatics will be reliable and you get a leather plus steel bracelet as part of the early bird offer. We like that chainmail type bracelet too.

The tiny studs on the bezel are inspired by Viking battle shields and there’s a little R at the 5pm position – cool detailing there. All in all, this is a well thought out themed watch, truly different. There’s a healthy application of lume on the markers and hands too so this will stand out at night. It’s making us want to drink beer in a long house and start throwing axes around frankly, but we are easily influenced by non-PC history.

Delivery is expected in July 2021 and the price starts at just £240 plus UK import duties and VAT.

Verdict; Great value Seiko auto with a Nordic twist.