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Surf’s Up Casio Dudes, Vision Is Highly Over-Rated

Casio have a new special collab edition out now, dubbed the Kanoa Igarashi. He’s a surfer bro. Here’s the blurb from Casio;

The new GBX-100KI is the second signature model endorsed by pro surfer Kanoa Igarashi, and is a special-edition watch with a design and colour theme created under Igarashi’s supervision.

The all-black watch is adorned with different textures and shades for each part including the bezel, band, and LCD, expressing Igarashi’s cool and unique worldview. The bezel and glass feature a graphic of Igarashi himself tube riding a massive wave. The dial, case back, and band tip feature Igarashi’s signature. The band’s lug side showcases the number 50, which is Igarashi’s number on the WSL Championship Tour.

The GBX-100KI is also equipped with Mobile Link functions that pair with a smartphone. With the dedicated smartphone app, the user can select a location from approximately 3,300 preset locations worldwide and send the information to the watch, including tide data, sunset/sunrise times, and other essential data for surfers.

In addition to displaying tide graphs and moon data, the watch comes with a variety of functions that are useful in daily training, such as distance traveled, time, and pace. The wide watch face uses a high contrast Memory in Pixel (MIP) LCD for optimum visibility.

Only Wanna See You Laughing In The Purple Rain

Do you rock purple? Prince did, the Roman emperors were kinda keen on it and Deep Purple were arguably one of the crucial three bands that started the entire heavy rock movement of the late 60s. The other two were Zep and Sabbath, in case there’s any debate out there.

Anyway Casio have this retro cool purple G-SHOCK gmw model just released, with a steel bracelet and case, plus the usual digital watch features that Casio fans know and love.

It’s got solar power, with a low energy meter, so you know that it needs some time by the window. Alarms, night light, multi-languages and a one-touch clasp. Bluetooth function and you have 200m of water resistance for those holiday snorkelling sessions.

It retails for a reassuringly expensive £549.

Would You Like a Thinner G-Shock?

If so, Casio have the thing for you, in the shape of their G-Steel, GST-B400 model.

Here’s the word from Casio;

Innovative thin modules, carbon core guard structures, and miniaturization of many working parts help to make it the thinnest of the G-STEEL Series while maintaining a high level of impact resistance and without sacrificing any Bluetooth or solar functions.

Power consumption has also been significantly reduced. In terms of design, the number of button guards has been reduced as much as possible, enabling the use of large stainless steel buttons that are slim yet easy to operate.

The top bezel has been given five different finishes, while the middle bezel has been given four different finishes, which creates an elegant effect and changes the appearance of the texture of the metal depending on the viewing angle. Functions include 5 alarms, a stop watch, timer and double LED light.

We like the green bezel too. By the way Casio has a new Mudmaster G-Shock just out, which is a hefty £700. Serious money, but on the upside if you register for emails as a first time customer you can get 10% off.

It has a 60 minute countdown feature, alarm-setting, an LED night light and solar charging. Mineral crystal too, which is pretty durable. Retails at £399.

More here.

New G-SHOCK GWG is a Tough Mudder Special

The Tough Mudder events have been popular for a decade or so and for some, it’s the ultimate fitness test. You obviously need a super durable watch to get you through all that slime, jogging across boggy moors or scaling greasy poles etc.

Casio are on the case with their new GWG Mudmaster, which is a great name for an event that’s like Tough Mudder, but doesn’t infringe copyright. Just saying.

Here is the blurb from Casio;

Introducing the GWG-2000, the latest addition to the Master of G land series, which have a shock and mud resistant structure, designed for use in the harshest environments.

With the integration of a Carbon Core Guard these are now slimmer, lighter but much stronger than previous series, while the lugs, shock absorbers and internal casing are now integrated with carbon fibers which can be seen within each component creating a texture that is unique to every watch.

The GWG-2000 also has a super strong solid steel bezel and crown, built to absorb extreme impacts as well as a built-in Compass, Altimeter, Barometer and Thermometer – perfect for getting you out of trouble in dangerous environments.

With unbeatable mud resistance and patented gasket design, nothing can get inside the watch, keeping this versatile piece of equipment working when you need it most. Available in classic military green, the GWG-2000 is built to go beyond!


One thing we like about this watch is the air pressure sensor. The weather changes quickly in the UK so if you are a keen hiker, mountain biker etc then knowing that a low pressure front is moving in is a handy feature.

It has a sapphire crystal, plus a countdown button, so you can time your own PBs on particular sections of road, trail, or scaling rock faces – whatever SAS style malarkey you fancy doing.

At £699 this is an expensive tool watch, but it’s arguably one that will last you for a decade or more, even if you bash it about a bit. Got solar power so the cell should be viable for about 10-12 years before it needs replacing.

VERDICT: You have to be a G-SHOCK fan to pay this much for a Mudmaster. There are solar powered, multi-function watches that compete on SOME of the spec, for a lot less cash. The Luminox Navy Seal is a good example, which sells online at about £250. Timex Ironman is another choice at just over 50 quid.

More on the G-SHOCK Mudmaster here.

New Casio G-Shock GM2100 Colours

Casio has added some new colour options to its GM 2100 range, which retail at £199 in the UK.

That’s a chunk of money for a quartz digital watch, but Casio are legendary for their tough steel cases, water resistance and longevity. I’ve had customers in my old shop come in after 5 years for a battery change – and they havene’t bothered to do the pull-the-crown out thing when the watch has been launguishing in a drawer.

Red is  bold choice, you don’t see many red dial watches. But there are grey, green and blue too.

With the usual alarm functions, plus calendar, this makes a great tool watch, plus 200m depth resistance means you will not worry when swimming etc on holiday. Yeah we did just insinuate you could go on holiday.

Sorry, poor joke there.

More at the Casio site here.

Super Tough Casio G-Shock Frogman Ltd Edition

Casio has released two limited edition variants of its Frogman 200m dive watches. Here’s some details from Casio;

A first for the FROGMAN: an analog display. The over-sized dimensional index and hour and minute hands offer improved readability. Three dual-coil motors enable the hour, minute and world time hands to move rapidly so the wearer can switch modes with no delay.


Carbon fiber reinforced resin is used for the case material, offering high strength and low absorbency. In addition, six screws securely fasten the metal ring that is press-fit to the glass. Enhanced water resistance is facilitated by the button shafts’ triple-gasket fittings.

You can time yourself underwater too; The hour and minute hands can be brought together as one at the start of a dive to indicate the diving time. The second hand moves forward or in reverse to indicate the status of dive time and surface interval measurements.

Sapphire crystal with a non-reflective coating offers high visibility and scratch-resistance. The Super Illuminator function lights up the watch face with high-intensity light, to ensure readability in the dark.


Time correction is conducted by either Bluetooth® communications or standard time radio wave (Multi Band 6), depending on the circumstances. Reception of the most recent time zone and Daylight Saving Time information assures that the correct time is displayed at all times.


The two models start at £899, which is on par with many Indie brand 300m dive watches, featuring Sellita/Miyota movements, usually with steel bracelets, resin options. It isn’t as expensive as Swiss dive models and arguably offers more accurate timekeeping, plus bluetooth features. Add on a solar power cell, so no batteries to change for a decade or so, depending on use. Yes, the solar cell loses its ability to turn light into power over time, so you will need to replace the cell eventually – no energy is free.

More details on the Casio site here.

We don’t dive, and you probably don’t either. But this is a go-anywhere watch that looks classless, cool and does its job in one lightweight chassis. You have to admire that striving for perfection, it’s a Japan thing.

Casio Add New Colours to G-Steel Range

Casio has added red and blue dial options to its G-Steel range. The watches, which feature a steel case, mineral glass crystal and resin straps have a wide variety of dial colours.

The red dial model is priced at £399 and the blue dial costs £479. Not really sure why, as it appears to have the same spec on the Casio website. 

The G-Steel watches are powered via solar cell, so you should get about ten years or so before a new cell needs to be fitted. That saves you the costs of about 3/4 battery swaps.

A Grand For a Casio G-Shock Rainbow? Come On, Really?

Casio have released a jazzy Phoenix Rainbox G-Shock model which costs a cool grand. But is it cool?

This shimmering delight is based on the carbon MTG-B2000, with a Blue Phoenix-themed design. The Blue Phoenix is a legendary bird whose appearance is said to be a harbinger of good things to come, says Casio. Like the end of lockdowns and masks? Hmmm maybe.

Back to the Casio; The bezel and the case have separate structures. The double rainbow IP finish of the bezel gives it a two-tone pattern with horizontal gradation, while the metal frame of the case has vertical gradation, which creates the image of a crossed line.

The rainbow IP of this model creates distinctively unique colour patterns for each watch. The multi-colouring of the face matches the the bezel and case, while the navy blue semi-transparent band creates a further touch of elegance. That’s Casio talking by the way, this watch is no elegant rival to a Longines Heritage, let’s be honest.

A Bluetooth® communication function automatically connects with the G-SHOCK Connected app whenever the watch is in the vicinity of your phone, eliminating the need for button operations. The watch obtains accurate time information from an Internet-based time server for automatic time adjustment as you move between time zones. That’s great, so long as the Colonial Pipeline hackers don’t freeze the server of course.

MULTIBAND 6 automatically adjusts time settings based on reception of one of six calibration signals around the globe when you are within the range of a signal, even if connection with a phone is not possible, for accurate timekeeping no matter where your travels take you.

Basic features include high-brightness LED illumination, Dual Time, stopwatch, and more. Stable operation is ensured by a CASIO original Tough Solar charging system.

Ther eis a 24 hour stopwatch, plus this model has a sapphire crystal for extra scratch resistance. There’s a daily alarm function and a phone finder button too.

It is something you will love for its sheer blingy Prince-1999 album cover purpleness, or perhaps think it looks like a 1992 Custom Car magazine makeover on a MkII Capri. Our verdict? Invest £1000 in a decent Seiko dive, pre-owned TAG Carrera or maybe a Tissot 1973 if you really like something big case n quirky.

Nothing wrong with a G-Shock, but you really are paying top dollar for

Would You Pay £1500 For a Casio G-SHOCK? Maybe So

We only ask the question because Casio have other limited edition G-Shock watches that cost over 6K, which is basically Floyd Maywether level collecting mania. Compared to those, this titanium beauty actually seems like great value. It features a special alloy case material, which Casio says was developed for a mirror polish smooth finish and outstanding durability. That is the Casio G-Shock USP when you mull it over, so yeah, makes sense.

Inside there is a Casio movement that tells the time, day, date, week, plus features like a countdown, an hourly alarm function and a host of other digital goodness like a Worldtime function, so you can select which city to sync with, as you travel like the Fresh Prince of Instagram in Dubai.

There is a light button too. Old school. Nice.

Taste the rainbow, wear the rainbow.

Sapphire crystal and what the…what about those multi-coloured links? Get the Skittles Rainbow on your wrist. It also has a screw down crown, for that extra water resistance, in fact it’s good for 200m so no worries on swimming with this goldfinger Casio on. The watch is ion-plated, not gold plated, but you know what, if you are a diehard Casio fanboi then this is going to be a very collectable piece in years to come. Not saying that investing £1500 in a used Omega Constellation from the 1960s isn’t a better investment, because it undoubtedly is, but sometimes a quirky wristwatch, that’s way outside of the mainstream, is a good thing to own.

More here at the G-Shock website.

Tavannes Buggy Is a Watch For Adrenaline Junkies

Tavannes is one of those ancient names in watchmaking with a fine pedigree in making innovative timepieces. Pocket watch collectors will know the Tavannes brand, as the Swiss factory was producing thousands of them from the 1890s to the outbreak of WW1. Then there was the Tavannes belt watch, or the waterproof watch designed for submariners in 1917. Advanced stuff for sure.

Now a US company has the Tavannes name and branding rights, with production based in Tavannes, Switzerland. They have some great designs, includinga  revival of the famous belt buckle design. But one thing has been bugging Tavannes and that is the reluctance of men aged under 40 to get into collecting Swiss watches. Thing is, they see something like a Rolex Oyster and immediately associate that with their Dad – or grandad. So the answer is market a mechanical, or quartz watch that has abuggy-like cage.

The cage is super-light and very tough, you can see the Tavannes staff standing on it, so it will protect the watch case inside. It also mimics the dune buggy designs so beloved of racers from Baja California to Saudi Arabia. Sapphire crystal, 2 year guarantee, choice of straps when the funding target is hit pre-shipment of your watch. You can mix and match the watch with two different cage material designs, or a variety of straps too.

It costs £535 for the automatic variant, complete with NATO strap, which isn’t bad for something truly unique and a great deal cooler than an Armani or Hugo Boss watch that couldn’t really handle extreme sports every well. On a tight budget? Get an early bird offer on the Ronda quartz model from £245.

Verdict: A Casio G-Shock or Timex Ironman have been the default choices for adventure sports watch fans over the last few years so it’s great to see Tavannes taking on this segment of the market. Maybe a Buggy GPS Cage-Fighter model could be the next step and arguably bang on for the target customer too. We haven’t trademarked the name so you can have that on us!

The campaign is active right now on Kickstarter.