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Ferro Revs Up The Distinct 2.0 Model

Ferro is bringing back the Distinct 2.0 model. The unique watch combines old school military pocket watch features like that big crown, with a single red hand dial.

Inspired by a Porsche dashboard dial, this quartz watch has a sapphire crystal plus a 44mm case and an optional NATO strap. September delivery on pre-orders.

Cost is $375 and you get a free pouch on the pre-order deal by the way.

More here. 

Be Your Own Banksy With The Bamford Customiser

There is something addictive about designing your own one-off watch. That’s exactly how Bamford London feel as well, so you can buy their Sellita SW330 powered GMT watch with a variety of dial, bezel, hands options, plus a bit of engraving and lettering on the dial.

Sapphire crystal, 40mm steel case, so this will fit most wrists quite nicely.

We gave it a try and created two designs the 01 and 02 and we have to say, either model would be a welcome addition to the NWC watch drawer. Who doesn’t like the classic Pepsi Red/Blue bezel, or an orange or red GMT hand?

The cost is £1400, which is just slightly above the standard model £1250 retail. You don’t have any import duty of VAT to pay as Bamford is a UK based company, so that’s a bonus.

Find out more here.

On Kickstarter: Neucarl Sept Mai is Urbane, Modern & Bespoke

Modernism is highly overrated in our book. Think Le Corbusier’s blockhouses with flat roofs for rainy Europe, or Jackson Pollocks load of old bollocks masquerading as art. But watches like the Movado Museum, with its beautiful simplicity, or the utilitarian Junghans Max Bill of the mid-50s demonstrate that sometimes the modernist approach can really stand out. It’s where function meets timeless style.

So a tip of the hat to Neucarl who are trying to capture that Bauhaus elegance with the Sept-Mai model. Featuring a Sellita movement, this mechanical watch has a steel case, with a uniquely appealing dished dial, it looks countersunk, like a 1930s Lido in London town. The dial has a circle of cut-outs, as if light is being recessed into the watch, which is kinda like an old juke-box. They have spent a great deal of time thinking about the design.

It’s a super slim case too, just 8.3mm high and at 41mm wide it’s just right for the modern market. Each model is one of 99 numbered pieces by the way. There’s a choice of eight leather straps, plus dial colours including red, turquoise, blue and white, with each colour and design twist being named after a city, Rome, Paris, Reykjavik, NYC etc. It’s a project that has taken about four years to materialise and available for summer 2021 delivery right now, prices start at around £375 plus VAT and import duty from France.

MHD Type 2 Automatic is On The Grid

MHD have got their Type 2 automatic on the blocks and ready for March delivery. The Indie brand’s Miyota powered model is a great value design that’s been partly crowdsourced in terms of looks, components and dial colours, case diameter, winding crown etc. The MHD approach of getting potential customers involved in the design stage is a good one, as it makes you feel that you’ve helped pick out your ideal watch in some respects.

Each watch is a limited edition 1-100, and numbered. The case is based on classic art deco car designs of the 20s and 30s, there’s a see-thru casback, sapphire crystal and a natty fuel gauge style power reserve indicator. There are white, black and blue dial choices, plus a date window is there as well. At 40mm the case is spot-on for modern collectors and this makes qa great everyday wristwatch. It is kinda pricey at £745 and we say that because there are lots of indie automatics around with Sellita or STP Swiss auto movements inside at £500 or less.

If you love the looks, then pre-order here. 

Strond DC-3 Captures The 1940s Military Look

Indie UK brand Strond has launched its DC-3 model, which pays homage to one of the most durable military transport planes of the mid 20th century. The watch is being produced in a limited edition of 930 pieces, with a 24 jewel Seiko automatic movement inside the steel case. There is a little piece of DC-3 wing attached to the dial at the 6pm position too.

Sapphire crystal, superlume and a vintage Italian leather strap make this excellent value for £369 and you can find out more details here. 


Limited Edition Porsche Design 911 Targa 4S is An Expensive Option

The Porsche 911 remains one of the most important classic sports cars of all time, with the streamlined body shape being instantly recognisable to any car enthusiast, even in silhouette. Now Porsche Porsche Design open a new chapter in the shape of the new 911 Targa 4S Heritage Design Edition chronograph.

This watch is the first of four limited models to accompany the launch of selected 911 Heritage Design vehicles spanning four decades. 

Based on the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, the limited collector’s models transport iconic looks from the respective epoch to the present. With the highest focus on authenticity, style-defining details, special colors, patterns and materials are interpreted in the context and with the means of the present. They have a modern look and are state-of-the-art in terms of production and technology.

With the boom in motorsport themed chronographs right now, the timing is perfect for watches that can capture the essence of Porsche competition in the 60s and 70s in particular. The dial design is very car clocks/dashboard and we love the semi-recessed pushers and the alloy wheel spoked design on the see-thru caseback as well. All great design touches that set this watch apart.

The automatic chronograph is driven by the Porsche Design WERK 01.100. The new in-house developed chronograph calibre, with COSC certification, guarantees maximum precision. Like the vehicle, the chronograph in the titanium case typical of Porsche Design is limited to 992 pieces.

The Porsche movement is based on the Sellita SW200 workhorse and at this price watch buyers should expect a bit more technology inside the case. Maybe a joint venture partnership with someone like Tudor, whereby Tudor MT5612 movements can be shared with Porsche, would help to justify a 10K price tag? Just an idea.

porsche design watches chrono 911 targa

The strap is made of Porsche interior leather, supplied in two lengths in Bordeaux red and in black. The seams are tone on tone for an expressive look. The embossed “911” is another tribute to the sports car icon. One thing that strikes us about the flush-fitting strap is that such a unique design looks impossible to replace from an owner point of view, so when the strap wears out – or you want a change of colour – your only choice will be a dealer/factory fitted item – expensive.

Like every Porsche Design timepiece, the 911 Targa 4S Heritage Design Edition chronograph is made entirely of titanium. Due to the extreme lightness, durability and corrosion resistance, the high-tech material used in the construction of racing cars guarantees maximum performance with maximum comfort. 

The individual vehicle limitation number is affixed to the housing base using laser engraving. that adorns the central lock of the elevator rotor. The individual vehicle limitation number is affixed to the housing base.

Porsche design chrono 911 watch limited pano

For future owners of the 911 Targa 4S Heritage Design Edition, the strictly limited chronograph can be ordered exclusively from the Porsche Centres and online at www.porsche-design.com/911TargaHeritage from June at a RRP of EUR 10,950.00.


Frederique Constant Vitality Smartwatch Launched; Specs & Info

Smartwatches are not really our thing at The Northern Watch Co, but we keep an open mind. They have a multi-use, lifestyle and fitness appeal for sure and if it gets younger people interested in the world of watches then that can only be a good thing.

Here’s the latest from Frederique Constant, which is part of the Citizen empire by the way;

Frederique Constant is proud to introduce its latest connected watch, the Smartwatch Vitality, bursting with technology and featuring a digital dial revealed on demand. In addition to the features that were key to the success of its predecessors, the Smartwatch Vitality embraces a major innovation in the form of a new generation, integrated sensor developed by Philips Wearable Sensing, which can measure the heart rate directly from the wrist.

One dial, two displays; the best of both worlds 
The Smartwatch Vitality has a dial with two faces – a first at Frederique Constant. The first is characterised by Roman numerals and hand-polished hour and minute hands… chic and contemporary classicism for those who appreciate sophisticated timepieces with a refined look.

Frederique constant vitality smartwatch app

When pressing the crown, the dial reveals a digital display on its lower part that allows the user to access numerous information like the heart rate, the activity tracker, a second time zone and even the last five messages from your favourite apps, among other things. The dial lets the light of the digital screen placed behind it, shine through. The latter displays connected functionalities – itself connected to the watch’s microprocessor.

Since the Smartwatch Vitality model is connected to the Frederique Constant Smartwatch App (available for iOS and Android), all the functionalities of the watch may be configured directly via the application. The user can choose to display all the timepiece’s connected functions on the screen or configure a selection of information only. For an even more personalized usage, the order in which the information can be passed can also be determined.

To move from one function to another, all the user needs to do is push the crown: simple, intuitive, immediate. As soon as the latter has taken note of the desired information, the digital screen returns to standby mode and is once more invisible to the eye.
The Smartwatch Vitality then regains its classic and elegant appearance in an instant.