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Maison Heron Sturgeon Dive Model Is a Kickstarter Bargain

You want a dive watch that can handle 500m? Check.

Then you want something that matches Rolex in the ceramic bezel department? Check again.

Finally, you would like a Swiss made Ronda automatic movement plus a helium escape valve.

Well the Maison Heron Sturgeon ticks all those essential dive watch boxes and it also looks the business. Superlume abounds, the 44mm 316 steel case gives this a tool watch functionality in the water, plus a solid presence on the wrist on dry land too. It has classic lines, kinda similar to a Submariner, and that’s no bad thing because a classic elegant dial and bezel design just works. It does what it says on the tin.

The Kickstarter journey began last year fior the Sturgeon and although the name conjures up images of a rather chippy little politician who enjoys controlling the lives of others, it is nevertheless a fantastic watch for the money. The Mainson Heron brand is based in Canada, although the watches are actually manufactured in Switzerland, so the CA$950 price for early bird buyers translates to just £545 or so. Wow, a 500m dive watch with a helium valve for one third of the cost of an Oris Aquis, that’s quite a deal.

Dial options on the Sturgeon are green, black or deep blue.

Find out more at Maison Heron’s Sturgeon watch Kick pages, and no, we aren’t on commission!

New Fashion Brand VIEREN Launches

Latest press release – Swiss ETA movements;

Canadian Fashion Designer and Project Runway All Star, Sunny Fong (VAWK) has launched VIEREN, a new brand of luxury automatic Swiss Made watches.

“In the fashion industry and on the runway and the red carpet, everyone is asking ‘what’s next’ from designers -and this is what’s next,” said Fong, Creative Director and Co-Founder of VIEREN. “I’ve always wanted to design a watch that makes people feel powerful and will last forever.”

“I grew up in watch factories and my family has more than forty years of experience in luxury Swiss watchmaking, so I’ve had the privilege to learn what it takes to create a quality, long-lasting mechanical timepiece,” said Chow, “And when I met Sunny, we knew it was time to establish a brand of our own.”

Built In their La-Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland studio, VIEREN’s statement timepieces are subtle and sexy – with bespoke design elements from minimalistic art and modernist architecture to bring timeless sophistication to an everyday essential.

The limited edition OG AUTOMATIC collection features:

  • Swiss ETA-2671 automatic movement with 25 jewels and 44-hour power reserve
  • Slim and sleek rectangular case, specially engineered at only 9.2mm with an open exhibition case back
  • Modern matte black and white tone-on-tone monochromatic designs
  • Signature 18K gold-plated reflector ring with subtle minute tracker detail
  • Quality materials like 316L high grade stainless steel, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and hand applied diamond indices
  • Four gender neutral styles: Matte White, Matte Black, White Diamond, Black Diamond

The full collection of automatic watches will be available to shop online at 12PM on September 29, 2020 at vieren.co/shop.


VIEREN is the new generation of luxury watchmakers handcrafting limited edition automatic Swiss Made watches to Power Your Time. Designed by Project Runway All Star, Sunny Fong, (Project Runway Canada winner, VAWK designer) in Toronto, Canada, and handcrafted in his watch studio in La-Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, VIEREN’s first capsule collection – OG AUTOMATIC – will be making its North America debut this September 2020 with only 100 limited edition watches of four styles (and more styles coming later this year). Become a Member to shop the collection and get your hands on the limited edition automatic watch.


Kingsbury’s Varsity Motorsport Auto is a Quirky Alternative

Some people like a 4pm position winding crown, some don’t. But if you don’t like it on an automatic watch, then it’s no biggie, as you won’t be winding it very often.

So the Varsity budget auto from Canada based Kingsbury Watches, is a refreshing change from the mainstream, for several reasons not just the 4pm crown. Although it’s motorsport themed dials lack some of the visual punch of say Omogolato or Viquiera, the Varsity is more old school, a bit plainer, more 1950s/60s. But for some collectors less is more, there is a simplicity, a functionality at play here.

kingsbury watch varsity 3

Looks vintage, but the Varsity is in fact very modern; there’s a sapphire crystal, plus Superlume on the hands and markers and a stainless steel case. That classic sub-second dial with red hand gives this a dashboard clocks kinda vibe.

We like the engraved caseback too. You don’t often get details like this on a budget watch priced under £150.

kingsbury watch varsity 2

Fact is, a Seiko YN77 movement powered watch, with a spare NATO or leather strap, for about £120 is amazing value. You can buy a boxed set of all four yellow, blue, grey and black dialed Varsity watches for $840 Canadian dollars, which works out at just £480.

Given that each yellow/blue/black or grey watch is one of just 50 being made,  so 200 Varsity models in total, that is sweet deal we say.

There’s more here at the Kinsgbury Kickstarter page.

Kickstarter Watches: Clockworks Cashmear Offers Custom Options

Clockworks Cashmear are doing something different. They’re offering quartz or automatic watches with interchangeable bezels, hands and sials, so that buyers can change the look of the watch according to their mood. Bit like owning a Fiat 500 but fitting new accessories and changing the paintwork yourself.

Cashmear is run by a Canadian engineer and he reckons that they’ve perfected the tricky business of letting owners swap parts like dial, hands and bezel, witha  few turns of the winding crown.

Now, having worked with watches for six years, I can tell you that it is incredibly difficult to remove hands and then re-fit them, unless you have the correct tools, a steady hand and a dial protector in place. So how this can be accomplished by clicking the crown is something I would love to see. Surely the dial must be dropped gently onto the movement, then the hands put in position, with hour and minute aligned correctly, before the new bezel and crystal is laid over the top?

The Clockworks Cashmear appears to have a sort of release clutch wheel on the cannon pinion, so we are guessing this is the clever – patent panding – tech that offers the customisable options. Early buyers of the ETA 2824 powered automatic at approx £540 get a silver hands/dial option. If you want say three different colour options, then the entire caboodle is around £830 on the early bird deal.

It is an interesting idea, but having seen some cack-handed `expert’ watch collectors in the shop pull crowns out completely, key wind fusee pocket watches the wrong way, or bring in vintage watches with a scratched back because they tried to open the case on an Omega Seamaster with a kitchen knife, I’d say owner malfunction is a serious possibility.