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Breitling Chronmat: Three Colours, One Supersized Watch

Breitling has a new Super Chronomat model in its line-up and it’s the usual big n bold affair, with a beefy 44mm case diameter and a handy – some might say overdue – ceramic bezel upgrade. Yeah, we kinda like the brown dial version with the gold case. Just watching us like a 1970s Rover 3500 V8, with velour interior.

The brown/gold Super Chronomat has a classic feel which the blue and black models don’t have for us, bit too Statement Watch Here Guys vibe from those two. Maybe you disagree? Post an angry comment below, start a Twitter pile up or whatever..

Here’s the press info from Breitling;

The Super Chronomat, Breitling’s boldest Chronomat to date, is the ultimate choice for those who want a timepiece mastering the balance between sturdy and stylish.

Inspired by the Frecce Tricolori watch that Breitling created for the hotshots of the Italian Air Force’s aerobatic fleet in 1983, the Super Chronomat is a supercharged, all-purpose sports watch that’s elegant enough for the evening as well.

“This is a watch you’ll get noticed in without having to worry about it,” says Breitling CEO Georges Kern. “This watch is tough enough for every pursuit, but it won’t get in the way of your sense of style.”

True to the original Chronomat, the rider tabs protect the sapphire crystal. The ones at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock are interchangeable, so the wearer can use them for countdowns as well as countups. With a case measuring 44 millimeters, the Super Chronomat collection is the boldest of its kind.

Key new features include a stainless-steel bezel with a ceramic insert – a first on a Chronomat – plus the choice of a Rouleaux-inspired rubber strap or our iconic metal one with a butterfly clasp. The new rubber strap is created with state-of-the-art injection molding techniques. Its three distinct textures – matte, slick, and woven-looking – give it remarkable depth.


The Super Chronomat B01 44 comes in three versions. Two are encased in stainless steel with blue or black dial-and-bezel combinations. The third is a rich brown dial-and-bezel combination with a case in 18 k red gold.

All feature contrasting silver chronograph counters powered by the COSC-certified Breitling Manufacture Caliber 01, which provides about 70 hours of power reserve. This Super Chronomat is water-resistant up to 200 meters.

For those wanting something extra special, there’s a black dial version with a UTC-module embedded in a Rouleaux bracelet. Referring to Universal Time Coordinated, this provides a way to keep track of a second time zone and is a quirky Breitling feature dating back to the 1980s.

Breitling Super Chronomat B01 44 with UTC-module. Is it too much having another dial on the bracelet? Hmmm maybe.


As its name implies, the Super Chronomat 44 Four-Year Calendar has a semi-perpetual calendar mechanism that needs adjusting just once every leap year – or every 1461 days. It comes in two versions: black dial with tone-on-tone chronograph counters, a stainless-steel bezel with a black ceramic bezel insert, and 18 k red gold elements, or blue dial featuring tone-on-tone chronograph counters and a bezel in 18 k red gold with a blue ceramic insert. Water-resistant up to 100 meters, this timepiece is powered by the Breitling Caliber 19, a COSC-certified chronograph movement with a semi-perpetual calendar with day, date, month, and moon phase indicators.

Breitling Super Chronomat B01 44 in 18 k red gold


When Breitling introduced its Chronomat in 1984, it signified the comeback of mechanical Swiss timepieces after quartz watches had dominated the market throughout the 1970s.
The impressive new mechanical watch proved to be a winner – challenging its skinny quartz rivals with its bold proportions and becoming an icon of its era.

The Chronomat also helped Breitling celebrate its centenary in style, marking the return of the mechanical chronograph on which the brand had built its global reputation. This technical legacy, combined with particularly stylish design codes, made the Chronomat the ultimate sport-chic watch of its time. Today, it’s doing it again for everyday superheroes in pursuit of the next great adventure.

More here; at Breitling’s website. The gold case model retails in the UK for £19,200.

Breitling Premier Models Offer Collector Appeal

Here’s one press release we missed earlier in April, but because we love vintage Breitling watches we wanted to post it. The Heritage Collection is arguably a bit niche, in that many modern watch buyers are investors looking to make money on the waiting list game. Others buy Breitling because the Bentley connection, or the aviation style and history.

But these are beautiful watches in their own right, that will not date quite so badly as say a 10 year old Avenger or Navitimer might do. The Top Time is another Breitling model we like as it captures the spirit of the original, without being an exact replica. There is a great deal to be said for reworking the greatest hits of the past for any watch brand, so long as you keep pushing on with some more innovative, sometimes quirky, designs.

Here’s the word from Breitling;

Inspired by the inventive spirit of Breitling’s founders, the new Premier Heritage Collection is for the modern and discerning man of impeccable taste. These exquisite timepieces are the brand’s most elegant and refined.

See thru caseback lets you absorb that stunning B09 movement.

The latest generation of Premiers – Breitling’s Premier Heritage Collection – brings this timeless elegance back to life. The collection includes six watches divided into three distinctive categories: The Chronograph, The Duograph, and The Datora. All feature Arabic numerals, vintage-inspired hands and semi-shiny alligator straps with tone-on-tone stitching. Every watch is a COSC-certified chronometer and water-resistant up to 100 meters.

Groundbreaking functions

The 40 mm Premier Heritage Chronograph is manually wound, just like its 1940s predecessors. It is powered by the Breitling Manufacture Caliber B09, which is based on the Breitling Manufacture Caliber 01. It comes in two variations: with an eye-catching pistachio-green dial encased in stainless steel or a stately silver-colored dial encased in 18 k red gold.

Premier B15 Duograph 42mm has a classic elegance, will probably be the best seller of the trio.

With stainless-steel and 18 k red gold cases measuring 42 mm, the Premier Heritage Duograph comes with a blue or black dial, respectively. Its rattrapante function – one of the most elaborate in watchmaking – enables the wearer to measure two elapsed times simultaneously thanks to its two superimposed chronograph hands. This piece houses the mechanical hand-wound Breitling Manufacture Caliber B15, which is based on the Breitling Manufacture Caliber B03.

Like its 1940s predecessor, the 42 mm Premier Heritage Datora also stands out for its highly visible and complex functions, namely its day, date, and moon-phase displays. It is powered by the Manufacture Caliber B25. The Datora’s copper-colored face is framed by a stainless-steel case, while its silver-colored dial comes in an 18 k red gold one.

All three models of the Premier Heritage Collection highlight Breitling’s mastery of timekeeping as it has evolved over the generations.

Are Blockchain Watch Passports The Future?

Here is an interesting round table discussion on blockchain tech and the benefits of blockchain passports for luxury watches. For the brands, it’s a definite win because they are getting lots of customer information and they know that the watch is genuine, and has a service history when it comes to PX time, plus they have a reason to make contact with the buyer to update that passport. For consumers, the benefit is that you can buy pre-owned watches with more confidence. But you lose some privacy, as brands know which models you own, what you can afford to spend, credit score and more details like your address for example.

If there is a data breach then blockchain passports for AP, Rolex or Vacheron would be extremely valuable records to trade on the dark web. History suggests that most databases are hackable, or rogue staff in an organisation may leak info under duress perhaps. That said, conventional paper records at watch repair shops, jewellers or authorised dealerships are arguably less secure than a blockchain passport – and we all seem happy with the status quo.

If you have time time spare there is the Origyn YouTube video discussion;

How Limited? Try 25 Pieces

After nearly two decades of partnership, Bentley Motors and watchmaker Breitling are celebrating the launch of the Premier B21 Chronograph Tourbillon 42 Bentley Limited Edition, produced in an exclusive series of just 25 pieces. One thing we love about this model is the tourbillon being placed at the 12 o’clock position, instead of the more usual 6pm slot. Great green dial too; just something pure Bentley, pure BRG.

A reinterpretation of the original Breitling Premier wristwatches of the 1940s, today’s limited edition does not fall short of its reputation, the Premier B21 Chronograph Tourbillon 42 Bentley Limited Edition is a unique yet classic design. Limited to just 25 pieces, the watch features a 42 mm case in 18 k red gold, rectangular chronograph pushers, a gold-brown alligator strap, and a transparent sapphire caseback revealing the magnificient movement with its 22-karat gold oscillating weight. The highlight is the special chronograph tourbillon caliber and cage seen through the distinctive green dial, reminiscent of the British racing green colour associated with the other models within the Breitling and Bentley partnership.

Powered by the Manufacture Caliber B21, the COSC-certified tourbillon movement offers around 55 hours of power reserve and is water-resistant up to 100 meters.

Willy Breitling, the grandson of the brand’s founder Léon Breitling, was a passionate Bentley driver. He patented the chronograph with two independent pushers at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock in 1934. Besides being tech savvy and bold, Willy Breitling understood the desire for the elegance and glamour from watch lovers. With this in mind, he designed the original Premier wristwatches in the 1940s, Breitling’s first link from purpose to style. As Willy saw it, “When a man puts on his watch, it is the unmistakeable stamp of impeccable taste.”

The same rings true for all Breitling watches today, and is also reflective of the way Bentley Motors’ own customers feel about their cars. The new watch honours the heritage and modern values of both brands in splendid fashion.

Bentley Chairman and CEO, Adrian Hallmark notes: “This striking watch embodies our joint commitment to pioneering spirit, expert craftsmanship and technological excellence.”

Breitling CEO, Georges Kern added: “We’re proud of this elegant symbol of our brands’ shared values: quality, performance, and design excellence.”

In 2002, Bentley Motors commissioned Breitling to create an onboard clock for the Continental GT and the partnership continued to blossom from there. Created in the spirit of unparalleled luxury and peerless quality, the exclusive new chronograph pays homage to Willy Breitling, whose watches changed the face of timekeeping, and to W.O. Bentley, who pioneered the automotive industry.

Browse the watch here: https://shop.bentleymotors.com/blogs/partnerships/breitling

Best Of The UK Watch Sales

If you haven’t got the watch you wanted for Christmas, or just fancy picking up a bargain, then there are plenty of Sale wristwatches around right now. In fact many brands started their online sales early because of the endless lockdowns, but here are some interesting offers we spotted online today. For the sake of clarity, we aren’t covering Michael Kors, Armani, Hugo Boss, Daniel Wellington or a ton of other fashion brands – why? Because they mostly they aren’t really collectable.

So what did we spot?

CW Sellors are a specialist watch retailer and their Sale has some interesting items amongst stuff like Bell + Ross, Maurice Lacroix, Montblanc, Bremont and Raymond Weil. Now you can buy any of those brands if you love the watch and they are beautifully built of course. But if you’re looking to get more than about 25% of the retail price back when it’s trade-in time, then think again. You can love a RW Freelancer, or a Bell + Ross BR diver but you will see many of thse watches gathering dust in watch dealerships or pawnbroker’s windows. So buy it because you want to wear it every day and the retailer has knocked a grand off the RRP!

TAG HEUER Formula 1 Automatic

Only a £150 discount on this automatic Calibre 6 powered TAG but it’s solid value at £1350. You get a decent 38 hour power reserve, date window, superlume and of course a sapphire crystal. It isn’t cutting edge, but neither is this a watch that you have to apologise for, or explain who the brand is to your mates – everyone knows TAG. That also means that if you look after it then you can PX it at 100s of outlets in five years time. Handy.


It’s a leftfield choice and you may end up losing a bundle on the Tutima name, as not many people know about it – or that it’s been revived. Using movements made in-house at Glashutte, the modern Tutima watches are really back home where they were being manufactured before the Cold War happened and the Iron Curtain came down. So it’s a quality, well built automatic, with a 38 hour reserve, day/date dial and available in a maroon dial option, which is something different. With a over 500 quid off the RRP this is worth considering at £1190 because we are now into entry level Swiss watch territory. At that money, this Tutima is worth the gamble.


How does almost two grand off the price of a Breitling grab you? Yeah, that made you spray your coffee all over that back issue of QP magazine didn’t it? This is another great deal at CW Sellors site and it’s a Breitling with a dial that isn’t too busy with 200 numbers, plus has those classic 70s style chrono pushers. This one is £4361, which compares to a £6200 price tag at Mappin & Webb.


This classic gents Bulova automatic is everyday value. Owned by Citizen the Bulova brand obviously shares some movement tech and that’s no bad thing we say. This one looks like a run-out model, basically last year’s stock but you’re getting a watch that retailed for £400-£500 new for £185. Not bad at all. This deal is at H Samuel by the way and the Archive Oceanographer retro 70s model is also available for £249.


Goldsmiths have reductions on some TAG, Omega and IWC models, and those brands DO have some re-sale kudos. OK, you may not want the words Yacht Club on your watch dial, it is a bit Sleeping With The Enemy we admit, but this beefy, 44mm case chrono has a bold, striking style that’s obviously IWC, which is a good thing. It also has an in-house movement, (see-thru caseback) which almost justifies the 10K price tag. But with a price of £8063 it looks a bit more tempting if you’re still on the Rolex waiting list and want something right now, that is genuinely prestige. The IWC Pilot’s Top Gun model is £7570 on the Goldsmiths site too by the way.


2021 Predictions: UK Watch Retailing Is Heading For Disruption

For decades, the UK mainstream £50-£1500 watch retail sector has been domimated by big jewellery chain stores; H Samuel/Ernest Jones, Goldsmiths, Chisholm Hunter, Fraser Hart and Beaverbrooks. But that old fashioned retailing via bricks and mortar stores, often located inside shopping malls, is facing a Covid reality check. It doesn’t work very well in a pandemic and when the hysteria about Covid-19 finally subsides and people realise you can never defeat a virus, you just live with it, then all those stores will have to be ruthlessly audited in terms of operating profit margin against the online sales portals that big chains have rapidly expanded during lockdowns.

The results will highlight how much it costs to keep shops open, pay staff, security, insurance, rates, rents etc. and contrast those overheads to an online sale of a Michael Kors, Raymond Weil or TAG despatched from a warehouse somewhere near the M42.

More importantly, all brands – not just the Swiss – have realised during Covid that they can sell their watches direct to the public, they don’t need retailers. In fact, many brands have seen huge increases of over 60% in terms of sales volumes.

Do you really care if you buy your Carrera direct from TAG, or a Goldsmiths branch?

This is the real reson why major disruption is going to take place in 2021. I’ve heard on the retail grapevine that Seiko are no longer accepting any requests from shops, independent or chain stores, to stock their watches. Fact is, Seiko don’t need retailers, the brand name and its values are well established. Seiko, like other brands, already has its own boutique, single make stores. The Swiss are also well advanced with this strategy of course and it can only be a matter of time before Rolex decide to ring-fence their brand by pulling all franchises and setting up their own dedicated network of flagship stores in London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham and perhaps another three or four locations. Once they have that empire in place, then Watches of Switzerland should start getting nervous, twitchy even. Maybe that’s one reason why Watches of Switzerland has recenly launched an online store with Vee24, see the press release here.

In truth, for many prestige brands you only need between one and three UK service centres to deal with warranty and servicing, and then sell most of your stock online. People who want a Submariner or Daytona know exactly what they want; the case size, colour, model year, bracelet type etc. They don’t need a guy – or a girl -in a waistcoat and embrodered shirt telling them that the new movement now has a 70 hour reserve and improved superlume. They don’t care! They just want to own a Rolex.

But that’s top end of watch retail you say, the 10K-20K stuff, surely you can’t sell £100 Timex watches online and say `go bollocks’ to all the watch shops. Of course you can, and many of those mid-market brands will have no choice than to embrace online only and end their dealer network.

Let me give you one example; Sekonda/Accurist/Limit are distributed by one company, who have a team of sales reps on the road, all earning circa 30K, plus company car to maintain, stock to insure etc. The watches sell wholesale for about 50% of the retail price, so a £100 Accurist is 50 quid to the dealer – so long as they buy at least 25 watches, or 50 examples of the Manager’s Specials, which are half price. So the UK distributor of a Sekonda Seksy that retails for £100 may actually get about £30 for that item, once all the costs of distribution are factored in.

The alternative is that you set up a website, hire say 4/5 staff who all live at home with their parents and pay them 22K a year each to run the site, pack the watches and deal with basic warranty problems like replacing a watch crushed by the third party courier company driver. That courier company charge you about £3 per item to deliver within 3 working days, £5 for 24 hour express delivery. Suddenly, you are getting £100 retail for that Sekonda Seksy watch – not the retailer – and your distribution costs have dropped dramatically, plus you no longer have to worry about retailers undercutting each other, because YOU set the UK price, countrywide. You just boosted your profit margin by about 20-30%, trebles all round for the shareholders and directors.

Yes, there will always be independent watch shops that deal in pre-owned Swiss and some entry level watch enthusiast brands like say Hamilton, Tissot or Zodiac. You can make a living in a wealthy town like Brighton, Hale in Cheshire, Keswick, Stirling, Penzance, St Helier etc. Or a brand could sell mainstream sub £300 watches at retail outlet villages like Bicester or Cheshire Oaks, where people go for a leisure day out and so are open to being marketed to, and sold to, by people who know and love their product. But all those mall based watch/jewellery shops at Intu Trafford Centre, Westfields, Merry Hill Dudley etc. are doomed because our whole way of life is changing. Governments are determined to isolate us, control and mask us, restrict our movements with cycle lanes, suburban roadblocks, ULEZ charges in city centres etc. all in the name of climate change.

What do you think that will do to shopping habits? It will destroy them. It will will force us to buy more online.

If Rolex buyers can deal direct with a wholly owned Uk subsidiary, they may well buy more products in the long run. Great opportunity to build yet more brand loyalty.

Prediction: The chain store closures will begin in February, and continue throughout 2021. Swiss brands will announce more branded boutiques, launch slicker websites, loyalty/rewards clubs, their own apps complete with insurance partners, QR coded, private courier tracking of packages etc. By late 2022 one – maybe two – of the big jewellery store chains is bound to go bust once Richemont Group, Swatch, Breitling, Rolex and the other big brands all pull their products. That decision is inevitable, in fact the Swiss are gearing up for it as their launch of blockchain backed, coded watch ID shows – you only need that strict customer ID process if online is going to be your preferred retail channel.

Without those high margin watches the big jewellers will not be able to afford to keep their shops open, even with rent reductions offerd by cash-strapped Mall owners. Fact is, the staff, business rates, insurance, CT/VAT, security costs etc are so immense that High Street retailing can only work if you’re selling £15-25K worth of stock per day on average. When you remove a brand like Tudor or Rolex from the window, you also remove one of the primary reasons for customers to visit the store in-person.


Opinion: Blockchain Tech Offers Security, But Zero Owner Privacy

Swiss and other luxury watches make great investments, we all know that. But many criminals like expensive watches too, which means that legit owners are often targeted for theft at home, street muggings, or robberies at watch shops. Breitling and Vacheron Constantin have both announced that they are using blockchain technologies to create digital ownership certificates – kinda like an online V5c logbook.

Blockchain basically encrypts a detailed code, then locks it, date stamps it and then rehashes the code, stamps it again, and so on…ad infinitum. It makes it theoretically impossible to unlock previous versions of the encrypted code. So very secure record keeping right?

Yes that’s true and buyers of new watches will be happy that their £10,000-£50,000 purchase is protected. But what about buying pre-owned, how will a new owner get that blockchain certificate? We are going to hazard a guess that the ONLY way will be via an authorised dealer. So yes, more fees, more data being demanded upfront before you can buy a watch, or have it serviced.

Now let’s move onto HMRC and other agencies overseas like Interpol, FBI, the EU etc. They might also wish to know who owns various assets and you can bet that they will have automatic access to those shop, or manufactuer records – after all, there might be a security issue.

You see where we are going with this don’t you? The end of privacy, the end of ownership. Because if the State chooses to relieve you of those expensive assets due to `an economic/security/climate emergency’ then they will know exactly who owns what, and where it is located.

Watch buyers should boycott brands who offer blockchain, or any other type of digital passports. Because the aim here is to track and trace, not to enhance the owner’s security. A stolen Rolex without its digital passport is still an impressive, beautifully made prestige watch, and that’s all criminals care about. Bling. Kudos. They aren’t going to have it serviced, they’ll just steal another one. The only benefit is to the watch manufacturers, the governments and luxury watch retailers who will act as data gathering gatekeepers for this racket.

Breitling’s Digital Passports Could Revolutionise Resale Market

Proof of ownership is crucial when it comes to luxury watches. If you’ve ever tried selling a Swiss watch without box & paperwork, then you’ll know that many UK dealers aren’t keen. They are rightly aware of replica Rolex, Breitling, TAG, AP and many other brands knocking about. Then there’s that thing where angry relatives appear in the shop, saying old Dave had no right selling that watch, it was promised to little Kev, who still has the empty box…you can see how that can go pear-shaped right?

Then there’s the possibility of losing the box and paperwork – that can happen very easily. Suddenly your Navitimer has lost about £500 in resale value. Not good.

So is the answer digital passports? Breitling think so, here’s the word from their press office;

As the first luxury watch brand to extend digital blockchain technology to all of its watches, Breitling is transforming blockchain innovation through a service available to everyone. All of Breitling’s watches produced after October 13 include a digital passport with blockchain – secured by the Arianee protocol – that allows owners to prove the authenticity of their products and the legitimacy of their ownership.

Beyond ensuring the authenticity of each product, the digital passport is at the heart of a new ecosystem of digital services for Breitling watch owners. The passport is automatically connected to Breitling’s digital warranty program powered by Dentsu Tracking, and it also allows owners to initiate and track any repairs to the watch, and soon to extend the warranty period and subscribe to an insurance for theft or loss.

At the heart of Breitling’s vision lies the possibility for watch owners to control their personal data and to remain anonymous, without missing out on an innovative and symbiotic brand–customer relationship in the luxury industry.

The protocol developed by Arianee offers a fixed digital identity that is unique to each product, with blockchain technology ensuring airtight security and privacy.

Digital Wallet

From October 13, 2020, each new Breitling watch includes a private and unique digital passport. Watch owners can simply scan their electronic guarantee card with their smartphone camera to automatically download the private, encrypted digital wallet, which safely stores the digital passport. This passport contains every detail of the owner’s watch, including its serial number, and the product is time-stamped with the activation date of its digital warranty and its purchase. Accessible only through the digital wallet, this passport includes a transfer feature that allows the owner to prove the watch’s authenticity and assess its ownership, as well as an option to transfer the watch if the current owner desires.

This innovative new feature enhances watch ownership, as owners now no longer need to present a physical certificate of authenticity for their Breitling watches. Furthermore, watch owners can safely and securely transfer this certificate in case of resale. With this blockchain-based digital passport, collectors no longer need to retain paper documents, and instead can freely consult with Breitling more efficiently and anonymously thanks to an embedded chat feature.

Through this novel way of proving ownership of luxury watches through digital means, Breitling’s customers can, for the first time, experience a new way to collect watches. Repairs are registered in the certificate with a timestamp in the blockchain, upcoming insurance services are more reactive to issues like loss or theft, and resale warranties enhance the brand experience.

Georges Kern, Breitling CEO:
“The successful launch of the Top Time last March underlined how many benefits Breitling owners could get through a sustained relationship with the brand. This is why, as of today, we are offering the Breitling digital passport with every new Breitling watch without exception! By offering a comprehensive range of innovative services for their watches, we are concretely providing our clients with the inclusivity that characterizes our belief and approach at Breitling. Stay tuned as we are about to announce another significant change for our clients, again increasing the value of our watches.”

Antonio Carriero, Chief Digital and Technology Officer of Breitling:“Here, we are truly making an industry change: we are empowering the customer not only through the watch on their wrist, but also with a digital passport in a secured digital wallet, always providing tailored suggestions throughout the ownership experience. Customer engagement is at the heart of everything we do, so it goes without saying that we will continue to offer additional services to Breitling owners with absolute security and a complete respect for privacy. This is truly what brand innovation should be in 2020: transforming the relationship with our customers.”

Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, co-founder and CEO of Arianee: “Our ambition is to give Breitling the opportunity to develop its own service economy and to transform their customer relationships by proposing a more circular, transparent model for their products. The fact that Arianee’s protocol is completely decentralized gives us the ability to envision the emergence of an open-source technology that is free and available to its users, avoiding all of the negative impacts that larger, more centralized systems have on our daily lives.”

Does this move give you confidence in owning a Breitling, or is it perhaps another way that brands can track and trace owners, plus mither the life out them re servicing and extras? Post a comment if you feel the urge.

Breitling Endurance Sport Quartz Models

Breitling, like many Swiss brands has a problem. Just like Honda cars, they have an ageing customer base and although models like the Navitimer, Avenger and Top Time all tick the right boxes for many watch enthusiasts, there’s no denying the the Breitling For Bentley thing is no clickbait for younger consumers.

The solution? A quartz range, in brighter colours, lower entry prices and a partnership with a global fitness app.

Here’s the word from Breitling’s press office;

Breitling’s Endurance Pro, featuring a thermo-compensated SuperQuartz™ movement, is the ultimate athletic watch, positioned in the brand’s Professional range. Designed both as a lightweight watch for active sports users, and a casual, everyday sports chronograph, it is the perfect lightweight luxury sports watch.

The launch is accompanied by the Breitling Endurance Pro Strava Challenge, which offers the opportunity to compete for some incredible prizes. That comp got underway about a week ago by the way, so you only have a few days to get your cycle clips on.

The Breitling Endurance Pro combines an ultra-lightweight 44 millimeter Breitlight® case and a thermo-­compensated SuperQuartz™ movement ten times more accurate than conventional quartz, and it offers optimal comfort, matchless precision, and functionality that will appeal both to committed athletes and to more casual sports enthusiasts.

Designed for men and women who lead active lives, the Endurance Pro is equal to the challenges of a rigorous workout but fashionable enough for everyday wear.

As Breitling CEO Georges Kern explains, “When Jan Frodeno first became a member of our Triathlon Squad, he asked me what Breitling he should wear. We started brainstorming about the perfect sporty lifestyle watch and that conversation led to the development of the Endurance Pro. With this watch, we adapted our SuperQuartz™ technology to the needs of people who play hard. The Breitlight® case is so light it won’t interfere with anyone’s training routine or sporting activity.”

Strava App Partnership

Breitling have tried hard to connect with a younger generation using Strava. That’s not to say that a 50-year old guy cannot log his racing bike rides, or attempt an Iron Man of course – lots of older people use Strava. But fitness as an integral part of your lifestyle is an easier habit to maintain when you’re under 40, so the tie-in with Strava is a smart move by the Swiss watch giant.

Those who take part in the Strava Challenge, which goes live on 26 August 2020, will be competing for some great prizes, including a Breitling Colnago C64 bike, Breitling Endurance Pro watches, and Breitling jersey kits. To be eligible for the prizes, competitors will have to complete 500 minutes in the activities of their choice; swimming, running, cycling, hiking, or another sport.

Unlike triathlon stars, participants in the Breitling Endurance Pro Strava Challenge have just two weeks to rack up their 500 minutes. The winners will be selected at random from the pool of competitors who complete the Challenge. Additional information is available at www.breitling.com/endurancepro.

Auctions: Watches of Knightsbridge July 18th

The Watches of Knightsbridge 18th July 2020 auction catalogue has now been published and can be viewed on our website or by clicking on the links below.

There is a physical venue: Michelin House, 81 Fulham Road, London, SW3 6RD, but viewing is by prior appointment of course.T

This sale happens on Saturday 18th July ~ Starts at 1pm BST and is wholly online – This auction will be conducted with live online bidding alongside telephone & absentee bids. Buyers premium is a hefty 25% by the way, which is a substantial icing on the cake when buying a Rolex for 10K.

breitling top time 1969

We spotted a pair of very nice Breitling Top Time models, estimate at 2K-3K, 1964 model, running, some light wear and a 1969 Top Time in excellent condition with hardly a mark on it – must be worth 3K, maybe a bit more.

Rolex your thing? The Pepsi bezel 1979 Oyster Cal 1570 looks a good investment, even at 10K. Submariner from ’83 with a big font dial has some scratches on the bezel, but original hands too with some light patina.

Something different? Maybe a late 80s Domino’s Pizza Air King, presented to a hot sales frnachise holder as a prize is certainly unique. Maybe not wear to your wedding, but at £2500-ish it makes a collectable watch.

air king dominos