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Ltd Edition TAG Autavia Chronometer is a Bet-On-Black Moment

The TAG Autavia is one of those watch names that will always be in demand from collectors. So at £5800, although this is expensive for a TAG you might end up keeping more than 70% of the value in the long run. Adjusted for inflation of course.

But there are other reasons to buy this watch. Look at the caseback, with its steering wheel type rotor, plus decorated movement parts. Looks sharp, precise, in short; quality manufacture.

It’s the Cal 02 movement inside, which has an 80 hour reserve and is an in-house developed movement. TAG as part of LVMH were obliged to start making their own movements about 6 years ago, as the Swiss watch industry had a get together and decided there was too much power in the hands of ETA, who were supplying a huge percentage of the luxury watch market.

It’s a COSC grade movement too, which is another bit of collector appeal you have to factor in here.

I like the black DLC coating on the steel case, even though I know from experience that simply changing a strap can mean scratching that coating and then…well, it’s not mint anymore. There is a solution, which is a quick release button for the lug pins, and TAG has fitted that system – result.

If you want a more traditional take on the Autavia there is a steel case, silver dial and black bezel model, which is slightly cheaper on a black leather strap.  For me it lacks the moody, visual punch of the all-black model. That’s why I say bet on black in the long run for higher resale values.

More here.

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf: Classic Colourways Back in Stock

Zodiac wanted to let us know they have new stocks of the Super Sea Wolf skin diver model. Excellent. We love the blue-on-blue variant, but there are black dial, white dial and a worldtimer option just in stock right now.

The SSW retails at £1395 and you get 200m of depth resistance from this classic, coin edged bezel dive watch.

Beautiful classic design, but we are going to say check out a Seiko Prospex, or even a Baltic Aquascaphe at £580, which also offers 200m of resistance. Then there’s the Seestern, Heimdallr and other budget brands on Ali Express. Not saying they’re up to Swiss quality naturally, but a fraction of the price.

If you want a Swiss rival then an Oris Sixty-five starts at £1400, or we found a Hamilton Khaki on offer at just £360 at Francis and Gaye jewellers online. Now that is a bargain, even if it’s a quartz.

New Mens Watches From Skagen

Skagen have some new models out, just in time for the Christmas selling season and a couple of them caught our eye.

First up is the refreshed Melbye range with three dial colours; blue, blue and red and a charcoal grey. We love the segmented dial on this watch, which gives it a distinct edge with that inner chapter ring detail too.

Traditional three hand quartz, 40mm case, slim profile too. The case is 50% recycled steel and the mesh bracelet adds a classy touch. Priced at £149 it isn’t cheap but it does compare well with say an entry level Tissot with a mesh bracelet at about £270 online.

The blue and red combo dial is the winner for us.


Many people don’t associate Skagen with automatics but they do make `em and the new Ancher 40mm auto has a skeleton dial so you can see the tech at work too. Nicely decorated movement in black with a gold tone balance wheel. We are guessing it’s a Miyota movement inside.

More info at the Skagen site.

Matching black coated mesh bracelet on the black PVD coated case. It’s a handsome watch but at £209 retail we would say check out Ali Express or eBay for a bargain gents auto in black before you take the plunge.

Creation Watches has an Orient auto online at £88, while the Timex Marlin with Milanese bracelet was online today at £225 if you think the Marlin might be more collectable than a Skagen in the longer term – that was at the Timex website by the way.

Orologium Harrogate Black Friday Sale

One of our fave watch shops in the UK, Orologium, is enthusiast driven and all about showcasing the best of vintage Swiss watches for colectors who know their stuff.

Right now, they have up to 30% off selected watches and this Rolex Sea-Dweller caught our eye at £8950, which is a hefty discount on the previous price. Has a box n paperwork and looks well cared for.

A 1960s Omega Constellation with the ever reliable 551 movement inside is also reduced to £1450.

If you like vintage watches then it’s worth checking out their site and nope, we aren’t on commission.


The Baltic Aquascaphe Dual Crown is Back

The word from Baltic, who have revived the handsome dual crown Aquascaphe dive model. Fair play.

Our diving watch Aquascaphe Dual-Crown is back on our website.

It is with great pleasure that we can now announce the return of the Dual-Crown in our permanent catalog. It retails at £650 by the way which NWC mag thinks is very reasonable for a compressor dive watch made to this standard.

The high activity of the moment forced us to postpone the assembly of this model later than planned in order to meet the demand on our other ranges.

You can pre-order this model now to ensure and secure a delivery between December 13th and 17th.

Yep, the blue dial variant is the winner.

Latest Black Friday Deals & Codes Malarkey

We thought it was time to round up the latest Black Friday deals and codes that have been landing in the NWC magazine Inbox. We will be adding to this post over the next week or so most likely.


Sangoman watches have a handy 35% off code valid this weekend. Simply add; SAVE35 at Checkout when you buy most popular models in the range.

Timex has 30% off lots of models, with a simple code at Checkout.  Just enter BLACKFRIDAY30 on popular automatics and quartz models at the UK Timex site. 

UK brand Forge & Foster has up to 40% off prices in its Black Friday sale. Range of skeleton dial automatics to tempt you, plus some Seiko meca-quartz models.  More here. 

Ferro watches has a discount code you can use at Checkout which bags you 20% off. You also receive a free carbon fibre wallet for your credit/ATM cards. Code is; SHOP20FW

Paulareis has announced its dicount code for Black Friday; Just use DW9FFM at checkout. You get 20% off all the watches on the site, plus a free box.  Valid right now. www.paulareiswatches.com

Secret Sales has got 80% off selected Sturhling watches, which brings the entry price down to about £85. Not too bad, although they automatics are still about 200 notes, bit steep.
Storm has got up to 55% off selected watches. Some of the cheaper models are now £70-£80, which is a fair price for a quartz watch with this build quality. They do feel solid.

Here goes;


There’s a healthy 40% off selected T10 Carbon models right now. The discount prices are already applied, so no Checkout code required. We like the blue dial/orange hands option. More info here.


A straight-as-you-like 25% off everything, with the code BLK21 at Kartel watches, is something we like. No messing about. Another thing we love is the watch builder template where you can choose a strap/dial/case combo. More here.


You can’t really argue with an automatic dive watch featuring the NH35 movement for just $99 can you? That’s the deal at Deep Blue with a mystery gift also being part of the general generosity vibe going on there. More at the Deep Blue site.


An uber stylish Braun watch or wall clock could add a certain Kraftwerk touch to your designer apartment.  Or, you might just look like a Steve Jobs tribute act, we don’t know.

But what we do know is that the code BLACKFRIDAY50 at Checkout gets you 50 percent off selected items, like the watch above.  More info here. 


Addiesdive 44mm & Sub Homage on Special Deals

The Addies Dive watches are known for value and this NH35 powered automatic, with 200m depth resistance, steel bracelet plus a beefy 44mm case diameter is an attractive watch. Then add the wave effect blue dial – nice.

Previously listed at just inder £200 it’s now down to £160.79

We love the teal coloured lume on the hands and markers, plus the numbers on the bezel – nice extra touch there.

There’s Free shipping to the UK as well, just thought you should know. Plus we spotted a sunray blue dial model, with the crown at 4pm, for just £124 or so – that makes a nice base for a MOD watch, as there so many dials and hands that fit that 44mm case/crown combo, plus NH35 engine inside.

Fancy a Rolkex Submariner homage? They have a quartz powered Sub look-a-like for just over fifty quid. Sweet.

As you were.

More at; addiesdive website

New Stuff: Two Ceratanium Top Gun Models From IWC

Here’s the latest from IWC and yep, we love that matt black, stealth fighter look.

IWC Schaffhausen is adding two Ceratanium® models to its TOP GUN Pilot’s Watch range. Engineered in Schaffhausen, this innovative new material combines the structural integrity of titanium with a scratch resistance similar to that of ceramic and features a striking matte black color.

The Big Pilot’s Watch Perpetual Calendar TOP GUN Ceratanium is the first watch from IWC with a Ceratanium® bracelet, which is lighter than steel and very comfortable to wear. Just 150 pieces of this model will be produced each year, says IWC.

Timezoner edition.

The Pilot’s Watch Timezoner TOP GUN (pictured above) will be produced in 500 pieces per year. (Dear watch brands, you don’t have to keep using CAPITALS for every model name, it just looks like you’re SHOUTING. )


Ceratanium is the first TOP GUN model with a Timezoner® complication, allowing the wearer to change between different time zones effortlessly. Both novelties are powered by IWC-manufactured movements from the 52000 and 82000 calibre families.

The watch can be set to a different time zone by simply pressing down and rotating the bezel. The hour hand, the 24-hour display and the date will move forwards or backwards in one-hour steps. This also works across the dateline and without losing a single second.

Ceratanium bracelet on the Big Pilot.


Advanced performance materials such as ceramics, titanium and Ceratanium® are a signature feature of IWC’s TOP GUN pilot’s watches. They take their name from the legendary Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor Program, a rigorous course used by the US Navy to train its elite pilots in flying and tactical skills.

After pioneering the use of ceramics and titanium for wristwatches during the 1980s, IWC’s material engineers have now succeeded in combining the unique strengths of these two in a single, ground-breaking material. Developed over five years, Ceratanium® combines the lightness and structural integrity of titanium with a hardness and scratch-resistance similar to ceramic. In addition, Ceratanium® is also skin-friendly and highly resistant to corrosion.


Yes, a Lord of The Rings watch made from mithral would be something, but in the meantime, we have Ceratanium from IWC. What is this magic metal then?

Ceratanium® is based on a special titanium alloy that is forged to IWC’s specifications.

The case components are machined from bars to minimal tolerances using computer-controlled turning and milling centers and are then elaborately finished by hand. Afterwards, the components are fired in a kiln at high temperatures. During this firing process, a phase transformation occurs. As a result, the surface of the material not only obtains properties similar to ceramics, such as hardness and scratchresistance, but also its striking matte black finish.

So now you know.

More at the IWC website here.

Sangamon 761st Tank Battalion Ltd Edition

Sangamon watches have a new model on sale right now, for $139 you get one of 100 pieces of this tribute to the 761st Tank Battalion, who saw action in WWII.

40mm case size, mineral crystal, two spare straps included. Nice caseback graphic as well.

Here’s the word from Sangamon;

The 761st Tank Battalion Collection is inspired by the first African-American tanker unit in American history. The engraved backside of the watch depicts the historic Sherman tank used by the 761st Tank Battalion in WWII as they advanced across Europe. This is a limited edition model of only 100 watches.

The 761st Tank Battalion Collection is part of the Freedom Series.

Watch a short documentary about the Black Panthers here.

The Freedom Series honors American heroes who fought for the pursuit of liberty. The Freedom Series conveys admiration to our warriors and inspires us to be brave like the courageous freedom fighters that came before us.

More here.