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Bamford London Go Psychedelic On The El Primero

Bamford London keep coming up with custom variants on Rolex and other Swiss watch brands. This reworking of a Zenith is pretty out there. No price on the website, you have to email an equiry.

In collaboration with Black Badger, this Zenith Pilot Chrono TIPO CP-2 features a unique Fordite dial.

Fordite is the commonly used term to describe the collected overspray that builds up in the industrial paint bays of car factories over many, many years. The Fordite material used in this collaboration has come from the Ford factories in Michigan, USA, from the 1970-1990s era. This material forms entirely unique patterns which has been made into a special dial.

Inside the case you have the famous El Prmero chrono movement. Those yellow tipped hands are an extra jazzy touch as well.

More here if you want to get some Austin Powers vibe on your wrist.

Collectables: Bamford Popeye GMT, Swiss Engineering, 100 Pieces

Bamford London are famed for their unique limited edition watches and this is no exception. Sellita SW300 movement, 40mm stainless steel case and a neat twist to the packaging with a can, not a box. Yes, it’s a Popeye thing.

Just 100 pieces will be made and the UK price is £1500. What we love about this one is the Popeye arms being used as the hour and minute hands – it’s a homage to those Ingersoll pocket watches that featured Hopalong Cassidy and Dan Dare back in the 1950s, which are pretty collectable today if you can find an original that’s still working.

Obviously you have to be a bit of a fan to splash out on the Bamford Popeye, otherwise you could pick up a Sellita powered GMT from another Indie brand for about a grand or less. Maybe a Popeye Doyle French Connection model would actually be a cooler pop culture tie-in and the watch is delivered in a recycled sill of a Lincoln Continental? Just thinking out loud.

At this price point we are gonna choose a Yema Superman, or perhaps a Naruto Seiko 5 to save some money and still add a little comic book magic to your collection. Yep, we know the Yema isn’t a `Superman’ branded watch, but still it’s a great dive model for under 1000 euros. What the heck.

Bamford Time+Tide Edition Released for 2021

Bamford have worked with Time+Tide to create a handsome GMT automatic for 2021. The watch features a Sellita SW300 movement, 40mm case and a rotating inner bezel. There is some good looking superlume applied to the numbers and hands too, sapphire crystal, plus that GMT hand of course. The strap is black cordura, with blue or orange stitching. There are two variations on the blue/black dial and case design by the way.

The watch is only available for 2021, then production will cease. Price is £1200, plus postage.

Verdict: Expensive for a Sellita SW300 powered watch, but great looks and collectability factor.

Bamford TAG Aquaracer Adds Orange Fire, Titanium Cool

Bamford of London specialise in custom modded prestige watches and if you like something different the TAG Aquaracer with orange details on the dial and bezel stands out from the TAG crowd.

You get the Bamford logo on the black dial, plus orange-edged hands, a little orange arrow on the bezel and a little orange track of flecks running around the outside of the chapter ring. There’s also a titanium case plus strap combo, which justifies the price premium. The Bamford is a partnership arrangement with TAG so it comes in a branded orange box too.

All in it’s £3250 which is a big ticket price for an Aquaracer, although the TAG RRP is about 2500 for the steel case, silicon strap cooking model. I’m not a fan of the Aquaracer because it doesn’t offer anything special for the price imho. There are better spec indie brand watches that offer 300m depth rating, chrono features and a date window for about £1000-£1500.

OK, I know what you’re thinking, the Aquaracer will hold its value better than an indie watch like a Baltic, Zelos, or many more, which is true up to a point. But try selling an Aquaracer at an independent watch dealership for cash; you will be shocked at how little you are offered. That’s because the TAG Aqua is a slow seller, it isn’t seen as being as collectable/desirable as a Carrera, Autavia or Monaco, more of an entry level Swiss watch. That isn’t fair because a Hamilton Khaki or Tissot Powermatic 80 is an entry level Swiss watch at about 500-700 quid.

The good news for anyone buying this Bamford edition is that the Aquaracer IS far, far cheaper than the build-a-bear Zenith and TAG Monaco editions that Bamford currently offer. By about 5-7K in some cases. As far as customised watches go, the Bamford Aquaracer is something of a bargain, and you get plenty of extra details for your 750 quid premium.

Buy the Bamford Aquaracer because you love the orange and black dial design and titanium lightness, not because you feel it’s a prestige investment. There are no brand new investment watches below 5 grand, there is no way you can turn a 3K watch into a £1200 quick profit by flipping it.


Bamford London Special Edition G-Shock Solar Launches This Week

Bamford of London, the stylish and eclectic reworking house, who have spiced up many a Zenith, Rolex and TAG in the past, have switched their attention to the Casio G-Shock. Arguably one of the few quartz watches that has a truly cult fanbase around the world, along with the Bulova Accutron, the G-Shock suits a sporty lifestyle and tend to last for years.

The blue themed Casio G-Shock, features solar power, so no annoyingly expensive battery changes every couple of years. It will cost £149 and goes on sale this Thursday. More info here.

Bamford’s Italian Job GMT Could Rev Your Engine

Bamford of London have released some new variations on their Sellita SW330 powered automatic GMT models. Our fave is the Italian job, in classic red/green bezel colours. Sapphire crystal, steel bracelet, 40mm case size.

The word from their website;

Displaying Bamford London’s own unique colourways and housing the Swiss Made self-winding Sellita SW330-1 movement with 25 jewels and a 42 hour power reserve, the Bamford GMT is the next phase for Bamford London. Inspired by travel, the function of the automatic 24-hour GMT hand function with internal rotating bezel allows users to view a separate time zone.

Price is £1100 by the way.

Not so keen on the new blue/brown combo, but that’s just us – you might love it. More info here.


New Bamford GMT Autos Offer Classic Style, Decent Spec

Bamford London have added a brace of GMT models to their line up. Featuring the classic Pepsi bezel colours, these Sellita powered watches have the GMT hand function of course, plus sapphire crystal and 40mm case diameter. You get 100m depth rating by the way.

Here’s the word from Bamford;

Displaying Bamford London’s own unique colourways and housing the Swiss Made self-winding Sellita SW330-1 movement with 25 jewels and a 42 hour power reserve, the Bamford GMT is the next phase for Bamford London. Inspired by travel, the function of the automatic 24-hour GMT hand function with internal rotating bezel allows users to view a separate time zone.

GMT-Night-Owl automatic bamford watches

The Night Owl and the Heritage editions look pretty similar to us and both feature a red/blue bezel with the colours reversed in their positions on the respective models.

Nice lookers and well made, but at £1100 there are better Sellita powered auto deals out there.


Bamford GMT Orange Models Are a Summer Breeze

We love orange watches in a heatwave, because it just says sizzling BBQ, cold beers and lazy days at the beach. Which is pretty much how most of the UK is feeling right now.

We spotted two GMT models on the Bamford site, one is a blue/orange combo with echoes of Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean, and the other a more flaming orange. Not brand new models, just different.

You can also customise the Bamford Myfair quartz models, so you can add an orange dial and orange stitched leather strap for £475. Bit pricey yes, but you’re building your own design and most watch brands don’t let you do much of that.


Swiss SW200 movements inside the GMT 44mm case, designed in London, sapphire crystal of course. The Bamford GMT is kinda expensive for a Sellita powered watch at £1100 and rivals include models like the Farer Titanium cased Leven model at £995, which offers an impressive 300m depth rating. Or you could choose an SW200 powered LIV GX-1 model, which is carbon black with some nice orange accents. A bargain at £474 plus import duties we reckon, although it is a sports watch, rather than an everyday dress watch like the Bamford GMT.

More info on the Bamford London range here. 

Bamford Watch Department: Bringing Garage Custom to Swiss Watches

There’s been an explosion in motorcycle custom building in the last 15 years or so. The big trends have included Bobbers, Lowriders, old school choppers and Boardriders, to name just a few cult avenues of remixed engineering.

So why not do the same with watches?

That’s what London based Bamford has done in the shape of their Watch Department, offering enthusiasts the chance to design their own TAG Monaco, Carrera, Rolex, Zenith El Primero or Bulgari watch in detail; lume on the baton markers, dial colours, contrasting subdial colours, or tachymetre markers etc – the choices are huge and you can play around with different colour combos on the BWD website – it’s addictive!

This custom build approach doesn’t come cheap, and a blue/yellow El Primero dream watch we designed online came in a £9,000, which is a fair chunk of change on top of the new £6500 RRP for the brand new Chronomaster 1969 model.

bamford watch custom el primero

But you have a on-off watch, a true collectors item limited edition – as in limited to just one, or possibly two if someone else happens to love your design by sheer coincidence. Yes, this service is pure luxury lifestyle, and you need disposable cash to burn. But that doesn’t stop anyone paying someone to build their ultimate Harley Shovelhead Bobber for 40K does it?

The other thing to consider with the Zenith El Primero is the depreciation of the new Chronomaster open heart or 1969 models, which is pretty hefty in the first five years of ownership. A custom Zenith might stand the test of time better as regards resale value via auction house? We don’t offer investment advice, just ideas 😉

There’s a market for what BWD are doing and we say more power to them. Let’s see some retro 1940s, boardwalk empire/Gotham City, styled Rolex GMT Batman models perhaps, or how about a couple of 50s Cadillac inspired Hamilton Ventura watches? If ever a watch was made for juke box platters, neon lighting and cherry red dials, it’s the Ventura.

Customise your lottery win watch at BWD website.