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Timex Galli Offers a Touch of Italian Style

Timex watch designer head honcho Giorgio Galli has inspired this high quality model from Timex. It’s quite a smooth number to be fair.

Now you might have a problem paying £425 for a Timex watch, indeed friends may say, `WTF, you could have bought a Tissot for that, or a nice used Zelos dive watch?’

This is true, but let’s look at the Galli auto and see if it’s worth collecting. First, there’s that single jewel in the dial, bold as you like, like a ruby in a sea of silver. Then there’s the classic 1960s dial; clean, nice  hands & hour markers, with a 41mm case size being the perfect compromise for many a wrist. Got a bit of Madmen vibe in there.

You get a K1 mineral glass crystal, heat treated for a bit of extra scratch resistance. The see-thru caseback reveals a Miyota movement with a skeletonised rotor and a little bit of polishing and brass gear cogs – well, I assume they are brass. Could be gold tone.

Then there’s the fancy cut-outs on the sides of the steel case. Something different for sure and the case is made from four separate pieces. Kinda trick and that flish fit strap is another essential little detail that shows how complete the design is, how it flows.  Look at the thread grooves on the case too.

This is stylish work and NWC mag reckons more luxury Timex models will be in the pipeline for 2022.

Verdict; We still aren’t convinced it’s worth over 400 quid. But wait for the January Sale, you might be tempted with 20 % off. Maybe this Galli model is a Timex that actually deserves a different brand name, in the same way that a Lexus isn’t just like a Toyota Avensis.

You know Timex once bought Polaroid from Edwin Land, who originally sold that famous readers wives snapshot device as a Land camera. Perhaps its time to launch a sub-brand called Edwin Land, or even a digital brand called Polaroid – a watch that’s a camera?

Just ideas…we don’t copyright `em because we’re poor.


Watch Trends: Is 38mm The New 42mm, Just Asking?

There are more 38mm watches breaking cover right now than we can keep up with, so let’s have a look at some we missed over 2021. By the way is 38mm your preferred case diameter, or are still on the 2020 42mm wavelength?

Maybe both? Whatever, your preference post a comment if you like. Here are three random 38mm case watches we spotted online and you know what, they have a symmetry, a balance, that every watch fan can enjoy for years.


The Swedish brand have a handsome 38mm watch called the Greenwich, which is let’s face it, the perfect name for a wristwatch. Or a clock.

“The Greenwich is the perfect travel watch with its GMT function and comfortable rubber Tropic strap. A custom integrated rubber strap is also available,” says Maen.

This model has superluminova and an oversized crown too, which is handy on a smaller watch.


For us, the black/white Chronomaster 38mm is the pick of the bunch, as we find the green Poker thingie too gaudy and the blue/silver variations are kinda samey. Zenith have been mining their El Primero heritage far too long in our view, but this punchy, classic monochrome contrast dial ticks the right vintage boxes.

It just looks right, bit like the original El Primero. Not too pricey at £7100 compared to other special editions at 10K or more.


This is a stand-out model in the 38mm Speedmaster range we think. The beige/brown models are kinda wishy-washy for us and the green/gold editions are a sort of 1970s throwback in the same way a green dralon settee is; fun for five minutes and then you wish you hadn’t wasted your money.

But this deep, rich blue dial watch, with its date window and 6pm looking like a card sharp shuffling the deck, and that wonderful poker style second hand – yeah, the business. It’s a mere trifle at £4,360 which is way cheaper than many other Speedmaster watches in the Omega Pantheon – can we say it’s a Pantheon? Probably.




BSA Set To Re-Launch at NEC MotorcycleLive

One of the greatest names in motorcycling is set to make a comeback as BSA prepare to unveil their new bike at the NEC show in December.

The thought occurs to NWC mag that the BSA brand is ripe for a watch partnership, with a brand that can create retro styled watches, with a 1950s/60s classic edge to them. You could also make an old school pocket watch or two with a fob chain resembling a motorcycle final drive chain.

If the pocket watch was a full hunter it could have a BSA three rifles logo petrol tank cap as the lid too.

Brands like Christopher Ward, Marloe, Farer, Duckworth Prestex, Bremont, An Ordain, William Wood, Bamford London and others are also UK based, so that would dovetail nicely as well.

These are just free ideas. That’s what we do. For the greater good n all that…like `Show Me Your Papers Citizen’ laws in the Osterreich.

Old school US spec BSA Rocket Three from the early 70s.

Meanwhile, here’s the official word from BSA on their NEC launch;

BSA Company Ltd. has announced the return of the iconic British motorcycle brand BSA Motorcycles, with a brand-new model set to launch at the beginning of December.

The all-new modern classic motorcycle will be unveiled to the public at the Motorcycle Live show on 4 December 2021. Further details about the new model will be revealed at the show, which means BSA afficionados will have to wait just a little longer to lay their hands on the much-anticipated motorcycle.

Standing for Birmingham Small Arms Company Ltd, BSA was founded in 1861, for the production of firearms. The brand’s motorcycle division was set up in 1903, and the first motorcycle was introduced in 1910. The brand went on to become the largest supplier of motorcycles to the Allied Forces during the Second World War. By the 1950s, BSA was the world’s largest motorcycle maker, with one in every four motorcycles sold worldwide sporting the BSA badge. The company also enjoyed phenomenal success on the race track, with notable victories at Daytona and Santa Catalina.

Over the course of the century, BSA carved out a hallowed name among motorcycle enthusiasts, with legendary nameplates such as the Golden Flash, Bantam, Lightning, Firebird and Gold Star becoming cult favourites.

While operations ceased in the 1970s, BSA Company Ltd. was given a new lease of life in October 2016, when the BSA Motorcycles brand and the rights to the motorcycle business were acquired by the Mahindra Group, a renowned automobile manufacturer.

The new petrol-engine motorcycle is now ready to hit the roads, and will be officially launched at the Motorcycle Live show, held between 4-12 December at NEC Birmingham, Hall 4, Stand 4D10.

Earlier this year, BSA Company Ltd. was also awarded a £4.6 million grant by the UK Government for the development of zero-emission motorcycles, as part of the low-carbon automotive initiative.

Latest Black Friday Deals & Codes Malarkey

We thought it was time to round up the latest Black Friday deals and codes that have been landing in the NWC magazine Inbox. We will be adding to this post over the next week or so most likely.


Sangoman watches have a handy 35% off code valid this weekend. Simply add; SAVE35 at Checkout when you buy most popular models in the range.

Timex has 30% off lots of models, with a simple code at Checkout.  Just enter BLACKFRIDAY30 on popular automatics and quartz models at the UK Timex site. 

UK brand Forge & Foster has up to 40% off prices in its Black Friday sale. Range of skeleton dial automatics to tempt you, plus some Seiko meca-quartz models.  More here. 

Ferro watches has a discount code you can use at Checkout which bags you 20% off. You also receive a free carbon fibre wallet for your credit/ATM cards. Code is; SHOP20FW

Paulareis has announced its dicount code for Black Friday; Just use DW9FFM at checkout. You get 20% off all the watches on the site, plus a free box.  Valid right now.

Secret Sales has got 80% off selected Sturhling watches, which brings the entry price down to about £85. Not too bad, although they automatics are still about 200 notes, bit steep.
Storm has got up to 55% off selected watches. Some of the cheaper models are now £70-£80, which is a fair price for a quartz watch with this build quality. They do feel solid.

Here goes;


There’s a healthy 40% off selected T10 Carbon models right now. The discount prices are already applied, so no Checkout code required. We like the blue dial/orange hands option. More info here.


A straight-as-you-like 25% off everything, with the code BLK21 at Kartel watches, is something we like. No messing about. Another thing we love is the watch builder template where you can choose a strap/dial/case combo. More here.


You can’t really argue with an automatic dive watch featuring the NH35 movement for just $99 can you? That’s the deal at Deep Blue with a mystery gift also being part of the general generosity vibe going on there. More at the Deep Blue site.


An uber stylish Braun watch or wall clock could add a certain Kraftwerk touch to your designer apartment.  Or, you might just look like a Steve Jobs tribute act, we don’t know.

But what we do know is that the code BLACKFRIDAY50 at Checkout gets you 50 percent off selected items, like the watch above.  More info here. 


Black Friday Discount Codes & Deals

Just a heads up for watch fans, Paulareis has a special Black Friday discount code, which you can apply at checkout on a range of watches. Details on the H Samuel and Yema discounts below too.

The code is; DW9FFM

You get an extra 20% off, plus a free watch box.

We spotted a Panerai homage, which looks pretty nice in a rose gold case, with black dial, at £89. Shipping is included by the way.


The High Street retailer is known for sdeals on Citizen, Casio, Bulova and fashion brands like Armani and Boss.

You can get an extra 20% on selected items with the code; EXTRA20 at the Checkout page. That code is only valid until the 15th November, so it’s a kind of pre-BF Sale thing.

We reckon 20% off the Citizen Atomic Time, which is already reduced to £334, is a decent little saving. A Seiko Core Titanium at £155, with an extra 20% off is also worth a look, given that you see many pre-owned Seiko Core watches on eBay at over £80 without any box or papers, wear n tear etc. that seems a bargain for a new one.


There are lots of discounts at the website with the Superman Bronze Gray at $759 looking tempting. There’s also 20% off Yema Superman Heritage automatics.

All deals valid until stock sells out, or Nov 30th.

Veo World: Sustainable Watches, At a Price

As COP26, also known as the Annual Festival of Private Jets, draws to a close in Glasgow, many people are asking, `where can I buy a watch made from recycled ocean waste and Joe Biden’s huge methane production?’

OK, they’re not, but in the spirit of placating the Woke Inquisition, we offer this peek at Votch, Ksana and other watches on the Veo World site. To be fair, they are taking a load of waste and making it into a new watch, plus giving a fair wage to people on the other side of the world. Which is good, right?

They have also thought through the entire supply chain thing, here’s the word from their website;

Created in London in 2019 Ksana is a vegan, cruelty free and environmentally sustainable watch brand. Our watches are well designed and bold.

At Ksana, our true core value is and always has been the environment. We are a cruelty free company and  strive to leave the smallest  environment footprint possible.

All of our watches are 100% vegan and cruelty free and produced in a solar powered factory which recycles both waste and water where possible. The workforce also have high standards of work and safety and are of course fairly paid.

Our boxes and packaging materials are also made from 100% recycled materials and can either be upcycled or recycled once they have completed their job of protecting our products en route to you.


The Votch brand at Veo World also has vegan straps, plus watches made from reclaimed materials. There are some nice minmalist designs on show here but they are a tad dull to look at. There are fans of the Braun watch designs or Mondaine, but these are miles away from those black polo neck designer watch legends.

OK we’ll say it, they look a bit budget and for just under 100 quid, your watch should really look half decent. We applaud the greener production, but come on, let’s have some styling too.


All this green idealism costs big money. £75 for a basic quartz watch is expensive, although people pay lots more for something similar which says Boss, Armani or Michael Kors on the dial.

The gents Votch pictured is £96 and for that money, you can get a nice Lorus, Accurist, or about 10 quartz watches from Ali Express.

Herein lies the problem with sustainable living; it excludes and penalises the working class poor in Europe and the USA. Maybe that’s the idea?


Watch Shopping: St Anns Square Manchester

St Anns Square in Manchester is one of the best places that watch fans can shop this Christmas. Within a few hundred metres you have nearly all the authorised big name Swiss dealers, plus independent watch shops and pawnbrokers.

Bremont has just set up a shop-within-a-shop franchise with Signet, better known as H Samuel and Ernest Jones to UK shoppers. You can also find official dealers for Duckworth Prestex, Ikepod, Junghans, Norqain and QlockTwo – and that’s just at Mappin & Webb.

If you like the luxury watches then Watches of Switzerland’s amazing shop on the main square is a good starting point. Here you’ll find Patek, Rolex, Omega, IWC, Cartier, Vacheron and Zenith. There is usually a burly security guy on the door by the way, checking people in and out, which is good to know if you have just bought a 40K watch.

If you love Rolex then official dealer David Robinson is across the way on the corner and they also have a wide range of pre-owned Rolex models. Very well trained staff in my experience, which is something worth your time if you like collecting a particular genre of Rolex, such as Subs, Daytonas or Sea Dwellers etc.

Walk towards Deansgate and you’ll see the separate Omega and TAG boutiques, plus a large Goldsmiths, multi-brand store. If you duck down that alleyway you will find Boodles on your left at the end as it joins King Street. Not my cup of tea, but undeniable high end watches and jewellery if that’s your thing.

On the way back along Police Street to St Anns Square, you might want to check out Rockefellers jewellers, which has a selection of pre-owned Rolex, Cartier, Breitling etc. Before you do, check Harrington & Hallworth on the corner of King St/Police St as they sometimes have some vintage pre-owned watches under 2K that are really nice quality. Very strong on knowledge at this shop, they know watch history which is a rare thing.

OK, now cross the square and head to the Exchange Arcade, where you will find Mays Pawnbrokers and Jewellers. This has about 15-20 watches in store but it’s part of a bigger chain of shops so they can search their database for you. All pre-owned stuff, they don’t stock new brands.

Neither does the Swiss Watch Shop opposite Mays, which has a big selection of pre-owned Swiss watches, with Rolex, Omega, TAG, Breitling etc being well represented. They will look at PX watches too.

Further along the arcade you’ll find Jenny Jones, who sometimes has the odd ladies vintage watch in store. They don’t really know much about watches tbh there, so skip it imho.

Hope you enjoyed that little watch heaven tour.





Secret Sales: Our Top Picks On Mens Watches

The Secret Sales website is a good place to hunt if you like fashion brand watches, often quartz, but at hefty discounts. Why pay more for Boss, Armani, Kors, Stuhrling or other brand names than you have to?

So what’s new?

Well we spotted a Stuhrling Aviator at £85, which is a decent price for this 44mm wide, military style khaki green watch. Generally it’s priced at about £100-£120 online.

If you like the Roberto Cavalli black dial watch, which is $1100 on their website, then you can buy it here at £355. Still seems a great deal of cash for a Ronda powered quartz chronograph to us though.

If you like the chunky 48mm Hugo Boss Ocean Edition Chronograph then SS have that at £380, slightly cheaper than we found elsewhere – typically £400 or so. This PVD coated black watch has a nice blue dial and certainly makes a statement. If you like big quartz watches then this will float your boat.

More at Secret Sales website here, and we are going to review an Anthony James automatic that we bought a few weeks ago soon.

Crimewatch: Round-Up of Rolex Thieves

Latest round up of Rolex thefts we spotted across the UK;


Ramsdens, like all pawnbrokers, is a target for watch thieves, as they have a wide selection of pre-owned Rolex items in stock. Usually staff are trained to secure the door when customers are in the shop, but thieves often get an accomplice to hold the door open for a moment, pretending to be just another random customer who has turned up 5 mins later.

Police in Preston Lancs have issued a photo of a suspect who asked to see an Oyster Perpetual and then did a runner.


Meanwhile in Birmingham, a thief nabbed a ladies Rolex by doing a strange dance; Local Police released a statement on the trial and conviction;

Police said Abdelhadi Bahou Jabour approached a couple in Birmingham on 10 July and struck up banter.

He then broke out in a dance routine described by police as “part Bruce Forsyth, part Artful Dodger” as he slipped off the woman’s watch. Jabour, from Findern Green, Sneinton, Nottingham, admitted two robberies and an attempted robbery.

After failing to steal the man’s watch, when it snagged on his cuff, West Midlands Police said the 24-year-old jogged away from Colmore Row.

He soon stumbled across another woman wearing a £4,700 Rolex watch, which he also made off with. Jabour is due to be sentenced at Birmingham Crown Court on 6 October.


A jeweller’s shop was targeted using the old Ted Bundy technique of appearing to be slightly injured, or with a disability of some sort. The incident happened around 3.50pm on Tuesday 10 August when a Rolex Submariner watch, valued at £8,995, was stolen.

A man had entered the store using a crutch to aid his mobility. However, after asking to view the watch, he ran out of the store without paying for it.

The man was described as being black, of a medium build and around 5ft 6/7ins in height. Investigating officers have now released an image of a man they would like to speak to in connection with the theft.


Dear Watch Brands: China Is Watching You

Recently Audemars Piguet lost a brand ambassador because of the long-running spat between China and Taiwan, which could lead to war of course. Short-lived war, as nobody would dare try to assist Taiwan, let’s face it.

But the bitter argument raises questions about the views of watch brand amabassadors. How do their values sit with European based, occasionally Woke, watch companies? On this occasiona AP decided that free speech trumped the CCP party line from its ambassador, but how much longer can capitalist companies hold onto such liberal values?

Here’s the AP newswire summary;

Chinese singer and actor Lu Han, a former member of popular K-pop boy band EXO, said Sunday he would cut ties with Swiss luxury watch brand Audemars Piguet after its CEO referred to Taiwan as a country in an interview.

China, which claims Taiwan as its territory, objects to any reference to the self-governing island as a country. Under the one-country policy, other countries have diplomatic relations with either China or Taiwan, but not both.

In a video circulating online, the watch brand’s CEO François-Henry Bennahmias referred to Taiwan as an “ultra-modern, high-tech country” in an interview.

Lu has been an ambassador for Audemars Piguet since 2018. A statement posted by Lu’s studio said he and his team urged the watch brand to apologize in both Chinese and English but failed to reach an agreement with the company, leading Lu to cut ties.

“National interests are above all else, Lu Han and Lu Han’s studio will defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the statement read.


Big brands are always keen to jump onto any virtue signalling opportunity of course, but the issue of accepting that a country actually exists is something that many Swiss watchmakers are going to have to think about.

China remains a huge market for Swiss brands, as the high value products are often used to bribe officials to get things done. Cash has been more or less abolished, and that means every transaction online can be tracesd, so barter is the only solution.

There is another problem for the Swiss; the supply of China assembled parts. Some brands follow the `Swiss Made’ rule closely, which states that 51% of the watch must be made in Switzerland. That leaves 49% from elesewhere. Obviously using Taiwanese manufacturers would be very, very risky in today’s climate of fear.

Now that senile hair-sniffer Joe Biden is in the White House and China has authorised the Taliban to take over Afghanistan, (in order to obtain lithium there,) the matter of hiring brand ambassadors, letting them speak on Instagram and TikTok etc. could seriously damage the finances of any Swiss watch brand who stepped on a social media mine laid by China.

Just saying.