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Tribute Fest at Advisor, As Protege Breaks Cover

Ladies would you like a Cartier Santos watch? Yes, we thought so. But that means forking out a huge amount of cash, plus the risk of being mugged in the street when daring to wear it.

The alternative could be a Protege watch, from Advisor. Here’s the word;

The full steel Protégé timepiece pays tribute to one of the greatest designer in watch history of the 70s. With the squared octagonal shape of its bezel, the angular case integrates seamlessly with the bracelet creates distinction of Protégé’s visual identity.

Its dial appearance is further enhanced with the use of modern material; forged carbon, creating a marble-like surface, making each dial unique in its own way.

This model is on pre-order right now, starting at $370. Here’s the tech specs;


  • Case Design: Squared Octagon Shape (Custom-Made)

  • Case Material: 316L Stainless Stain

  • Case Back: Screwed In, Open Case Back

  • Diameter: 37.5mm

  • Height: 10.5mm

  • Lug Width: 22.5mm

  • Lug to Lug: 46mm

  • Dial: Forged Carbon Dial

  • Date: Date Function at 6

  • Index & Hands: Applied Index

  • Luminous: Swiss Super-LumiNova (C3)

  • Crystal: Sapphire Crystal

  • Movement: Premium Japan-Made Miyota, 9015 Automatic, 28,800 vibrations per hour (VPH)

  • Water Resistance: 100m / 10ATM

  • Straps: Stainless Steel Bracelet + Croc Leather Straps with Links

Pagani Homage to Explorer GMT Ticks All The Boxes

Who wouldn’t like  Rolex Explorer Freccione GMT from the 80s? Classic lines, 40mm case size, fantastic tool watch. However, finding a good one can be expensive, like 20 grand plus expensive. Ouch.

So if you love the style then China based brand Pagani have that all boxed off for you. The 42mm PD 1693 model was launched earlier in 2021 and really captures all the 80s GMT vibe you could want. 200m water resistance, classic orange GMT hand, plus a choice of white or black dials and that 24 hour numbered bezel too.

Inside, there’s a DG auto movement, which is closely based on the Miyota auto found in so many Accurist, Citizen and Bulova watches even today.  Sapphire crystal, 20mm lug width and a steel bracelet, or you can choose a silicone strap.

Price is $104 and that includes shipping.

More here.

Sinn 6060B Worldtimer: Sharp Dressed Man

Sinn has sent us info on their Worldtimer dress watch, which will be available from Feb 2022. It’s a Sellita SW330 powered auto, see-thru caseback and 38.5mm across, so quite compact by modern standards. Here’s the press info;

The first Frankfurt Financial District Watch was unveiled in 1999 and marked a landmark decision for our company. Up until then, the name Sinn Spezialuhren had been synonymous with innovative timepieces specially designed for pilot and diving missions. The expansion towards classic, elegant series proved to be hugely popular with our customers. After all, a Frankfurt Financial District Watch is the perfect accessory for festive occasions or day-to-day business – exhibiting both elegance and the durability typical of Sinn Spezialuhren.

The appeal of this series is now being further enhanced by the new model 6060 B. This watch gains its allure from the blue dial, which is exquisitely finished with a sunburst decoration.

The model also features characteristics that connoisseurs of this series have come to appreciate. For example, the Frankfurt World Time Watch 6060 B is characterised by three time zones that can be read simultaneously. The movement is exquisitely decorated. Particularly eye-catching are the Geneva stripes and blued screws. Sapphire crystal is used for both the watch crystal and the transparent case back, offering an impressive view of the bull and bear rotor engraving.

While the case is made of polished stainless steel, the appliqués attached to the blue dial are luminous, along with the hour and minute hands. The watch is also waterproof and pressure-resistant up to 10 bar and resistant to low pressure.

Model 6060 B comes in a fine wooden case with a stainless-steel fine link bracelet, cowhide strap, a band replacement tool, spare spring bars, an Eschenbach watchmaker’s loupe, a care cloth and a brochure.

Swatch NASA Collection Has a Bioceramic Edge

With Space X sending rockets into the skies, and then landing the boosters back on the Of Course I Still Love You drone ship – yep, the videos are so cool – the time is right for some 60s/70s Spaceman type watches.

So, Swatch Group has launched a new NASA inspired collection, plus it ticks the recycling box as they are using reclaimed plastic waste materials making these watches. Hopefully Elon Musk will sign a deal with a big watch brand to create some amazing Spaxce X watches, or manufacture them in-house. Now that would be interesting.

Here’s the word;

Time is what you make of it, and at Swatch, the sky’s not the limit; dreams are. While the perceptions of NASA differ across generations, one thing remains the same – the space agency’s ability to capture the public’s imagination and desire to explore the stars and new horizons. The brand’s latest collection taps into this feeling, inspiring people to dream big, create their own universe and make the most of their time on earth.

Fueled by a passion for innovation, the Space Collection celebrates NASA and reveals the next chapter of the BIOCERAMIC Swatch story. Two-thirds ceramic and one-third bio-sourced plastic, BIOCERAMIC boasts a silk-like touch and is extremely resilient—the best of both worlds. Three of the five watches feature elements of bio-sourced material and are directly inspired by the spacesuits worn by NASA astronauts.

BIG BOLD CHRONO EXTRAVEHICULAR looks to the iconic white spacesuit for inspiration. First worn in 1983 by NASA astronauts Story Musgrave and Donald Peterson, the white suits shield astronauts from the sun’s radiation.

The white chrono features a 47mm BIOCERAMIC case and a bio-sourced plastic glass. The chrono timer is not set to the usual full hour marker but ten seconds prior and highlighted in red as a nod to the final countdown to liftoff. The crown is positioned at 3 o’clock alongside two pushers, while the red and blue strap loops, hands with Swatch glow and NASA logo complete the design.

The orange Advanced Crew Escape Suit, also known as the Pumpkin Suit, inspires the BIG BOLD CHRONO LAUNCH. The bright orange color of the watch mirrors the highly visible suits worn by astronauts for the ascent into space.

The orange chrono features a 47mm BIOCERAMIC case and a bio-sourced plastic glass. The chrono timer is not set to the usual full hour marker but ten seconds prior and highlighted in red as a nod to the final countdown to liftoff. The crown is positioned at 3 o’clock alongside two pushers, while the blue and white strap loops, silver-colored dial, hands with Swatch glow and NASA logo complete the design.

The BIG BOLD JUMPSUIT echoes the everyday go-to blue jumpsuits astronauts wear for press conferences or working in the NASA facility. The blue watch features a 47mm BIOCERAMIC case and a bio-sourced plastic glass. The crown is positioned at 2 o’clock, while the white strap loops, hands with Swatch glow and NASA logo complete the design.

Rounding up the Swatch Space Collection is TAKE ME TO THE MOON ‘NEW GENT’ with a transparent case, and SPACE RACE ‘GENT’ with a mirror-effect ilver-colored dial.

Watch out for the Swatch Space Collection exclusive set that includes the youngest member of the Swatch family. Available in selected Swatch stores from June 3, 2021.

Breitling’s Digital Passports Could Revolutionise Resale Market

Proof of ownership is crucial when it comes to luxury watches. If you’ve ever tried selling a Swiss watch without box & paperwork, then you’ll know that many UK dealers aren’t keen. They are rightly aware of replica Rolex, Breitling, TAG, AP and many other brands knocking about. Then there’s that thing where angry relatives appear in the shop, saying old Dave had no right selling that watch, it was promised to little Kev, who still has the empty box…you can see how that can go pear-shaped right?

Then there’s the possibility of losing the box and paperwork – that can happen very easily. Suddenly your Navitimer has lost about £500 in resale value. Not good.

So is the answer digital passports? Breitling think so, here’s the word from their press office;

As the first luxury watch brand to extend digital blockchain technology to all of its watches, Breitling is transforming blockchain innovation through a service available to everyone. All of Breitling’s watches produced after October 13 include a digital passport with blockchain – secured by the Arianee protocol – that allows owners to prove the authenticity of their products and the legitimacy of their ownership.

Beyond ensuring the authenticity of each product, the digital passport is at the heart of a new ecosystem of digital services for Breitling watch owners. The passport is automatically connected to Breitling’s digital warranty program powered by Dentsu Tracking, and it also allows owners to initiate and track any repairs to the watch, and soon to extend the warranty period and subscribe to an insurance for theft or loss.

At the heart of Breitling’s vision lies the possibility for watch owners to control their personal data and to remain anonymous, without missing out on an innovative and symbiotic brand–customer relationship in the luxury industry.

The protocol developed by Arianee offers a fixed digital identity that is unique to each product, with blockchain technology ensuring airtight security and privacy.

Digital Wallet

From October 13, 2020, each new Breitling watch includes a private and unique digital passport. Watch owners can simply scan their electronic guarantee card with their smartphone camera to automatically download the private, encrypted digital wallet, which safely stores the digital passport. This passport contains every detail of the owner’s watch, including its serial number, and the product is time-stamped with the activation date of its digital warranty and its purchase. Accessible only through the digital wallet, this passport includes a transfer feature that allows the owner to prove the watch’s authenticity and assess its ownership, as well as an option to transfer the watch if the current owner desires.

This innovative new feature enhances watch ownership, as owners now no longer need to present a physical certificate of authenticity for their Breitling watches. Furthermore, watch owners can safely and securely transfer this certificate in case of resale. With this blockchain-based digital passport, collectors no longer need to retain paper documents, and instead can freely consult with Breitling more efficiently and anonymously thanks to an embedded chat feature.

Through this novel way of proving ownership of luxury watches through digital means, Breitling’s customers can, for the first time, experience a new way to collect watches. Repairs are registered in the certificate with a timestamp in the blockchain, upcoming insurance services are more reactive to issues like loss or theft, and resale warranties enhance the brand experience.

Georges Kern, Breitling CEO:
“The successful launch of the Top Time last March underlined how many benefits Breitling owners could get through a sustained relationship with the brand. This is why, as of today, we are offering the Breitling digital passport with every new Breitling watch without exception! By offering a comprehensive range of innovative services for their watches, we are concretely providing our clients with the inclusivity that characterizes our belief and approach at Breitling. Stay tuned as we are about to announce another significant change for our clients, again increasing the value of our watches.”

Antonio Carriero, Chief Digital and Technology Officer of Breitling:“Here, we are truly making an industry change: we are empowering the customer not only through the watch on their wrist, but also with a digital passport in a secured digital wallet, always providing tailored suggestions throughout the ownership experience. Customer engagement is at the heart of everything we do, so it goes without saying that we will continue to offer additional services to Breitling owners with absolute security and a complete respect for privacy. This is truly what brand innovation should be in 2020: transforming the relationship with our customers.”

Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, co-founder and CEO of Arianee: “Our ambition is to give Breitling the opportunity to develop its own service economy and to transform their customer relationships by proposing a more circular, transparent model for their products. The fact that Arianee’s protocol is completely decentralized gives us the ability to envision the emergence of an open-source technology that is free and available to its users, avoiding all of the negative impacts that larger, more centralized systems have on our daily lives.”

Does this move give you confidence in owning a Breitling, or is it perhaps another way that brands can track and trace owners, plus mither the life out them re servicing and extras? Post a comment if you feel the urge.

On The Run? Don’t Leave Your Rolex in A Safety Deposit Box

A wanted man, Nisa Afzal, fled to Pakistan after his brother was convicted of a £30million mortgage fraud. But he left gold, jewellery and a nice stash of Rolex watches in a safe deposit box, hidden under his former partner’s name. Sadly, the Proceeds of Crime team were on his trail and as UK law allows them to raid your family’s safety deposit boxes, they have now seized around 500K worth of bling.

Here’s the link to the Birmingham Mail story.


Zelos Revives Mako V3 – New Burgundy Fume Dial

Zelos are one of our fave dive watch brands and the reason is simple; great spec for a very reasonable price. You cannot argue at paying around $400 for a 300m dive watch, with a bronze case, sapphire crystal and handsome dial options. Oh yes and super luminova markers and hands too.

The popular Mako V3 is making a comeback, with orders being taken later in September for this Miyota powered model. With a 40mm case the Mako is a watch that will suit mosts wrists, as some 44-45mm watches can feel too big for daily use.

zelos dive watches

There are special launch price discounts, so the range starts at $399. We love the teal dial models, and the green dial/bronze case combo. The early bird discounts end on the 15th October 2020 by the way. After that date, the entry model price shifts up to $499, plus customs charges/shipping.

More info here.

eBay Adds Authentication Service in USA on Watches Over $2000

The online giant, eBay, is launching “Authenticity Guarantee,” a new post-sale authentication service for all watches sold for $2,000 or more in the U.S.

As many enthusiasts know, an eBay watch can often be something of a gamble. That’s why buyers and sellers have been using platforms like Chrono24 and Watchfinder. As Watchfinder is owned by Richemont Group, it tends to give buyers spending over 10K more confidence.

Offering meticulous inspection and verification by independent experts, eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee provides an extra layer of trust and confidence for shoppers, with the Authenticity Guarantee badge.

eBay is also announcing an escrow payment on watches sold for $10,000 or more and unveiling “eBay Channels,” a new app experience. Additionally, the marketplace is cutting seller fees as much as 35% for active managed payments sellers on watches sold over $1,000. Plus offering a 30% discount off final value fees for registered managed payment sellers on watches sold over $2,000.

“For 25 years, watches have been one of the top-selling categories on eBay thanks to the marketplace’s unmatched selection of luxury goods,” said Tirath Kamdar, General Manager of Luxury at eBay.

“We know trust is paramount, so with Authenticity Guarantee and adding escrow services for watches, eBay has evolved to give watch customers exactly what they want – incredible selection with an added layer of confidence through authenticity.”

Meet eBay Authenticity Guarantee
A longtime leader in the luxury watch market, eBay houses one of the largest inventories of new, vintage and pre-owned contemporary and fine watches in the world. Coupled with competitive pricing and no buyer fees, shoppers can find the exact watch they’re looking for at the price they want. Here’s an inside-look at the new service:

  • Incredible Selection of Authenticity Guarantee Badged Items: Shop with confidence by browsing luxury watches with the Authenticity Guarantee badge, which denotes the watch’s eligibility. After purchase and before being shipped to the customer, the piece is routed to a third-party authenticator for thorough assessment.
  • Once verified, it is then shipped via expedited, two-day shipping from the authenticator facility to the customer with signature confirmation upon delivery. eBay covers the cost of authentication, as well as the two-day, secure shipping from the third-party authenticator facility to the buyer.
  • Multi-point Inspection and Authentication Card: Upon receiving the watch, the independent authenticator confirms the item is consistent with the listing title, description, and images, then performs a multi-point physical authentication inspection is performed, focusing on assessment of the crown, bezel, dial, case, clasp/buckle, hands, end links and serial number. Finally, a security tag is attached to the watch.

    All watches verified as authentic come with an Authenticity Guarantee card detailing information such as the brand, model, reference number, movement type, case material, bracelet type, and serial number, as applicable. 

  • Trusted Third-Party Authentication Partners: eBay has partnered with leading industry experts whose services and capabilities have been thoroughly vetted. The independent authentication partners are leaders in their industry, brand certified watchmakers and technicians with years of experience using advanced technical equipment in a state-of-the-art facility.

  • Enhanced Seller Protections: eBay continuously adds more protections for our community of sellers. With this new service, not only is the marketplace attracting more buyers for our seller community, but with intermediated returns, with the additional step of third-party experts physically verifying each item during the return process, sellers can sell with confidence with peace of mind that in the case their watch is returned, it will arrive back in the same condition.

New and Enhanced Luxury Watch Experience
Today, eBay is announcing new features to deliver a more personalized and innovative shopping experience for watch buyers and sellers. eBay is adding the following enhancements, fundamentally changing the luxury watch experience.

  • Escrow Payment: eBay is introducing escrow payment for high value watches to elevate the purchasing process for its buyer and seller communities. In partnership with, the most licensed online escrow company, the new escrow payment experience provides an additional layer of trust when buying and selling luxury watches by ensuring the entire experience proceeds safely and securely for both parties.
  • The buyer is protected as they have the opportunity to inspect the item before payment is released, while the seller is protected by being able to track the transaction at every stage, ensuring payment is received. The feature will begin rolling out in the fall and will be available on all eligible listings from all U.S. sellers by the end of the year.

Here’s how it works:

    • Together with, buyers will pay using escrow services on watches sold for $10,000 or more on eBay.
    • facilitates transactions by keeping the payment in a secure escrow account which is only released when all of the terms of an agreement are met. The buyer will have seven days to inspect and examine the watch, before accepting the item. Once accepted, or if the seven-day inspection period has passed, returns will not be available.
    • For sellers, there is no risk of charge-backs or escrow processing fees.

  • eBay Channels: Users can now enjoy eBay Channels, a new content-led experience on the latest versions of eBay’s iOS and Android apps. The experience, targeted to luxury watch enthusiasts, connects them with inspiration from the luxury watch world and eBay’s selection. The new experience’s feed includes relevant articles, curated inventory, and spotlights top sellers. All of this will provide the chance for collectors to have an immersive journey in the areas they love.
  • Reduced Seller Fees: Beginning September 9, eBay is announcing a reduction in seller fees for certain sellers in luxury watches, boosting its  selection of luxury watches and fine timepieces for the marketplace.
  • For sellers who are active in managed payments, the marketplace is lowering final value fees in the Watches category over $1,000. Managed payment sellers can save up to 35% in final value fees, compared to the final value fees they previously paid. 

    Sellers who sign-up for managed payments, but are not yet active, qualify for a 30% discount on final value fees on watches sold over $2,000. The reduction applies to auction and fixed price listings on the U.S. site. Full details on reduced seller fees will be shared tomorrow.
  • Learn more on September 9 at


One We Missed: Frederique Constant Riva Runabout

Sometimes we miss new watches, and this one slipped beneath the radar. Since Fred Constant is owned by Citizen, we like to check in now and then to see what’s new. Like Lexus and Toyota, the partnership of brands is a good idea, and a brill way of selling luxury whilst sharing development and marketing costs. Here’s the word from Frederique Constant;

In 1988, over 30 years ago, a young and independent family company was established in Geneva, the heart of the Swiss watch industry. Meanwhile, on Italian shores, an association was set up to celebrate La Dolce Vita by preserving the famous Riva, legendary yacht, the first examples of which were made by hand entirely out of wood.

This boat embodied the easy-going Italian way of life from the 20s to the 60s. In 2009, the two entities came closer together, giving rise to a continued partnership, the fruit of which can be seen in the Runabout collection. This year, Frederique Constant is introducing its new Runabout RHS Chronograph Automatic model, available in two limited series each composed of 2,888 pieces.

Tech Details

Housed in a 42 mm steel case, the two new Runabout RHS Chronograph Automatic models share a tricompax chronograph (12 o’clock – 6 o’clock – 9 o’clock) powered by the automatic FC-392 calibre, ensuring a power reserve of 46 hours. The Swiss origins of these timepieces are revealed through the guilloché dial – a traditional finish in Swiss Made Fine Watchmaking – either anthracite grey or silvered, depending on the edition.

It also comes in a presentation box complete with a model of the 1920s style Italian lakes motorboat. Very cool.

Price? We saw one on Chrono24 for £3450.


Sharp Edged Seiko Presage Offers Stand Out Style, Japanese Reliability

The Seiko Presage is one of my fave watches, in fact I bought one last year. The case size is just right, the later Seiko movements can be wound rather than shaken into life, and I love the play of light on the dial. The Presage shimmers a bit, and for an everyday dress watch, that’s an extra touch.

So the new Presage Sharp Edged models just released are interesting, in that the dial gets a much more aggressive look. Definitely sharper, with more angles and hollows to catch the eye. It’s good that the bracelet finish has been upgraded too as the one on my 2019 Presage feels a bit £100 watch, rather than a £300 model.

Here’s the word from Seiko;

The Seiko Presage Sharp Edged Series case and bracelet incorporate many flat surfaces that have a modern sharpness that allows the watch to shine and sparkle from every angle. Three of the four watches in the new series have a super-hard coating that protects the case and bracelet from scratches and also endows it with a long-lasting brilliance.

The precisely engineered and polished surfaces and the crisp edges of its silhouette contrast with the subtle hairline finish to create a pleasingly multi-dimensional effect.

Seiko-Presage-Sharp-Edged green

The dial incorporates a Japanese Asanoha or hemp leaf pattern, familiar in Japanese culture for its use in design since the Heian period over a thousand years ago. The fibers that make up the plant’s stem were traditionally used to make fabrics and the leaf pattern holds a special importance in Japanese culture as it symbolizes rapid, strong growth and was thought to bring good health, especially to the young. The rich texture and intricacy of the dial’s sharply edged geometric pattern create a subtle color gradation as they play with the light at different angles.

Seiko-Presage-Sharp-Edged four colour range


Four interpretations reflecting the craftsmanship of Presage

The series comprises four new watches, each offering a dial with a different traditional Japanese color; Shironeri, an unbleached silky white, Aitetsu, or indigo iron, Tokiwa, the color of evergreen trees and Susutake, a brown-toned smoked bamboo. The watches are all powered by the 24 jewel Caliber 6R35 which delivers a power reserve of 70 hours. The glass material is sapphire crystal, and the exhibition case back, also in sapphire, reveals the delicate finishing of the movement. All four watches will be available from September 2020 at Seiko Boutiques and selected retail stores worldwide.