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Kickstarter: SOVRYGN Skeleton is A Budget Winner

We love Kickstarter projects and this one should appeal to anyone who loves a skeleton movement, or a striking green dial.

Both are features of the SOVRYGN Successor model, which comes in automatic or quartz formats. Miyota power for the auto and there’s nothing wrong with that. The steel case features a sapphire crystal plus a sapphie see-thru caseback on the auto model, plus some nice superlume detailing. There’s a slightly square shaped quartz model with gold painted/plated case too.

The skeleton dial features a map of Nigeria, which is the home country of the SOVRYGN founder and the dial plate is made from carbon fibre. Leather straps or steel bracelets are available. There are also multi-buy options and discounts on the Kickstarter page too. It’s a novel twist on the Indie watch format, although some details don’t look that well finished to us, like the screws on the caseback for example. Just a minor detail, but they would look better set flush into the caseback, not indented.

The bottom line however is that the automatic SOVRYGN costs just £230 or therabouts, depending on the Canadian dollar exchange rate. That isn’t a bad price for a brand new automatic that looks as tasty as this one with see-thru features from both sides of the case. More details here, still four weeks to go on funding and delivery due in March 2021.


Fancy a Watch Made From Rocket Boosters?

Werenbach, a small watch studio located in Zurich, Switzerland, claims to be the maker of the world’s first ‘rocket watch’. Since devising the idea more than eight years ago, they travelled to the steppes of Kazakhstan to gather burned out material from space rockets. Now they’re using that alloy to craft timepieces.  More information on Werenbach can be found here.

The Sellita SW200 powered Soyuz model will sell at £460 on the early bird offer. Or you can buy a Soyuz Superlative model, powered by a Soprod Newton movement, for £826. One unusual feature is the aluminium cases on the watches, rather than steel – you can get models with stainless steel bracelets though. There’s a date window, sapphire crystal, protected winding crown design and a see-thru, open heart caseback on some models as well.

The company are crowdfunding the watches on Kickstarter – more info below:

 project video thumbnail

Kickstarter: Oceanica Stingray is Long Island Ice Cool

Oceanica Watch Company is a small microbrand based on Long Island, New York. It’s been around since early 2018 and this is their latest model on Kickstarter.

Witha  200m depth rating, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, steel case and 42mm case it ticks all the right boxes, and a trusty Seiko NH35 movement inside means that the retail price is more than affordable too. The project has already been funded by the way, so it’s going into production and deliveries are expected to start shipping in December 2020.

One thing we really love about this watch is the bracelet which looks well made and superbly finished, here’s the word from Oceanica;

`Another new upgrade is the Oceanica branded custom H-LINK screw bracelet. This bracelet is of great quality and I really had to go out of my way to get this done. It is a 22mm bracelet with Solid end links and tapers down to 18mm at the custom clasp. All of the links are held in by screws on one side. The bracelet itself features a matching brushed finish to the case of the watch. The clasp is signed with our Shark Logo and features a custom milled clasp with chamfered polishing on the sides for some visual excitement as well as SIX micro adjustments!’

oceanica steell blet stingray

Available in blue or black dial options it is priced at £183 on the early bird discount deal, which you have to say is excellent value for money. Try getting a 200m Swiss dive watch at twice that price. You can buy a pair for £344. Amazeballs. Can’t fault it.

oceanica stingray 2

More details at the Oceanica website here. 


Kickstarter Watches: Clockworks Cashmear Offers Custom Options

Clockworks Cashmear are doing something different. They’re offering quartz or automatic watches with interchangeable bezels, hands and sials, so that buyers can change the look of the watch according to their mood. Bit like owning a Fiat 500 but fitting new accessories and changing the paintwork yourself.

Cashmear is run by a Canadian engineer and he reckons that they’ve perfected the tricky business of letting owners swap parts like dial, hands and bezel, witha  few turns of the winding crown.

Now, having worked with watches for six years, I can tell you that it is incredibly difficult to remove hands and then re-fit them, unless you have the correct tools, a steady hand and a dial protector in place. So how this can be accomplished by clicking the crown is something I would love to see. Surely the dial must be dropped gently onto the movement, then the hands put in position, with hour and minute aligned correctly, before the new bezel and crystal is laid over the top?

The Clockworks Cashmear appears to have a sort of release clutch wheel on the cannon pinion, so we are guessing this is the clever – patent panding – tech that offers the customisable options. Early buyers of the ETA 2824 powered automatic at approx £540 get a silver hands/dial option. If you want say three different colour options, then the entire caboodle is around £830 on the early bird deal.

It is an interesting idea, but having seen some cack-handed `expert’ watch collectors in the shop pull crowns out completely, key wind fusee pocket watches the wrong way, or bring in vintage watches with a scratched back because they tried to open the case on an Omega Seamaster with a kitchen knife, I’d say owner malfunction is a serious possibility.

Kickstarter Watches; Australian Brand Galvin Funds Project in 6 Minutes

Watches are hot on Kickstarter right now with money pouring in rapidly for some designs. The latest we spotted is Galvin, a brand based in Sydney, and run by Susan Galvin.

Featuring a Miyota automatic the Alku model comes with a black or white dial, plus a range of high quality leather straps. The 39mm case is steel with a sapphire crystal and see-thru caseback. The Miyota movement inside gets a Galvin engraved rotor just to spice it up a bit.

The dial design is super clean and elegant, and the blue hands set against the white dial really look spot-on. It’s a handsome watch and a solid debut model for Galvin.

galvin watch 3

The early bird price of £275 is pretty fair for a Miyota powered auto, although you can buy an Citizen powered by a Miyota for about £120, or a Seiko Presage auto for about £250 online.

More details at the Galvin Kickstarter page here.

Bowrington Bronze: Inspired by Naval History of Hong Kong

Bowrington are an indie brand based in Hong Kong and have delved into naval history to find inspiration ofr this vintage 42mm bronze cased automatic. Featuring a nice aged patina, lume on dial, vintage leather strap and tropical style dial colour, it’s on Kickstarter right now and heading towards its funding target.

Dubbed HMS Tamar, this watch marks the sinking of the Tamar in Hong Kong harbour during World War Two, when the British base there came under attack from the Japanese.

HMS Tamar was actually a Victorian era ship, powerd by sails and steam engines. In the early 20th century it had been converted into a floating base at HK, serving as an admin centre, training barracks etc. It was towed out into the harbour and scuttled as the Japanese attacked on 11th December 1941, during a night-time attack. The Tamar held air in the hull for some time and would not sink, so the British gun battery had to shoot holes into it to make sure it vanished benath the waves. The wreckage was discovered in 2015 and the anchor is on display in HK today.

bowrington bronze 42mm case

OK, back to the watch. The Bowrington is owered by a trusty Seiko NH35 movement, this is a budget auto for collectors who want that classic bronze/steampunk vibe. It has a 22m lug width, so you can choose another vintage strap or bracelet if you like. The watch is rated at 200m depth and the winding crown is also bronze by the way.

At just £211 on the early bird price, this is a very good value automatic watch and one of the cheapest bronze cased watches we have seen on the market recently.




Kickstarter: STROND DC-3 Pilot is a Top Value 1930s Homage

We checked out the STROND DC-3 pilot watch on Kickstarter and liked what we saw. Powered by the trusty Seiko NH35 movement, with a sapphire crystal, see-thru caseback and chunky leather strap – or canvas option – this is a vintage style pilot watch, that captures the 1930s era of international flight.

With a 42mm case this is a mid-sized automatic that you can wear every day. Choice of black or cream coloured dial. Delivery is expected in November 2020, and prices start at just £249 which is very good value we think.

Updated 15.12.2020; The watch is now available for delivery from the Strond website, but the price is now £369

strond pilot 2

We love the onion crown and hands featuring a little splash of red near the tip. It is a really good looking watch for the money and no, we ain’t on commission!

More details here.



Boldr’s Limited Editions Offer Decent Spec & Value

We love Indie watch brands here because it’s all about making a dream reality; manufacturing on demand basically.

So a scout around Boldr Supply’s website today highlighted some limited edition models that are still available and may tempt you. Love bronze? The BOLDROdyssey Bronze comes with a Marine Grade CuSn8 bronze case, which will develop a unique patina with time and use – creating a distinctive character for each and every Odyssey Bronze watch that’s worn.

BlueOdysseyLume Boldr

This organic individualization perfectly represents the BOLDR ideal, letting each watch and wearer tell their own unique story. The Odyssey’s signature bezel, which has also been updated with new markings for added functionality.

Boldr bronze odyssey


Featuring an extremely robust bronze case meant for actual diving, the Odyssey can ride rough with an ultra-tough high-resistance screw-down case back, rated for up to 500m water resistance, and a screw-down crown with triple lock mechanism. A resilient Japanese Automatic movement and special helium escape valve also make sure your watch stays strong under any pressure and is tried and tested for your toughest challenges.

There’s a 45mm case size on this model and an NH35 Seiko auto movement inside. At $649 we think that’s a very impressive dive watch for the money. Just the blue dial and green dial options left in stock on the BOLDR Odyssey model by the way.

The slimmer Expedition Everest model has a 41mm case, Sellita SW200 power, 200m depth, plus SuperLumiNova on the dial. Plus inner rotating bezel and rubber strap. Great go-anywhere tool watch for $599.

New LIV Rebel Range Kicks Ass on Kickstarter

The new LIV Watches Rebel range is an instant hit on Kickstarter with over $1.7m in funds pledged. That’s impressive. More importantly, the watches in the Rebel range look the business too.

LIV gulf racing rebel

Top of the class is the AR Sellita SW200 powered automatic , which looks brilliant in Le Mans/Sebring/Gulf inspired racing colours. That one costs from $460 which is very good value we reckon, limited to 770 pieces.

LIV rebel blue dial

The Rebel AC chrono models are also brilliant value, with sapphire crystals, a range of very tasty dial colours and designs. We love the chamfered chrono pushers on this one. Limited to 500 pieces and starting at $740 on Kickstarter with the early bird discount.

There’s a three hand automatic too, for those who fancy a very clean, striking looking Swiss powered everyday watch. Blue, grey, black and orange are mongst the dial colours on those Rebel models by the way.

LIV rebel orange dial quartz

Even the quartz models look really sharp (above) and with prices starting at $259 you can’t say that you’re not tempted to order a fiery orange model. Great work, LIV are really on the up and raising the bar for many Indie brands.




New on Kickstarter: Reverie Diver, Offers Miyota Power, 3 Dial Colour Options

The Reverie diver watch, from the Singapore based company, is on Kickstarter right now, with a cost of £270 shipped to the UK. Delivery is expected in December if the funding target is reached and it should make it, as the Reverie Diver was at 66% of target today with 21 days to go.

They also have a nice Meca-Quartz powered GT chronograph on the site and good to go now.

OK, here’s the tech spec on the Diver project from Reverie Watches website;

  • 316L Stainless Steel Case. Dimensions: 40mm diameter, 43mm lug-to-lug, 11mm thickness and 20mm lug-width. Brushed and high-polished surfaces for contrast. 120-click unidirectional rotating bezel also provided.
  • Miyota 9039 Movement. Premium Japanese automatic movement with a 42 hours power reserve, hacking seconds function and high frequency of 28,800 per hour. Expect a smooth sweeping seconds hand.
  • Movement Engraving. The Japanese ‘Seigaiha’ pattern (i.e. “blue sea and waves”) is engraved on the rotor as a tribute to the movement’s Japanese roots and the watch’s aquatic theme.
  • reverie diver watch automatic
  • Guilloché Dial with 3 Color Choices. Double-layer dial with our signature guilloché effect displays different color tones depending on lighting conditions. Choose from: (1) navy; (2) olive green; and (3) warm grey.
  • Super-LumiNova. 2 types of Super-LumiNova luminous material aid reading the time in the dark: BGW9 (blue) on the hands and C3 (green) on the hour markers and bezel marker. Super-LumiNova is the benchmark for the luxury watch industry.
  • Sapphire Crystal. Sapphire crystal with AR-coating minimises glare when telling the time. Sapphire is scratch-resistant as it is nearly as hard as diamond.
  • Screw-Down Crown & 20ATM Water Resistance. Water resistance up to a depth of 200m, The screw-down crown further improves water resistance.
  • Adjustable Tapered Bracelet. The brushed stainless steel bracelet includes: (1) a 6mm taper for comfort; (2) on-the-go adjustability allowing you to adjust the bracelet by up to 11mm quickly; and (3) easy removal design allowing you to swap out the bracelet for another strap without a tool.
  • Additional Rubber Strap. 20mm wide strap which tapers down to 18mm at the buckle. The strap will also have an easy removal design allowing you to change straps without a tool.
  • Limited Quantities. Limited edition with each watch’s number engraved on the case-back. Like all other Reverie collections, we do not reproduce any designs once sold out.
  • Watch Roll. Each watch comes with a leather travel roll which fits up to 4 watches.
  • Free Worldwide Shipping. Complimentary tracked shipping via DHL Express.
  • Warranty. 2 year international repair warranty provided.