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Bremont C Type Jag Has a Classic Elegance

Bremont have carved out their own niche in UK watchmaking and classic car affinity watches are a big part of that. Same with Breitling for Bentley really, except we like the sharp, clean looks of this new C-Type better than the Cluedo library vibe the Bentley has.

Here’s some inspirtation/history from Bremont;

In 1948 Jaguar launched its first post-war sports car at The London Motor Show, the Jaguar XK120. Inspired by its design, the XK120 C was later introduced in 1951, which became widely known as the Jaguar C-type for ‘Competition’ and renowned as a pioneering race car exuding elegance and sophistication.

The car was a huge success and unbeatable on the track due to its curvy aerodynamic aluminium bodywork, sophisticated dual-overhead cam 3.4 litre straight sixengine culminating in winning the 1951 and 1953 celebrated 24 hours Le Mans Race and setting a new lap record in the process.

The C-type was the first ever race car to use pioneering disc brake technology.


Good question. If you compare to say a TAG Monaco, then I think we are in the same territory, in that both have respectable Swiss movements, but nothing ground breaking. Similar price point and motorsport heritage too.

Bremont take a Swiss engine and modify it, so it’s a bit like Alpina BMW, or AMG Merc.

You get a 42 hour reserve from the in-house, modified 27 jewel movement. Domed sapphire crystal has an AR coating, plus the retro strap looks elegant and the date window is nice and bold, in proportion we would say. Like the red zone tachometer detail too.

The issue for collectors is whether the Bremont C-Type will hold the same value as a Monaco after say 5 years? Probably not I would say, based on the lack of interest when I was selling them in a pawnbrokers a few years back – many blokes simply have no clue about Bremont and aren’t interested. They want a Rolex, Breitling, TAG, Omega or Patek. They want an investment and status symbol.

In that regard Bremont are always going to struggle. But yes, this is a superb looking chronograph and if you want to buy British, it is assembled right here in England.

More here.


Storm Pinnacle: Fashion Watch For Shapeshifters

Well, not exactly. But the dial is able to change colours, depending on the light and angle, because this watch has a special crystal. Here’s the word from Storm and it’s available in turqoise and a damask red, as well as this electric blue.

​The STORM Pinnacle is a bold and contemporary watch with photochromic glass which enables the dial to change through a range of intense colours under different lighting.

The large chunky case has an open side design revealing its raised cut glass. The graduated dial is numbered at 3, 6, 9 and 12 with luminous details which glow in the dark enabling you to view the time in low light conditions. The case width is 43mm btw, so pretty chunky on the wrist.

Quartz movement as you would expect.

The Pinnacle has a thick mesh Interchangeable strap with quick release pins, allowing the strap to be changed for a different look.

It retails at £109.99. More here.

SINN Opens Dresden Watch Servicing Centre

Some news from SINN watches;

An important step towards the future, promoting growth and further development – this is the watchword for Sinn Spezialuhren’s new branch in Dresden, with a clear focus on service provision and assembly. 

From 18 May, 18th this additional site, located at “Kleine Brüdergasse 1 – 5 in Dresden”, will be managed by Nora Kumpf.

Focusing on the future, she and her deputy Martin Schwandner are both looking forward to supporting and expanding the customer service operation in Frankfurt am Main. There will also be four watchmakers working at the SINN Dresden branch.

In opening this branch, Sinn Spezialuhren is seeking not only to enhance its customer service operation but also to expand the overall service. In this respect, the administrative management and processing for the customer service operations performed in Dresden will be handled through the headquarters in Frankfurt am Main.

Dr. Robert Franke, Head of the Office for Economic Development, underlined at the opening ceremony:

“Once again, a well-established company is settling in Dresden because our well-trained specialists are known far beyond the city limits. With them, Sinn Spezialuhren will write the next chapter of successful company history at the site. “

The premises in Dresden do not provide for a personal reception of end customers.

Dan Henry 1945 Nails That Military Look

Dan Henry make some very nice retro watches and the new 1945 model, which marks the end of WWII, really does float our Bailey Bridge here at NWC mag.

The metallic bezel and case give that functional look, the black dial option, or the panda both have cockpit style appeal and the Cathedral hands are the finishing touch. You get a tachymetre track so you can work out your average speed when flying too – nice detail.

Quartz movement inside the 41.5mm case, GMT hand, plus those piston topped pushers. Double dome sapphire crystal too, plus a Spitfire graphic on the caseback. All adds up to great value at $280.

More here.

Timex T80 Goes Puple Rain

Purple is definitely one of the in colours this year for watches. Now that may not matter a jot to you, as you proudly continue to wear 90s baggy tops and jeans like Bez n Sean are still twisting your melon man..

If you’re baffled, no worries. It’s a Happy Mondays reference and if you haven’t discovered their hits, then give it a listen sometime. I digress again, let’s examine the spec on this Timex T80 which has a cool 80s vibe about it.

You can get a milspec green one, which is more Ukraine $30 billion dollar freedom fighter if you prefer. Both have a night light, timer, alarm, expanding steel bracelet and 30m of water resistance. Retail is £65, which is a bit more than the classic Casio retro digital models, which start at about £30 online and rise to £55-ish for the bigger 36mm case variants.

Entry level on the Casio is about 33mm, but you get the same 30m resistance and a steel strap.

One for sure, buying a new 80s digital watch is way cheaper than trying to get an original example repaired. More at the Timex UK site here.

MVMT Adds Midnight Blue Chrono

Fashion brand MVMT has added a midnight blue colour option to its quartz powered chronograph.

The watch sells at £269 and has old school pushers, minimalist hands and dial layout, plus a mineral crystal. It’s a big 45mm wide watch and the strap is ceramic material as well as the case, so you get that smooth, luxury feel that Rado fans know and love.

Would we like a bigger date window? Yes, that 4 o’clock one is a tad small.

But at considerably less cash than a Rado chrono. OK, this is a fashion brand watch, not a Swiss quality product. But if you like the look of it, find out more here.

Looking For a Luxury Alarm Clock?

If you are then this new one from Mondaine should be just the ticket. In grey, green or blue dial colours, it has that Swiss railway vibe that Mondaine fans know and love. Plus it retails at $230. Yep. Not cheap. Just like a rail ticket in Switzerland in fact.

For that sum you get an aluminium case, a stand, or you can wall mount it. Plus a quartz movement.

Yes, it looks very nice. But it’s one for the fanbois. Or fangoirls.

More here.



Zodiac Embraces Bold Vintage Colours

Zodiac are lovin’ bold colours this summer, with new additions to the Super Sea Wolf range.  There’s a grass green/orange bezel option, an all blue dial/bezel combo and a brilliant white in the line-up.

Otherwise the SSW is unchanged, with 200m of water resistance, a steel case and bracelet, automatic movement and a 40mm case width. It’s an attractive all-rounder as well as a dive watch, although at £1495 it’s expensive for the spec.

Rivals? Lots of indie brand divers at 200m of resistance and if you like bright colours the new Christopher Ward C65 Aquitaine has plenty of blue or green dial options, some with bronze cases too, at about £1100 or less, depending on spec.

Then there are Certina, Baltic, Magrette, Enoksen, Squale, Invicta and yeah…that Japanese brand Seiko makes a few nice divers under £1000 too.

More Zodiac info here.


Ball Engineer 1917: GMT For Modern Explorers

The latest from Ball Watches in Switzerland, celebrating that polar explorer chap Shackleton. Here’s the word;

The 41mm Engineer III Endurance 1917 GMT features our Manufacture GMT Caliber RRM7337-C – a true GMT chronometer – wrapped in a 904L stainless steel case and shining with micro gas tube luminosity.
Three complementary models are also available, each designed with unique features yet united by incomparable brightness and high-quality build.
Limited to 1000 pieces each, the series is now available for pre-order until 01 June 2022 at an exclusive price. The entry level is £1260 and the range topper in green is £2190 on a steel bracelet.
Our fave is the ice blue dial model, which fits that polar theme of course. Nice cyclops on the date and dare we say it, that blue is er..Tiffanyesque? So yeah, you get that latest Rolex vibe without the waiting list.
Verdict; worth a look on pre-order at £1990, as this is a COSC grade GMT, Swiss made too. Rivals include the TAG Aquaracer GMT at about 2K, the Oris Aquis GMT, maybe the Breitling Avenger GMT has more investment potential long term, although it retails at about £3500 new?
More from Ball here.

Watch Picks: Timex New Arrivals

It’s always worth looking at the latest models from Timex.

We love them because yeah, it’s a fashion brand, but they market their heritage with some elan.  OK, the modern ones aren’t going to be truly collectable, but hey, they do the timekeeping job with more panache than many other fashion brands in the same price range.

Yes Daniel Wellington, Kors, MVMT, Boss, Armani, Cluse etc. we are looking at you.

Here’s our picks from the latest new Timex stuff then.


We have a Midtown model featuring a 38mm case which is kinda in vogue this year after the Rolex releases earlier in the year. Plain, simple dial, bit small on the date window maybe? But overall, a classic design with mineral crystal for £130.

Details like the QR strap and globe logo on the caseback add a little something, but it’s still expensive for what it is. Rivals like the Accurist Classic, (£70) MVMT Classic (£50) offer budget options. We also saw an Orient quartz on Amazon for £120 with a three hand, white dial design.


We love the blue and white dial variants on the Expedition Sierra models. Again, a tiny date window lets down a classic field watch design and it has the Indiglo push button illuminator for night time.

At £79 this one makes a viable alternative to a Seiko auto field watch, which can be had online for just over £100.

Priced at £80 this is more affordable.


The 40mm Waterbury Classic has a bold white dial, easy to read numbers and er…a gold tone crown. Nope, we don’t see why you’d fit a gold crown onto a steel case either. On the upside it has the Indiglo night light plus a mineral crystal and QR strap. Practical? Yes indeed.

However, at £100 this one is too spicy for us and we think the retro Sekonda 1960s model offers more style for about £30-£40 less.

More info at the Timex UK website.