Bell & Ross Green Lum is Crazy Genius

Why? Not because it does anything really different from the usual square cased BR models, but it’s the quirky all-over green lume. You have to admit it stands out. It’s in-your-face and OK yes, a bit gimmicky perhaps, but watch brands need to stand out from the pack in today’s crowded – and declining – market. It’s called the Green Lum too, which is kinda like a manga comic book hero. Cool name. Different.

Let’s not mince words, there are more expensive watches out there over £1000 than there are collectors right now.

Which is why we think the BR X5 will attract those collectors who like to be different, and be seen to choose something away from the mainstream Rolex, Breitling, Omega, TAG etc pack. Dare wesay this has a touch of Casio G-SHOCK in its bright, crazy frong greenery? We dare. It’s good to study the competition sometimes and see that Casio are reaching younger collectors happy to spend over £2500 on a waterproof digi watch, with radio, timer and a vivid camo carbon case design.

So we say go green, even if it does retail at £12,000. No wait a second…this has gone too far.

Yep, it has an automatic movement with 70 hours of reserve, sapphire crystal, 41mm titanium case, that aircraft clocks type dial and green light oozing from every angle after dark. But come on, twelve granddd?

Verdict; Silly. Build your own Bamford Monaco or something for three grand less.

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