Suppose You Want Deep Dive 1000m For Under £300?

If you love deep dive watches that can handle 1000m then there are very choices on the market. Sure, you can pay a fortune to Rolex, Blancpain or others but when it comes to mainstream Swiss, British, German or Indie brands then 300m tends to be the limite, at least for something affordable to the everyday enthusiast. Often you are loking at paying over £1000 for something that can handle super deep pressures.

One exception is Steeldive who do a 1000m automatic for $359. Worth a look. But hats off to Enoksen who have brought this Belfast made 1000m watch in at under 300 Sterling.

Enoksen have a new quartz version of their 1000m dive model the E11/AQ and it’s a classic tool watch. No frills, just super tough construction, Swiss quartz movement inside and 44mm wide so you have a chance of seeing the watch at depth. Yep, it’s dark down there. There’s lume on the hands and bezel so you can calculate those precious minutes of air supply too.

Here’s the word from Enoksen;

“The crown, usually located at the 3 o’clock position, has been moved to 4 o’clock in order to create a screw-down watertight seal. This allows it to be easier to operate and better shielded. The dial has been designed with direct consultation and field testing to ensure the most pertinent information is clear and present.

The E11/AQ comes with a unique feature set: 100 ATM (1,000 meters) water resistance, Helium Escape Valve, Ceramic bezel, Sapphire Crystal, two straps, and last but not least – a Swiss quartz movement with a 5-year battery life. Hand built in Belfast by our own watchmakers, this is a truly unique watch, which is being used by professional divers and serious hobbyists around the world.”

Best feature? The price which is just £295. Absolute bargain we say and no, we aren’t on a referral scheme commission…

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