Ball’s Engineer EOD is a Tough All-Rounder

There’s a bunch of feelings you get if you drop an expensive watch. Dread, fearing the worst while looking at the second hand to see if its still ticking, then usually a bit of self-loathing anger for being so clumsy assuming it now has a big scratch on the crystal or bezel. But few of these emotions will be felt if you own a Ball Engineer EOD, which is designed to withstand a fall from 10 metres, that is about 33 feet in old english measurements.

Yeah, a sudden thump onto the ground might still mark the case or crystal, but at least the watch will still work. There’s an upside.

The 42mm wide watch has a steel and titanium case, gas tube lume, plus a chunky winding crown protector too. It boasts lots of gauss protection to stop magnetic force affecting the movement, plus a tough balance wheel assembly shock absorption system as well. Engraved caseback can be personalised too.

It’s a chunky watch at over 13mm high and has that rugged explorer/Milspec look, very much a tool watch. It can handle 300m underwater too, which is a bonus, so it’s a dive watch that can bump a rocky ledge or two. All round skillset you might say.

Here’s the word from Ball;

“Purpose-built from the ground up for the US Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal, this is shock resistance for the most adverse missions imaginable. The Engineer Hydrocarbon EOD’s movement can withstand a 10-meter free fall and keep running, made possible by patented technology. Our pioneering elastomer ring joins forces with our SpringLOCK® and SpringSEAL® anti-shock systems to shield the COSC movement and ensure relentless precision. Encased in titanium-steel and illuminated by micro gas tubes, the EOD tool watch strengthens our pedigree of jaw-dropping toughness.”

It’s on pre-order, starting at £2760. More here.


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