TAG Carrera Celebrates Porsche 911/Carrera Heritage

TAG has a new Porsche tie-in watch on the market, available in two variants. The watch celebrates the lasting legacy of the Porsche 911 sports car, sometimes sold as the Carrera too. Bill Gates, that well know climate change activist is believed to own a collection of the iconic rear engined sportscars. But that’s OK, he’s rich, we are just climate deniers…

Anyhoo, there are two versions, one of which is a gold case model retailing at over £20,000. That’s just silly money frankly. The silver grey dial steel model, with its red accents and detailing, is more affordable and more interesting to look at we think.  Inside there’s a Cal TH20-08 movement with 80 hours of reserve. Date window at 6 o’clock, plus a see-thru caseback. Liking the box type sapphire crystal on the front too.

It’s still over £8000, which is kinda cheeky for any TAG Heuer in today’s harder wristwatch market. As an investment it makes no sense, you have to buy this because you love it and probably love Porsche 911s too.

Here’s the word from TAG;

In a remarkable collaboration that began in 2021, TAG Heuer and Porsche united in a global partnership, celebrating their history and values of quality, innovation, and prestige. Together, they proudly present their new showstopper: the TAG Heuer Carrera Chronosprint x Porsche, designed in two versions.

This launch pays homage to the momentous celebration of the 60th anniversaries of the TAG Heuer Carrera collection as well as the Porsche 911 (originally called 901). Merging elements from both the watch and the car, these timepieces offer an unparalleled timekeeping experience. With the new release, speed and precision converge, capturing the essence of the original Porsche 901’s remarkable achievement: reaching 0-100 km/h in a mere 9.1 seconds, an enhanced milestone as the history of the 911 unfolds.

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