Fancy Being a Watch Company Shareholder?

Enoksen are a great value dive watch brand. Why? Simple equation; more depth for less cash.

Try buying a 1000m rated Swiss dive watch and you may be required to spend over five grand, maybe ten grand. But Enoksen do a deep dive bronze case model, with a Swiss Sellita movement, for under 1200 sterling. That’s what we are talking about. They also make some nifty GMT, deco, driver and chronograph models, which start at £295 for the Seiko VK powered watches.

Value for money and tool watch pro stuff, it’s a winning combo. Now Enoksen are thinking bigger and doing the crowdfunding thing. Sure, we love Kickstarter watches but this approach is slightly different in that you can buy a slice of the company, with a share option matching your investment level. Entry level is £250, serious level is £5000. You also get perks like discounts, invites to events.

Here’s the word;

There will also be special editions reserved for co-investors, and you will be invited to our events across tennis and sailing. Investing in Enoksen is an opportunity to become part of our journey, and to enjoy attractive returns on your investment. Crowdfunding investment begins at as little as £250 and up to the limits you are comfortable with. In the first round we are looking to raise £150,000.

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