Happy Birthday Oris, Let The Purple Reign

A purple dial says two things; one you’re a member of the British Royal Family, or secondly, you just love to stand out from the crowd. Sure every man and his sheepdog own a few blue dial watches, but purple? That’s 70s disco, 80s Prince album.

Oris do this Holstein edition thing every June 1st, which is their birthday. This year, it’s been 119 years of watch production, so the theme is purple for the Aquis, plus they removed the date feature. Apparently some Oris fan site fancied that clean dial look for the Holstein edition.

Nice touch…and oh heck, what’s that, a bear in a scuba mask on the caseback? Oh dear. Yes, I know Peanuts watches sell by the boatload, lots of other cartoon characters too, but for me it’s a kids watch graphic. It doesn’t belong on a watch that a grown up would invest £3000 in.

Just an opinion. That’s all.

It retails at £3300 and there are just 250 pieces being made. More here at the Oris site. 

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