TAG Monaco Skeleton: Nice Colours, Bit Too China Focused?

There is no doubt that China loves skeleton dial watches. If you check out Ali Express you’ll see tons of them there, in every case design, every segmented dial, tourbillon, open heart, twin balances etc. Then there are brands like Corum, ostensibly Swiss but very much a China owned brand these days, with a range of skeleton dial watches.

So it’s good marketing from TAG/LVMH to launch a range of Monaco watches, with blue, grey or turquoise accents and lots to see on the dial.

But are they as classic, elegant and collectable as the trad Monaco watches in blue, or Gulf Racing colours? Nope, never will be either in my humble opinion. The skeleton dial dilutes the legend, by binning its 60s pitlane purity. Even the standard black dial TAG Monacos look more appealing than these baubles of CNC machining.

Inside is the Cal 02 movement, with 80 hours of power, as seen in cheaper Monaco models. Yep, you get a nice view of that movement, 39mm titanium case and a colour coded strap too, but over £9000 for a Monaco? The steel models start at £6500 and frankly represent much better value if your heart is set on owning a Monaco. Arguably more authentic too, tapping into that 60s Le Mans style that never ages.

We say buy a classic Monaco instead, this skeleton dial range is strictly for those with more money than taste.


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