Summer Watches: Seiko Prospex PADI: Great Blue For You

It’s hard to go wrong with a 300m Seiko Prospex Great Blue `Samurai’ dive watch, all summer long.

Big 44mm wide case, well just under, plus a sapphire crystal, beautiful dial and a fair price. So many Seiko models are now over a grand new and that makes this PADI edition a winner at £550 for us. It’s only got 200m of resistance, which is 100m less than many rivals, but that Seiko name carries weight in the pre-owned market.

The Prospex is gonna be a collectors item when the bezel paint has faded off the cheaper Indie dive watch, let’s be honest.

AR coated crystal, 4R series auto movement inside, similar to the Presage line up – all solid stuff. It’s on pre-order now and we say this one of our top five summer watches 2023. Why? Just look at that stunning blue wave dial.

Case proven?

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