MVMT Launches Basic Automatics: Worth £300?

MVMT are one of those fashion watch brands who are trying to up their game. We salute that aim. Maybe these new automatics are an indicator that things are improving. Fore sure, they don’t really offer great value at £309 apiece, with Miyota 8215 auto movements inside the 45.5mm wide steel case.

The depth rating is 200m, which is resepctable of course, plus there’s lots of lume on that oddly cartoonish dial. The hands and markers have a raw simplicity about them, which is good. On the downside the date window is a bit too small on what is otherwise a chunky design. The crown protectors add some extra chunkiness too.

There are black dial and cream dial options as well, but the orange is our fave of the bunch.

It’s great to see MVMT trying something different, but with tons of Indie brands using the Miyota auto, or the Chinese DG homage to the 8215, it’s hard to justify paying over £300. Fact is there is hot competition at 200m and £200 or less; Pagani, Steeldive, Tactical Frog, Invicta, Casio Duro, Orient Mako, Corgeut, Addiesdive – and many more.

More info from MVMT here.

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