Storm Fibon X: Yeah, It’s Quirky

You expect the quirky, the unusual and the super bright, almost neon coloured dials from Storm London. It’s what they do. The watches are well made usually, feel solid and feature reliable quartz movements, so it all comes down to fashion. Do you rock the Storm look or is it too in-ya-face?

For us, the lazer blue/purple dials are acceptable and we might try a dark red one too. But the jury is out on the oddball hands arrangement on this Fibon X model. Yeah, kinda Dali-esque melting effect, but it does detract from telling the time at a glance. The name Fibon is short for Fibonacci by the way, pioneer of the spiral in maths.

At 45mm across this is a big statement watch like many Storm mens models. It’s got it’s plus points but at £119.99 you have to love the oddball curve of the spiral hands to want it over many other fashion brand watche from Ali Express, or UK High Street shops.

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