Minase 7 Windows: Handmade, Bespoke and Classic Lines

Minase are a Japan based artisan watchmaking brand. Not for them the factory production lne, or off the shelf templates for dials, cases or bracelets. Nope, this is old school stuff and if you have the spare £4500-£6000 lying about, an investment in elegant timepieces too. The latest 7 Windows range might share a name with the bland, adequate software operating system that conquered the world, but these watches are more windows on the soul. If you value the craft, then this will speak to you.

Why 7 Windows? Well there are seven separate sapphire crystal section on the watch, so the light really pours into the dial on this one, plus there’s a see-thru caseback too. It’s something very different for sure and even with the smaller model helps the Minase stand out on the wrist with extra height. That said it’s still just 13mm high, so not exactly chunky diver.

There are various blue dial colours to choose from, plus grey, purple, salmon and champagne too. Case width is modest 38mm or a bigger 42mm. There are also steel case or 18K gold plated options.

The steel cases are polished by hand, as are the hands and the screws holding the bracelet in place are hidden, so you gaet a very flush look on the links.

Inside you will find a tweaked ETA 2892 auto movement, with blue screws, custom rotor and a 50 hour reserve.

The whole thing is a potential rival to a Grand Seiko, although we don’t think a Minase will have the same resale value if you decide to sell one day. The 7 Windows approach, like TAG’s Monaco, has that squared off, unique look that kinda sets you apart from most watch collectors. Maybe that’s reason enough?

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