Bremont’s Coronation Watch is 100 Pieces Ltd Edition

It’s a low number for sure, but will it be a true collectors item? Maybe so, as the reign of Charles III is likely to be fairly brief compared to his mother’s tenure anyway. For watch fans the point worth noting is that this is a mildly customised variant of the MB model in the Bremont range, with a decorated caseback, plus royal purple hand, numbered box etc and a souvenir coin. While stocks last.

You can’t buy this online, you have to locate a Bremont dealer by the way. You have either white or black dial options too. It’s about the same price as the stock MB Bremont models at £4495.

Here’s the word from Bremont;

“Marking a truly significant national occasion, Bremont is proud to present the King Charles III Limited Edition Black, limited to only 100 pieces. Powered by a chronometer-rated BE-36AE movement, it features a distinctive 43mm Trip–Tick® case construction in hardened stainless steel. Unique features include a knurled jet black barrel, a royal purple seconds hand, and a beautifully decorated case back marked with the emblem of His Majesty’s 2023 Coronation.”

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