Big, Bold and Collector Friendly; The Torgoen T4 Packs a Punch

The F4U Corsair is one of our favourite fighter planes from WWII. Fast, well armed and agile in dogfights, it packed a mean punch in the Pacific theatre and other locations. If you’re a fan too, then this watch from Torgoen makes a nice addition to any military themed collection, with its bold Corsair fuselage logo on the dial, plus the dial plate is made from actual vintage Corsair material.

Inside the beefy 45mm case you find a Swiss quartz movement, plus there’s a spare bracelet inside the box, so you can go silicone rubber or metal strap, whatever you like best. The caseback is also engraved with an image of the Corsair. Water resistance is 100m and this sleek chronograph comes with a certificate of authenticity as well. Price is steep at £480 we think, but still very tempting for WWII collectors.

Here’s the word from Torgoen;

“Our newest collaboration with Pacific Fighters, experts in restoring historic aircraft, takes on one of the most iconic aircraft of World War II — the F4U Corsair. This series of limited-edition watches features dials made with actual material from the fighter’s fuel bay skin on the fuselage. Truly astonishing collectibles, they present a unique opportunity to wear a stunning homage to aviation and own part of a true wartime icon.”

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