Got Time For a GMT Hulk? Always Got Time

There is something enduring about the green Hulk watch design. Rolex made it popular and you can choose a green automatic, with green bezel from almost every leading manufacturer now. Add a GMT hand and you have a real international business kinda watch.

They say geniuses choose green, although it’s also true that turning up for a job interview in a green suit will often result in a very short chat.

So this latest iteration of the Ball Roadmaster Pilot GMT in green is worth considering, especially at the pre-order price of £1,990. We love the gas tube lume of course and the jumping quick-set hour hand is another cool feature. Press and it moves forwards/backwards in one hour increments, so you can easily advance an hour if taking a holiday in Spain or France.

There’s a black dial/green bezel variant too.

Here’s the word from Ball;

The Roadmaster Pilot GMT series is equipped with two remarkable timekeeping functions that soar to new levels of convenience. When traveling, simply push the quick-set buttons to jump the local 12-hour hand to its desired position without stopping the seconds hand. Then easily turn the crown to jump the date correctly into position, eliminating the need to circle the dial with the hour hand.
Complete with a virtually-scratchproof ceramic bezel, amazingly bright micro gas lights and chronometer-grade precision, the Pilot GMT is an ingenious traveler’s watch for the modern explorer. The vivid green bezel version makes the latest addition to the signature Roadmaster Pilot GMT series, a statement piece that fits for all occasions. Limited to 1,000 pieces each. Now available for pre-order until 10 May 2023 at an exclusive price.
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