Ocean Crawler Core Diver V4: Swiss Power, 300m Ability

Ocean Crwler is a brand we just discovered at NWC mag and we have to say their line up of watches is impressive, there’s even an 18K gold bezel dive watch for $5000 in there. But regular dive watch fans know that what matters is the movement, the lume, the depth testing and the build quality of the watch.

In this respect Ocean Crawler are testing their products and this V4 model has 300m of resistance under the waves. Sapphire crystal, steel case and bracelet, plus C3 lume all over that stunning dial and hands. Inside there’s a Sellita SW200 automatic, which is something of a workhorse movement amongst the Indie sector. Each dial colour is limited to 100 units by the way.

Turqouise, or Tiffany blue if you like, is the standout colour. But the blue on blue and orange/blue combo makes a good choice too. If Mido, Oris or Blancpain were maiking dive watches this beautiful to look at then the mainstream watch media would be banging on about it for weeks, You Tube videos, special magazine deals etc.

Definitely worth a look and at $999 this watch is slightly above average price for an SW200 dive model with 300m, but it could offer more functionality underwater than some cheaper options from Ali Express, know what we mean?

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