NTH DevilRay in Grey: Real Sharp 500m Diver

Watch Gecko has a new watch on pre-order, say hello to the NTH DevilRay, which looks the biz we reckon. Tons of eye-candy lume for night wear, solid Seiko NH movement, double dome sapphire crystal, steel 43mm wide case, plus steel bracelet. Unidirectional 120 click bezel, which also features X1 superlume. Sunburst grey dial isn’t everyone’s first choice maybe, but we can live with that when the end result is pure 60s/70s dive watch heaven.

It also has a GMT function for those holidays where you need to know the UK time while you’re sipping an ice cold beer at the beach bar. Yeah, that could happen. We like the GMT hand having an orange tip, but would prefer both hour and minute hands to match in orange, just our OCD symmetry thing goin’ on.

In short, it delivers a heck of a punch for £625 and there are just 25 pieces being made, so yeah, it’s kinda collectable too.

That classic, slightly oval case, round shoulder styling is very 70s Rotary, Technos, Orion, Montine etc. and captures the mood perfectly. Unlike a 1970s watch however this one can withstand a deep dive of 500m, which is way deeper than you would expect for a 600 quid watch. A Swiss brand with 500m would cost you about 2K and even an Indie GMT diver is generally about £1000 at this spec.

You can get it on a leather strap for £545 as well, plus there is a blue dial variant.

So we say check it out here. Just in case you need another watch.

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