Bamford London Mixes n Matches With Thomas Pink

The latest watch collab project for Bamford London is with shirtmaker Thomas Pink. The Swiss powered watch has a Thomas Pink logo on it, pink hands, plus the GMT feature for those business trip overseas.

At £1700 you need to love the Pink brand we reckon, there are more interesting watches in the Bamford line up plus you can customise your own watch on the Bamford site, which is highly addictive by the way. We just created a fiery orange and blue number and at £1500 it’s a cheaper deal too.

Here’s the word from Thomas Pink;

Created in partnership with London watchmaker George Bamford, the Bamford x Thomas Pink Automatic Titanium GMT timepiece is a limited edition.

With just 60 watches available (30 with a black dial, 30 with a white dial), the watch has an internal rotating bezel, mechanical movement with self-winding mechanism and a dedicated 24-hour hand to indicate a second time-zone. Exclusive styling accents include a Pink logo and house-pink colour detailing on the second hand, 0 marker and on the bezel. T

he watch is supplied with two interchangeable straps; one in grey fabric, another in black rubber. (Additional straps in different colours are available from Bamford directly.)

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