Ball Engineer Master II Chronometer: COSC Utility, Dive Ability

Ball have a revamped Chronometer on their site, with their trademark gas tube lume, a healthy 300m of depth resistance and a 42mm case width. It’s a limited edition too. The movement is COSC level, and at this price level you don’t find that many Swiss rivals with COSC certified movements plus 300m of range underwater.

Formex springs to mind as a Swiss dive watch that costs about the same or less, but Breitling, TAG, Oris and others are all about 3K or so.

Retail on the Ball Engineer Chronometer is £2110 on pre-order. We like the blue dial best, but green,. tropical brown or black are available too.

Here’s the word;
Designed for the ultimate feeling of freedom that comes with exploring Earth’s last frontier, we introduce the Engineer Master II Diver Chronometer. The remarkable internal diving bezel can easily be manipulated under water when timing the safety stop. In darkness, it shines with micro gas tubes and ensures elapsed time is always visible.
The automatic chronometer delivers outstanding precision as deep as 300 meters – packed inside a 42mm case that is just 13.5mm thick. And no matter the terrain, explore with 1,000 Gauss (80,000 A/m) anti-magnetic protection and patented shock resistance.
The latest additions to the series bring you exciting color variations that make bold style statement. Limited to 1,000 pieces each. Pre-order now at a limited-time price until 8 March 2023 for a selection of limited edition number and complimentary engraving.

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