Armin Strom Resonance: More Ltd Edition Genius At Play

Armin Strom has another limited edition on their site and as ever, it’s a technical tour de force. Beautiful details and finishing, twin balance wheels and that magic ingredient, resonance.

What’s that you ask? We were baffled too, is it like a Bulova tuning fork? No, it’s a clutch spring set between the two balance wheel assemblies, which we reckon acts as a kind of shock absorber as the balance springs contra-rotate. When you think about it, every watch is about balance, harmony and gear reduction, that’s how the power devolves from the mainspring to the second hand, in a series of perfectly balanced steps.

There’s a see-thru caseback crystal so you can observe a bit more of the movement’s delicate intricacies and the dial also offers plenty of eye-candy. It’s a true conversation piece, plus they are only making 50 of them.

Price? You need to be a fanboi of AS because at £60,000 this is Patek territory, but without the resale demand or value. Try selling an Armin Strom and you’ll find that left-field brands, no matter how luxuriously finished, haven’t got the clout that Patek, Mille, or even Jacob & Co have. Sad, but true. So take the plunge because you love watchmaking genius and dare to be different.

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