Blancpain Gombessa: Luxury Tool Watch For Pro Divers

The Blancpain Gombessa has an unusual name, it’s actually a type of super brightly coloured fish – Wikipedia educated us on that score.

The latest variation on Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms gets a few tweaks to make it stand out too. This watch has been extensively tested underwater with dives lasting three hours and that time-frame is marked out on the bezel. So yeah, this is pro diver territory. You’d expect that from Blancpain as it’s their USP.

There’s a mix of contrasting blue and green numbers on the dial vs bezel, so it’s easier to make calculations under the waves. In normal lighting the orange numbers on the dial really stand out. Underwater they sit atop an “absolute black” dial plate, for max visibilty in deeper water, which you are going to explore in 3 hours of course.

Titanium case, 300m resistance, escape valve and a diameter of 47mm help to round out this tool watch spec. It also has a see-thru caseback, so you can view the 13 series movement, which delivers 5 days of power reserve. Impressive.

Price is £24,700, so this is one for corporate charity divers, oil and gas exploration firms and just plain ol’ millionaires. There are dive watches like the Enoksen range which offer 1000m of depth resistance for about £24,000 less dosh.

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