Torgoen T9 and T21 Get The Golden Touch

Torgoen has added a blingtastic gold tone finish to its T21 and T9 models.

The T21 is a 44mm wide aviator themed watch, with a Swiss quartz movement, sapphire crystal and a range of straps. The gold paintwork adds a bit of bling and judging by the gold wheels we are seeing on new motorcycles and gold wrapped cars, the colour is definitely in vogue right now, although not as popular as Satanic imagery at the Grammys of course.

The T21 in gold retails at £300, which is kinda spicy.

Here’s the word from Torgoen on the T21;

“The TorgoenT21 Flight GMT is a one-of-a-kind timepiece that incorporates a functional E6B analog flight computer. Developed by US naval pilots in the late 1930’s, the E6B is a circular slide rule used during flight planning to calculate fuel burn, wind correction, time en route and other stats. Although modern aircrafts now use electronic systems to make these calculations, the E6B is still used in flight training to teach pilots how to manually compute these important factors.”

Meanwhile the T9 is a more everyday model, still featuring a Swiss Ronda quartz movement and this 42mm watch is slightly cheaper at £205. TheGMT hand and big numbers at the quarter hour make it an easy to read wristwatch too.

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