MHD Supercar: Dashboard Delight

The MHD Supercar is a quirky design, with its case having a couple of gaps in each side, with a knurled edge visible in each of them. It gives the watch a kind of car grille effect, very reminiscent of the 70s Supercars from Lambo, Ferrari, Maserti, Ford, GM, Jaguar, Aston Martin and more. Pre 1973 oil crisis, it was a golden era for V8/V12 supercars with the E-Type, Jensen Interceptor, Ford Mustang, Maserati Ghibli and a plethora of kit cars all on the market for petrolheads around the world.

Even after the oil price hike you had cars like the Countach, Ferrari 308 and the Porsche 928, it was a great decade for car design.

The MHD watch celebrates that era perfectly, with a very dashboard clock look to its dial. The big orange seconds needle, the sub-dial showing 24 hours and the fuel gauge style power reserve all capture the automotive feel. It’s a segmented dial too.

Inside there’s an automatic Miyota 9132 movement, so this is as reliable as a Honda Jazz. Sapphire crystal, see-thru caseback and it’s reasonably compact at 42mm across. This one is limited to just 150 pieces and priced at £495 on pre-order. Some might say that you should expect a Sellita SW movement at that price and we have sympathy for that view, still a genuinely unusual, well styled Brit design. Worth a look.

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