Omega Launches New Spirate Balance Spring Tech

That may not sound like big news, but in the world of watches where the humble balance spring has been around for 200 years, it is something worth noting.

OK Omega hasn’t reinvented the wheel here with their Spirate balance. But they have a new silicone spring with a unique adjustment, which Omega says allows super fine tuning. Traditionally a balance wheel has a lever on the assembly, so you can push it away from the `beat’ lever to speed it slightly and close the gap to slow the watch. It’s pretty crude 1930s tech to be fair, so it’s time for some type of advance.

Here’s the Omega explanation;

“The innovative solution was a totally new Si14 balance spring which allows the watchmaker to act on the stiffness of the hairspring’s attachment point through an eccentric adjustment mechanism located on the balance bridge.This new approach, based on the design of a high precision articulated structure with flexible bearings, is a superb example of OMEGA’s willingness to run with new ideas.”

The new balance is making its debut on the latest iteration of the Speedmaster Racing, which for us at NWC mag is one of the best choices in the Omega line-up. It usually has a brighter range of dials and sub-dials, a more motorsports feel, than the usual Speedmaster Moonwatch, or the retro inspired Speedmaster 57 varieties. The 2023 Racing has the co-axial movement of course, with tachymetre scale and a superb honeycomb dial which really brings that carbon fibre chassis look to life.

Flashes of yellow add some old school Senna magic as well, shall we call this edition the Senna unofficially? Yeah why not.

The watch has a stunning see-thru caseback as well, with some turbo vane like finishing work. Plus the column wheel mechanism on show, just for extra fascination.

It’s a big statement watch at 44mm wide, without crown, and that stuff matters because if you are paying over ten grand for a Swiss watch then you really do want people to notice. Not dodgy hooded youths in Aldi of course, but people in pitlane when you’re doing a trackday, or friends and family at a big get together.

We predict strong demand for this model. It’s a future classic.

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