Say Hello To The Cerberus Series 1 Skeleton

Cerberus Watches is a venture created by two watch repair guys from Nottingham in the UK. They looked at many Indie brands and Swiss brands and thought they could create something interesting and good quality, for not too much money.

The result is Cerberus Watches and their skeleton dial automatic is on Kickstarter now if you fancy buying into it. It has already hit its £10,000 funding target so definitely going ahead.

The 42mm steel case houses a Cal EN57 movement, which appears to be Chinese made, with a jewelled mainspring barrel. That’s quite a handy detail in terms of engineering longevity and the 80 hour power reserve is also impressive. There are lots of good quality chinese movement watches, some with tourbillons, around now and Cerberus say their Series 2 watch will most likely be a tourbillon.

Having taken a few chinese watches apart your NWC editor would say that some movement suppliers are in a different class than others, so Cerberus are doing the right thing by buying the best made skeleton movements at a reasonable cost wholesale. It’s the only way to make something and then retail it for £285 and still make a profit.

We aren’t fans of the logo on the dial, it’s too big and having plain white hands on every variant isn’t selling us the dream of getting something truly bespoke and crafted in the UK. For a first effort, Cerberus Series 1 is worth a look and an indicator that there’s more good stuff to come.

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