Brew Metric: Solid Gold Easy Action Baby

That was a big hit for T.Rex back in the 1970s and this watch captures that era perfectly, from its compact 36mm wide case, retro pushers and all-over gold tone paintwork. Just the timepiece for a trip ona  candy gold Kawasaki triple or Honda CB750 four we think.

Inside you find the Seiko VK68 meca-quartz chrono movement, so reliability should be guaranteed. The grooved hour markers and hands remind us of classic designs from the 70s like the Sekonda automatics and we love the coffee bean detail on the crown as well.

It stands just 10.7mm high, so this makes the perfect dress watch we reckon.

At £475 plus VAT and customs charges, this is a pricey choice for UK consumers, but you can’t deny the style.

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