Has Bremont Finally Turned The Corner?

British brand Bremont has posted some financials and for the first time in seven years the UK watch manufacturer has NOT made a loss. That’s encouraging on its own, but they have also announced a new wealthy investor, on Bill Ackman, a US billionaire, who has taken a slice of the pie. All good stuff, especially as Bremont has invested a fortune in making watches – yes even the movements – in England.

Manufacturing anything in the UK is horrendously expensive now, as government and councils do all they can do place obstacles in the way. Don’t believe us? Just try opening something that consumes electricity or gas in large amounts and see how much “green” legislation, Net Zero rules and CO2 targets rain down upon your parade. So hats off to Bremont for getting the factory up and running.

The watch brand has also broke even in the last year even though turnover is well below figures posted in 2017-18, so that indicates that the margin is improving, distribution is better organised and perhaps marketing is more cost effective too.

With new investment capital Bremont can export to new markets and build the brand name globally. NWC mag also hopes they will do more to partner with other UK watch brands as a movement supplier.

Giles English, Bremont co-founder, alongside his brother Nick, reportedly told WatchPro mag: “[We] are thrilled that Bill Ackman has moved from collector to investor, joining our long-standing shareholder, Hellcat, as partners in Bremont.

“This new capital will enable us to invest in marketing, distribution, and talent. This is not just a boost for Bremont, but also for Britain… we are delighted to continue our country’s history of manufacturing and innovation through the global growth of Bremont.”

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