A Breitling Endurance Homage for £19, How Rubbish Can It Be?

We love Ali Express here at NWC mag, loads of brands like Pagani, Paulareis, Sugess and more selling great value watches. But there are plenty of traders selling replaica watches and we are no fans of fake Swiss watches, but we get the point; some of us cannot afford 3K for the real thing. So you expect a fake Breitling to be a bit pants, especially at just £18.99 inc postage, but how plasticky n poor is it really?

We bought this Endurance lookalike online and it arrived within about 2 weeks. Basic box, no papers obviously. First impressions were surprisingly good. The watch bezel clicked anti-clockwise with a satisfying precision, the chrono buttons functioned and the chrono hand almost stopped at TDC- that’s top dead centre if you aren’t a biker from the olden days.

OK, the black paint on the case looked like it was brushed on a bit unevenly here n there. The rubber strap also felt like it had just been squished out of a tube and there was no logo on the buckle. On the back there was a bogus Breitling logo and a tab indicating this was a pop-off caseback, not the screw type on the real thing.

About 15 mins of tapping, prising and swearing finally lifted the caseback off. Sadly I scratched the watch case doing this, which has probably devalued the watch by about 65p. Sh*t happens. It was tougher than a Skagen to remove and if you’ve changed batteries on those slim watches then you’ll know what I mean.

Inside was the familiar Sunon chrono quart movement. Basic but reliable and the same movement as I found inside the fake Moonswatch I tested last year. The plastic movement holder is quite intricate so be caseful when you remove it to get at the battery, the tabs press onto the movement ans the buttons press the plastic tabs, so anything out of true means your chrono functions won’t work.

Took some nice photos in the winter sun and thought, `actually this is OK for a cheap watch, but it won’t fool anyone who knows something about Swiss watches or has ever handled one.’

You get a little lume on the hands but nowhere else on the dial. It’s 44mm across without the crown and 13.6mm high on your wrist. Lugs are 22mm if you fancy a different strap.

Nope we won’t link to the web page selling it, as we don’t promote fakeroos, there are too many nice Indie watches around so we say put your £19 towards something better.

You can see our You Tube video here by the way.



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